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CARB Meeting. Jim Hardin Grady-White Boats Greenville, NC April 12, 2006. Grady-White Boats. Independently Owned Boat Manufacturer Founded in 1958 Build about 2000 Boats per Year 19 Models from 18’ to 36’ 100% Outboard Powered We Use 22 Different Gasoline Tanks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of CARB Meeting

  • CARB MeetingJim HardinGrady-White BoatsGreenville, NCApril 12, 2006

  • Grady-White Boats

    Independently Owned Boat ManufacturerFounded in 1958Build about 2000 Boats per Year19 Models from 18 to 36100% Outboard PoweredWe Use 22 Different Gasoline TanksField Testing of Carbon Canisters Last Year in Two Grady-Whites

  • 2002 2005 California Boat Registration RecordsInboard, Outboards, and Inboard/Outdrives Only18 34 Size Range Included50,426 Boats Registered299 Manufacturers Top 50 Boat Manufacturers Built 44,224 (87.7%) of the Total

  • North Carolina Boat Manufacturers689 (1.4%) of 50,426 Boats were Manufactured in North Carolina16 Manufacturers Built these 689 BoatsNorth Carolina has 109 Boat Builders StatewideSix Manufacturers Built 95% of the above 689 BoatsOne Manufacturer Built 429 of these Boats

  • Grady-White Boats in CaliforniaGrady-White Sold 140 Boats in California (2002-2005)Grady-White has 19 ModelsGrady-White Uses 22 Different Fuel TanksTwo Plastic Tanks in Three Boat Models20 Alum Tanks in the Remaining 16 ModelsAll Tanks are Installed Completely Enclosed

  • Large TanksConcern- Size and Location of Carbon Canisters for Larger Capacity Tanks (93 to 170 Gallons)

  • 36 Tank Area (Twin 190 Gallon Tanks)Bulkheads and stringers are Foam Cored and Surround Tanks

  • Tanks are Inherently InsulatedTanks Located here

  • Poly Tanks Used in 18 and 20 ModelsGrady-White Uses Two Sizes of Poly Tanks(60 and 82 Gallon)

  • Smaller Models60 Gallon Poly Tank Installed in an 18 Center ConsolePlease Note the Floatation Foam that Insulates the Tank Area

  • Completed InstallationMajor Concerns with New Plastic Tank Materials: High CostUnproven TechnologiesTank Located in this Area Under the Cockpit Floor

  • Reduction of Diurnal Temperature RangeBuilt-In Insulation and Enclosed SpaceMost Larger Boats are Stored In-WaterWater Temperature has Less Daily Variation than Air TemperatureEven Trailerable Boats with Installed and Enclosed Tanks Experience a Reduced Range in Diurnal Temperature Swings