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  1. 1. Capt. Sumisha Shankar Ex-Army Officer Motivational Speaker/ Facilitator / Entrepreneur / Dance Movement Practitioner
  2. 2. Capt. Sumisha Shankar Profile
  3. 3. I belong to School of life. I thrive on the abundance of aesthetics of life. Being alive gives me hope and the only truth what I believe is what I have experienced. Once a soldier always a soldier, I lead by example.
  4. 4. Capt. Sumisha has managed more than RS 300 Crore of worth assets and more than 400 troops on an average for five years . Training comes naturally to her. And being a woman in the Indian Army has its own way of shaping ones personality. Col Vinay Kumar
  5. 5. Choreography for Kamasutra 3D for Sherlyn Chopra , Mastram , Three( Choreography pieces in folk like Bidesiya, Badhai se Vidai tak, Sakhi. Acting assignment for Italian director Marco Amento. With Israeli fusion band Business Class refugees, Mumbai. @Blue frog, Mumbai
  6. 6. Capt. Sumisha supports her mother who is a traditional folk singer & her first GURU. She support her efforts in saving Bhojpuri tunes and travelled to Netherlands , London, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago for concerts and workshops.
  7. 7. Master Chef India
  8. 8. Founder &Principal Consultant
  9. 9. Antardhwani is a pioneering company from India Inc. which represents a completely fresh perspective on management of human capital through creativity, military ethics & art based tools. We provide out of box, highly personalised solutions for organizations and corporate world. We help you to kick start ! Break that moment of inertia. We guide you gently to have an experiential learning because we BELIEVE that we all have one thing in common: NATURAL INTELLIGENCE. Our Story Our Philosophy
  10. 10. Our Belief Our belief is to motivate, facilitate and engage the participants to identify & explore their Creative Potential leading to exponential personal growth. The Eureka Effect ! Creativity. Imagination. Innovation Encourage Energise Empower The wheels of change starts with taking the first step & breaking the Inertia. When we are with the participants on the floor we have a three way approach. Our Approach
  11. 11. Motivation Learn On Stage Team Bonding Time Management
  12. 12. Fostering Camaraderie
  13. 13. Education through TheatreGroup Synergy Dynamic Environment Tapping the potential D prison Project Arthur Road Mens Jail
  14. 14. .Feedback from the Clients/ Participants Excellent, I could co ordinate as a team with different people. Miss Uma Kotnis , Participant, DAIMLER Capacity building at its best. Capt Sumisha in flat 40 minutes could make the beauty pageant girls go on floor as a team which mesmerized everyone. Miss Althea Shah, Marketing head, Golds gym Sumisha And her team did a dedicated work with the inmates and at Arthur road jail we have never seen so much of energy and talent. Mr Surendra Kumar . IG Prison We had never seen so much of participation in any of the workshops before. Rekha Ranjith, Manager Training (DAIMLER) She is vivacious, interactive and mature. She is actually a personality development mentor. Mr Vinaye Goodary , Mahatama gandhi Institute, Mauritius. Capt Sumisha Shankar 91 9833261290
  15. 15. Speaker, European Arts Network, The HagueWorkshop, India Festival, The Netherlands Interactive Session, Jamaica. Delegate ICCR with president of Suriname
  16. 16. Me 2008
  17. 17. Necessity is the mother of invention. Unlike Delhi , momos are a rare sight in Mumbai Now I specialise in something called ghar waale momos only made for family and friends You are welcome.