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  • 7/28/2019 Cara Lumen gift


  • 7/28/2019 Cara Lumen gift


    Why Its Time For You To

    Build Your Own

    Library Of Information


    Cara Lumen, Your Idea Optimizer

  • 7/28/2019 Cara Lumen gift


    Why Its Time To

    Build Your OwnLibrary of Signature Information Products

    2011 Cara LumenAll rights reservedCara Lumen, MA

    Olathe, KS

    E-book printing 2011Published in the United States of America

    Cover Design: Cara Lumen

    E-magazine: Passionately on Purpose www.caralumen.comWeb Site: www.caralumen.comBlog: www.passionatelyonpurposeinsights.comBlog: www.magneticsignatureproducts.comBlog: www.caralumen.byscoach.comBlog: www.magneticblogbuilders.comFaceBook:

    Twitter: caralumen913-261-8064 (Central)

  • 7/28/2019 Cara Lumen gift



    To my 78thyear when it is all starting to come together!

  • 7/28/2019 Cara Lumen gift



    The true meaning of life is to plant trees

    under whose shade you do not expect to sit Nelson Henderson

  • 7/28/2019 Cara Lumen gift



    What People Are Willing To Buy in Todays Economy ........ 1What Can You Teach That People Will Pay You For? ......... 4Where Do You Begin? ....................................................... 6How Creating Information Products Makes You Smarter .. 8Magnetic Signature Products Guild .................................. 10If You Build It They Will Come.......................................... 11

  • 7/28/2019 Cara Lumen gift









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  • 7/28/2019 Cara Lumen gift



    To the members of my How to Craft Magnetic Signature ProductsThat Educate, Motivate and Inspire telecourse who allowed me tohone this body of work.

  • 7/28/2019 Cara Lumen gift


    Build Your Magnetic Library 1 2011 Cara Lumen


    Our buying habits have changed dramatically. Part of it is from necessitybecause money is tight. Part of it is because of our consciousness. We want to

    take care of our planet by not consuming, wasting and dumping. Asentrepreneurs we have to look at our target community and see what we canoffer them that they are willing to buy in todays financial mindset.

    People will buy hope

    Change is inevitable and we all want it to be positive change. So if business isdown we want to have hope that it will get better. Our goal in business hasalways been to be in service so what does our target audience need from usright now today that will give them hope? We each have to examine ourbusiness and see what that means to our particular community.

    But if I were a betting woman Id bet they want something that never wears out,

    grows stronger with use, and enriches their lives forever. Do you have any ofthat to offer?

    People will buy information

    You have lots to offer. Its in the form of what you know. Your unique take onyour business or life or a particular topic that is dear to your heart isinvaluable. Thats what you have to give right now. Information never wearsout; it grows with age, and stays in service for a lifetime.

    If you only had a few dollars to spend would you spend it on a gizmo that willwear out or an education that increases your value?

    Signature products are inexpensive to produce

    Talk about economical the only thing it takes to produce an informationproduct is time. An ebook is a document written in Word and turned into aPDF. You can make an audio book with a small investment in a desk mike. Youcan do a radio show on for free and put it on your blogas a podcast. You can blog oh boy can you blog ( and you can teach a teleclass and record it for part of your home study course.You can edit it yourself in Sound Forge or Garage Band. Youll even figure outhow to go to and get graphics for your ebook cover. Youcan do video with an inexpensive video camera like the Kodak Xi8. Even the

    few investments you might make in equipment will rapidly pay for themselvesas your information products begin to attract purchasers.

    Signature products fill your sales cycle

    The beautiful thing about information products is that they can be any pricerange from free to hundreds of dollars adaptable to the needs of your salescycle. They are a perfect way to offer a range of products as invitations to yourwork. They are perfect because they can be purchased online while you sleep

  • 7/28/2019 Cara Lumen gift


    Build Your Magnetic Library 2 2011 Cara Lumen

    and perfect because they create on-going passive income. Once a signatureproduct is completed people can buy them online for years.

    Signature information products position you as an expert

    With each product you add to your Success Library of Signature Information

    Products your credibility gets stronger. As you add greater value to your targetcommunity you increase their trust in your ability to know what you are talkingabout and deliver what you say you will. People purchase from those theytrust.

    People will buy empowerment

    What is the mindset of your Target Community? They want to feel empoweredto create their own destiny. So whether they are in a job now and want toincrease their value by learning new skills like leadership, or contentdevelopment, or a new technical aspect of their work or whether they are inbusiness for themselves and wondering how to respond to todays economy,education and information are the keys to empowerment.

    You are the teacher

    Information is everywhere. Its easy to get and a lot of it is free. So how do youmake a signature product to sell? You collect and organize informationspecifically for your target community. You sort it, offer comparisons, createexercises that help them own the material, keep it updated, make it uniquelysuited for the needs of your target community and you present it to the peoplewho want to learn it.

    Your Signature Products are specifically focused on what your TargetCommunity wants to know. They come to you because youve waded throughnine books and umpteen articles on the topic and taken all sorts of workshopsand researched on line and have organized all that information into somethingthey can understand. It might be a series of blog posts, or it might be a sixmonth course. You are the focuser the selector of information. You are theteacher.

    This realization of the current need for good information products was thecatalyst for the new focus of my business. I have a gift for organizing ideas, ImYour Idea Optimizer and I help thoughtful leaders effectively organize theirideas so they can educate and inspire their chosen community. Through mycoaching and blog and teaching I help people reach and teach the people theyare meant to serve.

    People will buy control of their future

    We all want to have control of our future. So whether you become theconsumer and invest in the courses that will add value to your body ofknowledge, or you become the teacher and create information products thatinspire and motivate, education helps you gain control of your future.

  • 7/28/2019 Cara Lumen gift


    Build Your Magnetic Library 3 2011 Cara Lumen

    Nelson Henderson says, The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whoseshade you do not expect to sit. What gift do you have to give? What advice do

    you have to give? What helping hand can you offer through your wisdom andexpertise? Is it time for you to pass it forward. Is it time for you to craft someinformation products?

  • 7/28/2019 Cara Lumen gift


    Build Your Magnetic Library 4 2011 Cara Lumen


    I maintain that the one thing people will continue to buy in todays economy isknowledge. Knowledge is empowering, knowledge increases in value over time,and it keeps working forever! What do you know that you can teach others andget paid for?

    What you already know

    One of the bloggers I follow recent