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Captivate Fall 2012 features students from the Blue Valley CAPS program.

Transcript of Captivate Magazine Fall 2012


    Dec. 2012 VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1 7501 W. 149TH TERRACE, OVERLAND PARK, KAN. 66223

    Room for InnovationNew space expands horizons for ideation, collaboration and innovation...pages 4-5

    Also read:A Closet for All:Student Blake Carnes hopes to use CAPS to grow her nonprofit clothing 3

    Creating a Law:Student McKinzey Manes works to pass a bill for new driver 6.

    Photo by Courtney Schutz

  • CAPTIVATECAPTIVATE is a publication of the Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) program. 7501 W 149th Terrace, Overland Park, Kan. 66223.

    CAPTIVATE is a student-run publication, created by the CAPS iMedia class. The goal of this publication is to promote activities and events occuring in the Blue Valley CAPS program.

    Editor:Meghan Ketcham

    Staff Members:Morgan MobleyAlex Sher

    Adviser: Bruce McRoberts

    Photographers:Hannah DyerCourtney SchutzAbby WeidnerKelsey Worley


    CAPS Student Profiles

    Sydney Kennedy is currently working with case studies in the Foundations of Medicine class at CAPS. Outside of CAPS, Kennedy is train-ing hard in gymnastics. She competes fiercely and practices daily. Spend-ing nearly five hours a day practicing, Kennedy speaks fondly of the sport and her team. My favorite part of gymnastics is competing and being part of a team, Kennedy says. My team-mates and I go through so much together and were with each other over five hours everyday. Theyre my second family and we sup-port each other through everything. I enjoy compet-ing because that is when I get to perform everything I practiced and learned all year long. Gymnastics is a significant part of Kennedys life. Competing from an early age, Kennedy has had a

    different childhood than most. Although Kennedy makes many sacrifices for gymnastics, she has learned many different skills faster than most adolescents. My life has always been pretty busy because of

    gymnastic, but thats what I am used to and I love it! Kennedy had a big goal in mind while spending long hours in the gym. My main goal was always to get a full ride scholarship to do gymnastics at a division one college, Kennedy says. Over the summer I reached my goal and got a full ride scholar-ship to Illinois State. I am so happy I

    achieved my goal because I know all my hard work and dedication over the last 10 years has paid off. Even after accomplishing a large goal, Kennedy continues to accept more challenges and to raise her ambitions. My next goal is to compete in the NCAAs!

    Callum Kerr works hard in the Computer In-tegrated Manufacturing class at CAPS. Kerr and his team are preparing for a state tourna-ment in Minneapolis. Beyond CAPS, Kerr enjoys competing in wheel-chair basketball. He has gained priceless memories with this opportunity, and has learned to use his abili-ties to the fullest. Reflecting on his experience, Kerr speaks positively of the activity. I participate in wheel-chair basketball because it is good exercise, both physically and mentally, Kerr says. My favorite part is that it is a team-based sport. You cant win by

    yourself. Weve learned to master communication, and as a result weve really grown close. Wheelchair basketball is even more of a challenge

    than regular basketball, requir-ing more strength and tenacity. Shooting the ball from down low takes a lot more strength to get it a farther distance, Kerr says. There are also different rules. If you get out of your chair, its a foul. Thats why we have straps to hold us in. Kerr notes that his coach is a source of inspiration to him.

    One of my coaches is actually on the US Para-lympics team, Kerr says. Its cool to be able to look up to her.

    written by MORGAN MOBLEY photos by COURTNEY SCHUTZ

    Callum Kerr

    Sydney Kennedy

  • Photographers:Hannah DyerCourtney SchutzAbby WeidnerKelsey Worley

    [3]CAPTIVATE News

    Written by ALEX SHERPhotos Courtesy of BLAKE CARNES

    Not many people would see a need for cloth-ing and be inspired to start a service that distributes clothing to thousands of people. Blake Carnes is a student at BV High and the CAPS program who did just that. She plays tennis and is in the CAPS Sports Medicine class. In her free time, she runs a clothing service that has served more than 1700 people. Blakes Closet is a nonprofit that provides food and clothing to those in need in our community, Kim Carnes, Blake Carnes mom says. The people who receive the goods that Blake collects come through agencies in the county, Catholic Charities, Safe Home and other organizations. On Oct. 20, Blakes Closet held its third annual distribution at the Presbyterian Church of Stanley. It had more volunteers than any of the previous dis-tributions and gave away over 1400 bags of clothing. CAPS students made a promotional video to encour-age students to donate clothing, donated clothing and helped distribute clothing. Blake Carnes started Blakes Closet in 2010 with the help of her family and a few close friends. Her first distribution served 700 people and the success encouraged participants to continue the organization and hold annual distributions. The 2011 distribution had almost three times as many people as the 2010 distribution had. While Blakes Closet is a fairly new organization, Blake Carnes is not new to the idea of helping others; she held her first food drive when she was in fourth grade, seeing the need for food in the community. Blake has been a long time volunteer of the Blue Valley Multi-Service Center. She has helped us in many ways throughout the years, and is really com-mitted to helping out families in need in our commu-nity, BVMSCs Community Social Services Manager,

    Julie Marshall, says. She has volunteered for them for more than seven years and, when their clothing closet closed in 2010, she was determined to continue providing clothing for those in need. When Blake decided to help meet the cloth-ing needs of families in crisis in our community, she was basically starting her own non-profit from the ground up, Marshall says. I helped by sharing resources in the community with her as they were getting started: volunteers, donors and connections for possible locations to hold Blakes Closet. She and her family did the rest. Blake Carnes has worked hard to help those in need of clothing, a need that affects many more people than one might think. We had a neighbor who had a large home that was very nice that they had to walk away from, Kim Carnes says. They showed up at the distribution for assistance. That is when it becomes real. Blake Carnes loves the feeling of helping others. My favorite part is getting to interact with the cli-ents and hearing their stories, Blakes website states. Seeing their smiles makes every bit of effort put into the closet worth it. Blake Carnes has done much of the work required to run Blakes Closet, but she has also seems to have a lot of help and support to keep her going. It really has been a family affair, Kim Carnes says. Blake has the vision and knows what she wants done and what needs to be done and the rest of her family act as her behind the scenes team. For the future, Blake Carnes wants to find a per-manent place to organize, store and distribute cloth-ing. She is hoping to team up with CAPS and plans on holding two distributions in 2013 that provide lunches and toiletries in addition to clothing. Blake Carnes has given back to her community for years and does not appear to want to stop anytime soon.

    Student continues to build nonprofit clothing service

    Inspired by this story? Heres another way to give: Bring in new or lightly used school supplies or cash donations to the donation box in the iMedia classroom through January. These supplies will be sent through People to People International to Morocco where just over 50% of the population is illiterate.

    Building a Bigger Closet

    Blake CarnesFounder

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    Make, Create, Innovate.

    [4] CAPTIVATE Features

    New Innovate space allows room for students to create their own innovations.

    Innovation Timeline2009- CAPS began with 250 students in satellite places such as Black & Veatch and Sprint locations.

    2010- CAPS facility built and students moved inside.

    2011- CAPS saw students making en-treprenurial startups. They asked for a space for collaboration, so CAPS began researching, writing curriculum, and designing a new space for students to collaborate.

    2012- CAPS Innovate Space opened, allowing students to participate in the Accelerator and the Innovate class.

    2013 and Beyond- Infinite possibilities for CAPS students.

    Make. Create. Innovate.As students stepped into the CAPS building for its third year last August, glass walls, blue chairs, and spacious tables captured the eyes of all who passed the new 7,000 square foot space on the second floor. What had formerly been a shelled area, blocked off to students, had transformed into a space meant to inspire ideas, excel growth, and open the doors of opportunity. Unlike the traditional classroom, this space offers couches, meeting rooms, and labs. The glass walls keep the environment open for all to enter, and the casual furniture gives the room a warm feeling. The space is meant for collaboration between students, to toss around ideas, share skills, and play with the possibili-ties. The space was not always intended for collaboration. A year after the launch of CAPS, it came time to fill the space that had been left empty for expansion. Involved from nearly the beginning, Scott Kreshel, Strengths Coach of the Innovate space