Career-Changing Lessons Learned While Playing Flappy Bird

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Flap your way to success. -- by @gabrielgilfake and @venetiglio. Thanks to @dongatory for inspiring us.

Transcript of Career-Changing Lessons Learned While Playing Flappy Bird

  • 1. AIM HIGH, BUT NOT TOO HIGH ALL THE TIME Ambition is great and should always motivate you. But your moves should be smart and planned, or else you just might bump your head and need to restart all over again.
  • 2. LEARN WHEN TO LET GO Don't be afraid of taking risks. Sure, some obstacles will seem too difficult - but playing it safe won't help you all the time. Just dive in.
  • 3. FAIL, FAIL, FAIL AGAIN If careers had high scores, you wouldn't get yours on the first, second or third time. Be cool and keep your calm, you'll get there. Everyone feels stuck at some point, but it's the continued effort that will get you further.
  • 4. YOU WILL NOT ALWAYS BE AT YOUR BEST. THATS OK. Life is full of ups and downs, and guess what, so will your career be. Don't worry if you're struggling right after you've done something good. You will only put more pressure on yourself - making things even harder.
  • 5. DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS (TOO MUCH) It's great to know your college buddy seems to be making a lot of money overnight with that app he created. But high scores don't tell the whole story. While comparing yourself to your friends' best achievements you are not seeing the many times they've scored nothing.
  • 6. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO LIKE IT A healthy relationship with work is essential to a healthy life. If you're not enjoying what you do anymore, try to get some rest. And if you still don't enjoy it you should try something different.
  • 7. THERE's MORE TO LIFE Sure, it might seem like this new job is the most important/awesome you've ever had. But if you let work be the only thing you do, you will be missing out on a lot of cool stuff. Don't build your life around one thing - build many things around your life.
  • Presentation Over Created by @venetiglio (high score: 53) and @gabrielgilfake (35). With thanks to @dongatory.