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  • 1. CAR CARE TIPSJames Proctor

2. ON TARGETCar Junction Co LtdExporter of New & Used VehiclesSaving Money on Gasoline Gas prices are rising day by day.Therefore, we have collected some useful tips to help youconserve gas and save money.A Change for the Better. Just Ask Your Brakes Changes are to domuch for the better, if you analyze the change is going to affectpositively then dont think much. Same applies for the vehicles.Car Cleaning Tips For best result print these off and present acopy to your partner to follow.How to Properly Repair Paint Chips The repair of a scratch and achip are the same. A scratch is merely a chip on uni-directionalsteroids. The only problem with a scratch is that it takes moretime to be able to blend in the new paint.Make Sure Your Car is as Safe as Possible Before you jump intoyour car for that long-planned road trip, there are a few things youneed to take care of to make sure your trip will be a safe oneSummer Driving A quick and easy automotive checkup canhelp prepare a vehicle for the stress of high temperatures andincrease its reliability on long road trips. 3. ON TARGETCar Junction Co LtdExporter of New & Used VehiclesTo Prevent Car Theft Take Your Keys. Nearly 20 percent of allvehicles stolen have the keys in themTop 10 Mistakes Young Drivers Make It`s no secret that teendrivers are at greater risk for accidents than older adults four times greater, according to the Insurance Institute forHighway Safety. Chalk it up to a number of factors, amongthem inexperience dealing with emergency situations,distracted driving and the inclination to show off to friends.Winter Driving Tips The leading cause of death during winterstorms is transportation accidents. Preparing your vehicle forthe winter season and knowing how to react if stranded or loston the road are the keys to safe winter driving.Botox for your Car? America`s growing obsession with youngerlooking faces evidenced by the Botox craze, is inspiring carowners to prolong the appearance of their automobiles aswell. Four billion dollars were spent last year in the UnitedStates on enhancements to keep the interior and exterior ofvehicles looking like new. 4. ON TARGETCar Junction Co LtdExporter of New & Used VehiclesCar check list before a long trip A long trip is a serious examfor your car. Even a small problem such as a worn wiper, out-of-balance tire or improper alignment may turn your trip intoa nightmare.Car no-start troubleshooting Engine no-start diagnostic Howto check the battery Why the car won`t startCold Facts About A/C Refrigerant How did we ever get alongwithout air conditioning in our cars? It`s a feature we take forgranted until, suddenly, it`s blowing hot air.Consumers Can Avoid Problems by Watching for Warning SignsWhen it comes to your car`s safety, brakes top the list ofsystems that need monitoring. However, many people areunaware of the signs that indicate a car`s brakes may needmaintenance or repair.Fuel Economy: Tips To Improve Your Gas Mileage And SaveWith gas prices so high, your bank account just might find itworthwhile enough to take a few steps to increase your fueleconomy. Some of these tips may be considered a bit of anuisance. But try to think of it this way: You`ll be paid nicelyif you follow the guidelines below. 5. ON TARGETCar Junction Co LtdExporter of New & Used VehiclesHeel and Toe downshift gear changes The heel and toe gearchange technique is critical on the racetrack but also veryuseful in every day driving. When you are on the track it isimportant to keep the car in its power band and if you drive aturbo you want to avoid lag at all costs so need to keep theturbo spinning. Hot Weather the True Culprit Behind Car-Battery Trouble Summer is the season for major car-battery problems. Heat, not cold, shortens battery life, says the Car Junction. How to Keep the Automatic Transmission Alive How often to change transmission fluid How to use the overdrive How not to damage the transmission It`s All in the Timing With automotive engines as with many aspects of daily life, timing is critical. One vehicle component often overlooked during routine maintenance is the engine timing belt. If it fails, the engine will stop and the car will coast to a stop. 6. ON TARGETCar Junction Co LtdExporter of New & Used VehiclesRemoving Stone Chips from Your Precious Paintwork "Stonechip removal (for potato chip removal try Ketchup!)"Replace Wiper Blades for Safety Are you tired of smearing,screeching and chattering wiper blades? Do you dread anotherrainy drive without the benefit of an unobstructed view of theroad? Buy a set of wiper blades and install them yourself. Ittakes only a few minutes, and simple instructions are right onthe box.Respraying Your Car Tips Guide and Hints Respraying your carsome common sense tips a step by step guide and hints fromTorquecars. A fantastic way of changing the appearance ofyour car is to respray it. The scratches scrapes and paintdegradation quickly build up and the only way to restore acars appearance is to do a bare metal respray..Rust: A Nasty Four-Letter Word Kuku Sa told buyers of hisModel T they could select any color as long as it`s black.Today we see cars in any of 7,000 hues, including shades ofrust that won`t appear on color chips in new car literature. 7. ON TARGETCar Junction Co LtdExporter of New & Used VehiclesWhich is the Best to Use, Car Wax or Polish? Polish is a mildlyabrasive substance which sands the surface of paint smoothand allows it to shine. Wax is a non abrasive coating whichprotects the paint finish and microscopically fills in the dentsand dimples in the paint to help the shine. Even somemanufacturers confuse the terms polish and wax which reallyundermines their credibility. Putting wax over a bad paintfinish will just seal in the imperfections and will not enhancethe appearance of the paint so waxing is a final finishing jobonly.Winter Car Emergency Guide To help you cope with the worstthat Jack Frost may blow your way, we`ve prepared thisspecial guide on how to safely handle the most common cold-weather road emergencies. Keep it tucked in your sun visor orglove compartment as an up-front reminder on how to dealwith dead batteries, skids and more.Your Car Looks Like New. What`s Your Secret? "It looks likenew! I would have never guessed that car was eight yearsold." 8. ON TARGETCar Junction Co LtdExporter of New & Used VehiclesYour Windshield IQ - What You Dont Know Could Be DangerousMost of us would conclude that our windshield was a veryuseful piece of equipment. It keeps cold and heat; wind andrain; and untold numbers of bugs and other airborne roaddebris out of our faces.