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At the end of the assessment phase of a 5 phase wayfinding project, Axia submitted an Assessment Report that summarized preliminary survey findings, stakeholder interviews, collaborative team meetings and recommendations for the program development. Axia is an award-winning visual communications company specializing in wayfinding, branding and advertising for city, corporate and retail markets. Axia provides solutions to move people forward, companies upward and communities onward. Here, great ideas take flight. At Axia, we believe there is no such thing as a bad idea, just another step toward a winning solution. We encourage our Clients to participate in the design process because their input is based on insight and passion. Our motto is simple. “Provide the best creative solutions for the best clients for the best results– and have fun doing it”. Axia Creative, formerly known as Mayfield Creative, is located in West Palm Beach, Florida with a client base that covers the entire US, parts of Canada and over 19 Caribbean territories. Todd Mayfield is the President and cofounder of Axia Creative. He has over 29 years of wayfinding, brand development, advertising and print graphics experience. He is also an accomplished fine artist and illustrator. Todd has earned numerous awards for design excellence and profound respect among his peers. His work has been featured in various industry magazines and books such as Print, Signs of the Times and American Corporate Identity. Currently, his company has a loyal client base from California to the Caribbean and parts of Canada. AXIACREATIVE.COM

Transcript of Canmore Wayfinding Assessment

  • 1. Town of Canmore, Alberta Wayfinding Program Planning Summary September 2013DRAFTAxia Creative C R E A T I V E 561.282.6205

2. CONTENTS Overview Preface3Objectives3Symbol Glossary4Project Timeline5Project Area Assessment Existing DevicesGateways, Arrivals & Decision Points10Ingress Vehicular Routes11Pedestrian Routes12Destinations Stakeholder Interviews6-913 14 - 17Proposed Wayfinding System CREA TIVEGeneral Recommendations19 - 22Axia Creative | | 561.282.6205Wayfinding Message Hierarchy18Design Criteria23 - 24Canmore, Alberta Wayfinding Program | Planning Summary | September 20132 3. OVERVIEWestablish aesthetic features that celebrate Canmores social,Furthermore, the goal is to develop a system that is expandablecultural and economic health of the community.and easily maintained. At the end of the implementation phase, existing Design Intent documents provided by Axia will beThis document represents Axia Creatives summary of the site assessment and planning tasks which precedes and will influencePedestrian guides, information kiosks and trailblazers will improvecombined with as-built drawings and product maintenancethe creative process.the town wide bicycle and pedestrian route system and decreaseinformation provided by the fabricator. This combined documentvehicular use.will become a program manual for system maintenance and future additions.Preface On June 17th, 2013, Todd Mayfield from Axia Creative visitedA clean and well-maintained wayfinding system in economicCanmore to begin the official site assessment and project kick-offcenters tells visitors they are in a thriving and safe community. ItCanmore belongs to its citizens. It is important to gain publicfor Canmores wayfinding initiative.attracts new businesses and encourages residents to congregateconsensus along the way. Although it is impossible to makethere.everyone happy and to meet all personal expectations, Axia, in partnership with the Canmore wayfinding team will make efforts toAfter meeting with the team and discussing the objectives of the visit, a tour of the project area was conducted. Conditions wereThe new Canmore brand has been used in print and digitalinvolve the public in the early stages of the design phase. This willobserved and preliminary photos were to strategically market the community. Tourism Canmorebe facilitated, in part, during a public concept presentation prior toKananaskis (TCK) has made effective strides in this design development.On Tuesday and Wednesday, eight stakeholders were interviewed.Wayfinding and other visual communications in the CanmoreEach interview generated valuable information and insight that willenvironment will help promote the brand and generate a positiveAt Axia, we are committed to maintain the highest designbe considered in the development of the program.sense of place for visitors. It will also strengthen community pridestandards possible, always listen with both ears, employ intelligentin its residents.rationale and take a methodical approach to developing solutions that make sense and not just make our portfolio look good.All day Thursday and Friday morning, Todd explored Canmore and neighboring areas. During this time, an extensive photoA successful system will tie parts of the community together andinventory was conducted using a digital camera with geo-taggingserve as a visual catalyst to create the perception that Canmoretechnology. The photo series were uploaded to a Picasa map foris a well-packaged and organized destination. It will making Canmore a better place. By enhancing the aesthetic perception of the environment, the overall experience visitors andOn Friday afternoon, the team met for a site visit recap and furtherresidents have of Canmore will improve.discussions on the wayfinding objectives. Another objective is to build a system that is not only designed Objectiveswell, but designed responsibly. This requires the use ofThe Canmore wayfinding program is an initiative that supports thereplenishable and recyclable materials. Where possible,goals set forth in the Town of Canmore Strategic Plan. In additioncomponents of the system will incorporate green its primary goal of improving visitor navigation through CanmoreThis in itself will generate community pride and result in great PRand to its destinations, especially to the Town Centre, it will helpfor Canmore.Axia Creative | | 561.282.6205CREA TIVECanmore, Alberta Wayfinding Program | Planning Summary | September 20133 4. SYMBOL GLOSSARY Device Types Wayfinding sign systems vary in size and complexity. Depending on aAArt (Decorative) - Sculptures, murals and architecture in the environmentBBanner - Hanging fabric graphics, usually from street light standards CConditional - displays information about the status of an event, activity or venueseveral levels of vehicular and pedestrian guide signs, kiosks, directories,DDisplay - Wall-mounted or free-standing promotional graphicsinterpretive signs and trailblazers. Each unique program incorporates aEExhibit (Interpretive) Tells a story about a place, object or event, often with graphicsFFlag - Typically used to display a city, state or country identification symbolFPFlag Pole - Used to display a flag or pennant.A successful wayfinding system includes seven basic function classifications thatGGateway - Marks arrivals to counties, provinces, states, cities, towns and districtsare communicated through strategically placed devices:HHighway Sign - managed by the USDOT (US) or Alberta Transportation (Canada)1.PromotionIDIdentity - Identifies an area, facility or event.KKiosk - Free standing structure provides visitor informationLLED - Electronic message sign5.InformationMArea Map - displayed within a kiosk or as a stand-alone orientation device6.RegulationNNotice - Communicates a notice of information.OOutdoor Billboard - Large advertising devices placed alongside streets and highwaysPPedestrian Guide - Provides guidance for pedestrians to places within walking distancehave developed a device type designation format that is used in this summaryRRegulatory - intended to control or prohibit behavior or an actionand will be used in future project documents.SStreet Sign - Identifies roads and streets at route intersectionscommunitys density and geographical size, a wayfinding sign system can be as simple as a few guide signs on Main Street or as complicated as a comprehensive program with landscaped gateways, district demarcations,combination of device types that are customized to perform within a specific environment.2.Orientation 3.Guidance 4.Identification7.Enhancement Each of these classification groups include several definitive device types. We STStructure - Used as a landmark, device support or environmental accentEA TIVEVehicular Guide - Provides route navigation for vehicular trafficWWarning - Provides cautionary messages that promote awarenessRVCTrailblazer - Used to mark specific vehicular, bike or pedestrian pathsAxia Creative | | 561.282.6205TXExisting Sign to be removed or demolished.Canmore, Alberta Wayfinding Program | Planning Summary | September 20134 5. PROJECT TIMELINE PHASE/TASKAUGSEPOCTNOVDECJANFEBMARPhase 1A-Project Area Analysis Planning & ResearchReview previous plans and studiesReview applicable regulationsCollect and study brand assetsInterview stakeholdersSite assessment Identify decision pointsIdentify traffic flowPhoto existing conditionsEvaluate & recommend web-based mediaAKIdentify arrival points & destinationsEStrategyEstablish design criteriaCreate online collaborative mapCreate project websitePlanning SummaryPhase 1B-Wayfinding System Design Concept GenerationConcept draftPublic presentationConcept/presentation SummaryProvide probable costsDesign DevelopmentDesign Summary (on-site meeting)Interface with transportation officialMock-up specifications/productionIIdentify potential device locationsLODefine messaging conceptsHDREstablish sign types & devicesBYDevelop preliminary system frameworkAMock-up on-site reviewRefinements Phase 1C-Tender Documentation Preparation Bid Documents DRAFTBid Documents BID READYProduction ArtAxia Creative | | 561.282.6205CREA TIVECanmore, Alberta Wayfinding Program | Planning Summary | September 20135 6. PROJECT AREA ASSESSMENT: Existing Devices Primary Highway Guide Signs Located on the Transcanada Highway into Canmore.HPrimary Gateways Located on the Transcanada Highway at the Northwest and Southeast entries into Canmore.GSecondary Highway Guide Signs with Multiple Panels Located on the Transcanada Highway at the Northwest and Southeast entries into Canmore.Secondary Gateways Located on routes after exiting the highway before a visitor enters the Town Centre.Secondary Highway Guide Signs Located on internal routes off of the Transcanadian Highway.HREA TIVEVehicular Guide Signs Located at key decision points throughout Canmore and its communities.VBrochure Dispensers Located on metal Town Centre kiosks under Town Centre maps.Older Vehicular Guide Signs Branded with an older town logo, marking routes to municipal destinations.VKTown Centre Intersection Located on Railway Avenue after Elevation Place just before entering the Town Centre.GAxia Creative | | 561.282.6205Town Centre Maps Located on metal Town Centre kiosks.Service Signs Located on secondary gateways.Tourist Signs Located on routes to featured resort and tourist destinations.Bike Service Kiosk Located in two locations in the Town Centre.KKGHCKGHMetal Kiosks Located in the Town Centre.Wood Kiosks Located at public parks and community recreation areas.KOlder Vehicular Guide Signs Located on the Transcanada Highway at the Northwest and Southeast entries into Canmore.VCanmore, Alberta Wayfinding Program | Planning Summary | September 20136 7. PROJECT AREA ASSESSMENT: Existing Devices Vehicular Guide S