Canadian and US Culture

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Canadian and US Culture

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Canadian and US Culture. Canadian National Anthem. “O Canada” Originally commissioned by the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec in 1880. Calixa Lavalee wrote the music Based on a patriotic poem Song was originally only in French, before it was translated to English in 1906. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Canadian and US Culture

Canadian and US Culture

Page 2: Canadian and US Culture

Canadian National Anthem

• “O Canada”• Originally commissioned

by the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec in 1880.

• Calixa Lavalee wrote the music– Based on a patriotic poem – Song was originally only in

French, before it was translated to English in 1906.

Page 3: Canadian and US Culture

US National Anthem

• The “Star Spangled Banner”

• Lyrics come from the poem "Defence of Fort McHenry“– Written by Francis Scott Key

in 1814 – About the bombardment of

Fort McHenry by British ships during the War of 1812

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• Canada– English and French

• Slang Words– Beauty – “thanks”– Bunny Hug – Hoodie– Had the Biscuit – broken

beyond repair– Mountie – “Cop” – Rink Rat – someone

who works at a skating rink

– Scivey (SKY-vee) -- liar

• United States – English

• Slang Words– My bad – My fault– Tight – Neat, cool – The Big Apple – New

York City– Bridezilla – A bride that

is high maintenance– Edgy – New, newer – Fixin’ – Going to– Ya’ll – Everyone

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Canadian Music• If popular, come to

the US • Top Bands include

Rush, Steppenwolf, and Guess Who

• Current artists that you would know– Avril Lavigne – Sum 41– Shania Twain

Page 7: Canadian and US Culture

RUSH “Tom Sawyer”• Formed in August

1968 in Toronto, Ontario

• Most lyrics based on science fiction, fantasy, philosophy, and environmental concerns

• Began as blues band into rock into modern music with synthesizers

Page 8: Canadian and US Culture

SHANIA TWAIN “Any Man of Mine”

• Windsor, Ontario• After her parents died

she raised her younger siblings putting her music career on hold

• Popular in country music

Page 9: Canadian and US Culture

American Music• Profits 2007

– Sony $429 million – iPod sold over 220 million

iPods– Apple made $15.4 billion; no

debt– Bad Boy $21.5 million

• Popular Artists– Michael Jackson – Mariah Carey – Whitney Houston – Eagles– Elton John – Madonna – Celine Dion – Fleetwood Mac

Page 10: Canadian and US Culture

Innovation • Rock ‘N’ Roll

– Elvis, 1950s

• Rap– Sugar Hill Gang, 1970s

Page 11: Canadian and US Culture

MICHAEL JACKSON “The Way You Make Me Feel”

1. Jackson's Billie Jean was the first video by a black artist to air on MTV.

2. Jackson's total lifetime earnings have been estimated at $500 million

3. Three of Jackson's albums - Bad, Dangerous and Thriller - are among the bestsellers of all time.

4. Jackson has sold more than 300 million records worldwide.

Page 12: Canadian and US Culture


• Formed in the 1960s

• Popular in the 1970s

• Many band member changes

• Drug use

• 48.5 million albums sold world wide

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Page 14: Canadian and US Culture

Canadian Art Lynn Hauer, The Creation

Page 15: Canadian and US Culture


• Born 1090• Toronto, Ontario• Abstract,

expressionist• Color Field

movement: color covers entire/majority of canvas

• Big A, 1968

Page 16: Canadian and US Culture


• 1920 – 2001• Quebec• Public artwork

– Allegrocube, 1973

Page 17: Canadian and US Culture


• 1886

• Montreal

• Founded Canadian Art Society

• Opposed the Group of Seven

• Landscape, Bermuda, 1914

Page 18: Canadian and US Culture

American Art William H. Johnson, The Teacher

Page 19: Canadian and US Culture


• 1891

• Cleveland, Ohio

• Precisionist (industrial)

• Nature paintings

• Bright Light at Russell’s Corner, 1946

Page 20: Canadian and US Culture


• 1856

• Boston

• Painted Glasswork

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Page 22: Canadian and US Culture

Canadian Literature

• Written in English or French– Often reflects the Canadian perspective on:

(1) nature, (2) frontier life, and (3) Canada’s position in the world, all three of which tie in to the garrison mentality (oppressiveness of other nations, especially the US).

– Canada's ethnic and cultural diversity are reflected in its literature, with many of its most prominent writers focusing on ethnic life.

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French Canadian Literature• 1820 a fire burned all books in the official library

• Patriotism to rebuild = fiction books

• Roch Carrier, The Hockey Sweater

Page 24: Canadian and US Culture


• Michael Ondaatje, The English Patient

• Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

Page 25: Canadian and US Culture

American Literature

• First: colonial theme, oppression

• Post-independence: human psychology, mix of fantasy and mystery

• Poetry: free flowing verse

• Writing changes with the times…there is no specific theme

Page 26: Canadian and US Culture

Colonial • Political

– Ben Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac

– Thomas Paine, Common Sense

– Poem/song “Yankee Doodle”

– Yankee Doodle went to town, – A-Riding on a pony; – He stuck a feather in his cap, – And called it macaroni (a very

fashionable man).

Page 28: Canadian and US Culture


• Edgar Allan Poe, Masque of the Red Death

• Henry David Thoreau, Walden

• Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin

• Nathaniel Hawthore, The Scarlett Letter

• Herman Melville, Moby Dick

• Emily Dickenson, poet

• Mark Twain, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

• Upton Sinclair, The Jungle

• Jack Kerouac, On the Road

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Page 31: Canadian and US Culture

The Industry • District in Los Angeles • Nickname “Tinseltown”• First studio was in 1909: Nestor Studio

Page 32: Canadian and US Culture

Movie Making Today

• Worldwide box office sales in 2008 hit $28.1 billion

• Paramount Pictures is the only major studio still located in Hollywood

Page 33: Canadian and US Culture

Actors • James Dean • John Wayne • Lucille Ball • Humphrey Bogart

• Brad Pitt• George Clooney • Denzel Washington • Robert DeNiro• Julia Roberts

Page 37: Canadian and US Culture

Robert De Niro

Page 38: Canadian and US Culture

Cinema of Canada

• Production and distribution in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto

• Regional and niche films

• Go to America to seek fame

Page 39: Canadian and US Culture

The Firsts

• 1st filmmaker, James Freer

• Moved to Manitoba in 1888 to farm

• Film made at Niagara Falls

• Made documentary films to promote immigration to Canada to farm

• 1st fiction film was Hiawatha

• Made by Joe Rosenthal in 1903

• 1st feature film was Evangeline in 1913, shot in Nova Scotia

Page 40: Canadian and US Culture

Popular Actors Today

• Leslie Neilsen

• Michael J. Fox

• Mike Myers

• Rachel McAdams

• Jim Carrey

• Ryan Reynolds

• Ryan Gosling

• William Shatner