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  • 1. Were different (and by that we mean better). But to reap the benefits of working with us, you need to understand how we operate: Whats different and why, what we need from you, and what you can expect from us. Please read on
  • 2. 2 Big decisions change your life, so dont leave your career to chance. Get expert, independent advice. You wouldnt choose a mortgage on a whim. Youd find a financial advisor you trust to understand your circumstances, represent your interests with integrity and know the market inside out so they can find the best deal for you. After all, once the decision is made youll either reap the benefits or live with the consequences. Finding your next job should be no different. Career decisions are even more delicately poised - the right move could put you on a fast track, but the wrong move could set you back years. Its not just about which job you take, its about how you go about finding and securing it. You need to think about: Your long term career goals and what your next move should be Where to look for the right move and which opportunity to pursue The package you can negotiate now and the longer term pay-off Protecting your reputation along the way.
  • 3. 3 As with any big decision, expert, honest and independent advice is vital. Think of genuine recruitment consultancy in the same way you would think of trusted financial advice. It costs nothing, except a little time and commitment, but the benefits in terms of getting the right deal (both now and over the longer term) are potentially huge: Dont fall into the career opportunist trap. Dead end jobs are not as easy to spot as you might think Keep your CV and reputation in safe hands. It is a precious career tool and a good consultant will use it sparingly. If you dont know where it might end up, dont part with it at all Broaden your horizons. The right move for you might not be the obvious one, so understand all your options before you decide what to do next Plan ahead. A detailed and personalised career strategy developed with help from an expert consultant is like a road map Regularly reviewed, it will help you to make the right career move at every turn Get it right. Work with a consultant who will invest time in you - understanding your goals to help you make the right move and get the right package even if that means staying where you are Find a guardian angel. A true consultant is someone you can turn to even after you start a new job - for advice and guidance, and to help iron out any early teething problems.
  • 4. 4 At Definitive Consulting we reject short-term fee chasing so prevalent in recruitment agencies large and small... We offer genuine, independent career advice, to help you make the right career decisions: Every potential candidate gets expert, independent career advice. Well work with you to understand your aspirations, skills and experience, and develop a strategy to guide and inform the next step towards your career goals. If we dont think the time is right for you to move, well tell you Becoming a Definitive candidate is never a foregone conclusion. We will only agree to work with you if we genuinely think we can make a difference, and we only represent our candidates on an exclusive basis We treat our candidates like people, not commodities. We wont upload your CV to public databases, or mail shot it to every potential employer we can think of. Well take a proactive, personalised approach to protect your confidentiality whilst finding a selection of ideal opportunities Well take the uncertainty out of the process. Interview preparation, resignation coaching and package negotiation, as well as support during the early days in your new role, are all part of the service.
  • 5. 5 Genuine consultancy works. Definitive Consulting is one of the UKs fastest growing specialist recruitment consultancies, driven by our ability to provide outstanding advice and service to outstanding candidates: Major employers know Definitive candidates are a cut above: Four out of five candidates that we submit to employers for each opportunity secure interviews Definitive candidates only pursue the right opportunities and are well prepared: 95% of offers put to candidates are accepted Word gets around: Our candidate referrals double year on year. Some of the biggest brands in the accountancy, finance and legal sectors trust Definitive Consulting to match exceptional people with outstanding career opportunities: Accountancy & Finance WHSmith, JP Morgan, Zurich, Bayer, RSM Bentley Jennison, Baker Tilly, Horwath Clark Whitehill, Target Consulting, Vantis, Alix Partners, Navigant Consulting. Legal Herbert Smith, Berwin Leighton Paisner, Reynold Porter Chamberlain, Baker & McKenzie, Nabarro.
  • 6. 6 6 Anyway, now you knowknow moremore about us, youll want to know more about what happens next. Anyway, now you a bit a bit about us, youll want to know more about what happens next. Well, we dont just talk a goodagame and our success isnt down to luck. We guide every candidate through an innovative step by step step Well, we dont just talk good game and our success isnt down to luck. We guide every candidate through an innovative step by methodology. It might take a take longer longer than simply uploading your a selection of recruitment websites, and you might have to invest invest methodology. It might little a little than simply uploading your CV to CV to a selection of recruitment websites, and you might have to some time intimeprocess, but if you care about your career career it is time well spent. some the in the process, but if you care about your it is time well spent. Heres how it works: Heres how it works:
  • 7. Step 1: CARMA 8 Goal based candidate induction. Before we agree to represent you, we will ask you to take part in a CARMA appraisal - a unique candidate consultancy process based on long term career goals, which is vital to our ability to deliver personalised and effective career counsel: One of our experienced industry specialists will act as your personal career consultant, meeting with you to gather a detailed picture of your career history and goals. This meeting can be arranged at a time that suits you, be it early morning, over lunch or after hours. Based on the information you provide, your consultant will quickly give informed and honest feedback on what your next career move should be. If they think you are not ready to move, they will say so, provide detailed feedback on the additional skills and experience required to realise your goals and agree to stay in close contact with you until you are ready. Under these circumstances, they will not agree to represent you in any immediate job search. If they believe that you are ready to make the step up and that they can make a real difference, you will receive a clear and personalised career strategy designed to ensure you can achieve your long term goals. If they believe you could achieve your aims with your current employer, they will advise you on how to negotiate the package, training or career path guarantees you should be looking for. If current employer negotiation is not an option, or is not successful, they will agree a targeted approach, based on your career strategy and a selection of desirable employers and potential roles.
  • 8. Step 2: 4WD 10 Four week exclusivity, guaranteed delivery. We only represent candidates on an exclusive basis. However, if we do not deliver at least two interviews for ideal opportunities during the first four weeks, our period of exclusivity will end. This exclusive approach allows us to invest time and effort in securing your ideal career move, as well as removing complication and uncertainty from the recruitment process. Registering with an agency on a non-exclusive basis is fraught with risk. Your CV will be speculatively mailed to a database of employers, without any thought for your long term goals and often without your permission. Losing control of your CV in this way can have disastrous consequences, and you will be pushed to pursue any opportunities come along, whether they are right for you or not. By contrast, every candidate we represent gets a tailored proacti