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Case Study of Lead and Stock Management in the Motor Industry

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  • 1. Car Dealership CommunityOrby TechnologiesCase Study ofLead and Stock ManagementIn the Motor IndustryOrby Technologies

2. Orby TechnologiesBusiness OverviewNational Automotive Importer/Distributor in EUWorld leading brandNational market share for the brand 2.5 times greater than EU average in 2013Strong Consumer focus, with some Fleet and RentalPre-registrations avoidedDealer NetworkDealer Principal and Sales ManagersSales PeopleReceptionistsWebsite Stock Administrator 3. Orby TechnologiesBenefitsIncreased EffectivenessImproved flow of Leads from WebSite to DealersAll Leads followed-up, alwaysReduced effort to generate Quote and ContractIncreased Accuracy of Quote and ContractImproved Oversight by Dealer Principal and MangersAccurate view of Sales Activities in real-timeAccurate evaluation of targets in real-timeImproved information across Dealer NetworkReview Sales Model Pipeline vs Orders and Inventory 4. Orby TechnologiesThe Elements of a Car Dealership CommunityLead ManagementStock ManagementUsed-Car Web-SiteBuilding TeamworkKPIs and AnalyticsIntra-Dealership SecurityDesktop and Mobile 5. Orby TechnologiesFive Stages in the Customer JourneyDealer Community used inLead CaptureNurturingVehicle SalesLeadCaptureNurturingVehicleSalesCustomerLoyaltyCustomerCare 6. Orby TechnologiesLead ManagementCapture Leads on Distributor or Dealership WebsitesBrochure Request, Test Drive, Finance Quote, Used Car EnquiryWalk-In LeadsFace to face in DealershipGenerate QuoteEmail or PrintBranded by dealershipContract GenerationEliminate time-consuming taskImprove accuracy and archive of vital documentsUsing Motor Industry standard template 7. Orby TechnologiesLead Timeline 8. Orby TechnologiesStock ManagementDistributor updates New-Car stock detailsTechnical details provided in data feed from factoryImport and Non-Franchise VehiclesTechnical Details synced just-in-time from Government data sourceTrade-In from Sale accepted as Used-Car StockLost sales searchable for future dealsUsed-Cars web-site uses SFDC as Master DataReal-time publication and removal of Stock on web with local controlResponsive website with JSON back-end connected to Salesforce Database3rd party websites use data feed 9. Orby TechnologiesPublishing Stock on Web 10. Orby TechnologiesBuild Teamwork in DealershipConnect Sales people using ChatterReplace DMS-based mailMessaging within a dealershipCall back request from ReceptionNetwork requestsAnyone got a buyer for a 2010 Jaguar Im trying to trade-in?Gamification using Dealership notificationsWhen a car is Sold High Fives!Exploring Network-wide Groups 11. Orby TechnologiesKPIs and AnalyticsKey statistics for dealershipLeads and foot-fallTasks and sales activitySalesperson bonus based Quotes and SalesRatiosTest-Drive to SaleQuote to SaleComparisonWeek on WeekMonth on MonthQuarter on QuarterYear on Year 12. Orby TechnologiesIntra-Dealership SecurityStrong partitioningLeadsStockCustomer HistorySharedVehicle technical dataModel Variants availability and pricing 13. Orby PlatformEnterprise EditionSalesforce CommunityDesktopBrowser based CRMTablet and MobileSalesforce1