Canada Immigration Questions Answered by a Trusted Immigration Lawyer in Canada -- Part 8

WILLS FAQ for the Week by Russ Weninger


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Transcript of Canada Immigration Questions Answered by a Trusted Immigration Lawyer in Canada -- Part 8

WILLS FAQ for the Weekby

Russ Weninger

FAQ No. 1“When I become a permanent

resident, what do I have to do to maintain my permanent residency?”

In most cases, you have to physically reside in Canada for the equivalent of two out of every five years.

I always recommend spending as much time in Canada as possible so that

you don’t unexpectedly lose your permanent residence.

Every five years, your permanent resident card will expire. If you are travelling

internationally, you will want to renew an expired card before you leave Canada.

To maintain permanent residency, you should also

avoid any criminal behaviour. Certain serious crimes can result in your

permanent resident status being revoked.

In most cases, for people planning on making Canada their permanent home, I recommend applying for Canadian citizenship as soon as possible. Once you have Canadian citizenship, you don’t have to worry about maintaining physical residency in Canada.

FAQ No. 2“Are immigrants from certain

countries favored over others?”

In general, I would say no. Canada is a multi-cultural society that values diversity (for the most part). As well, the Charter, which is part of Canada’s Constitution, typically prevents discrimination based on national origin.

However, if you come from a country that has English or French as a primary language, you may have an inherent


People from certain countries may also find it easier to culturally adapt

to life in Canada. That being said, people from all over the world make

Canada their home.

When it comes to refugee claims, claimants from some countries have a higher rate of success, and claimants from other countries have a very low rate of success.

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