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Speak with our immigration agency in Bangalore. Get same-day recommendation and quotes for immigration queries. Free twenty min decision with Novus Canada Immigration Consultants in Bangalore. Visit Our Website:

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Best Canada Immigration Consultants in Chennai

Canada Immigration Consultants in Bangalore

+91 9606666901

Novus Immigration Bangalore:

Novus immigration is a full-service Bangalore IRCC registered immigration consultant firm, assessing the best possible way for our customers to immigrate to Canada.

Canada Immigration Consultants in Bangalore

Novus immigration is a full-service Bangalore IRCC registered immigration consultant firm, assessing the best possible way for our customers to immigrate to Canada.

Instead of focusing only on related Canada immigration processes, we strive to assist you with every application process and overcoming difficulties for an easier immigration process.

Being the best Immigration consultancies in Bangalore for Canada, who grants appropriate assistance to you while immigrating in the quick process. We further help you gain citizenship as well as a permanent residency in Canada.

Get a free consultation with IRCC registered consultants in Bangalore who are nothing but the best Canada Immigration Consultants in Bangalore!!!

Need CRS Score:

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is used in the Express Entry program to rank candidates based on the rates they are granted for their profile. An applicant must have the same or a higher rate than the cut-off that is decided by the Canada Government. The CRS score is used to rank candidates in the express entry pool. The main factors that contribute to the CRS score are:

● Age

● Educational qualification

● Language proficiency

● Work experience


Our Canada Immigration Services:

Express Entry Program- Eligibility

ICCRC and Licensed Representative

Immigration Solutions – PR


Canadian Visas

Provincial Nominee Programs

How can I apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada?

1. Complete the ECA

2. Language Test

3. Profile Creation

4. Get Canada PNP(Optional)

5. Invitation To Apply(ITA)

6. Police & Medical Clearance

7. Review

8. Confirmation of Permanent Residence

9. Apply for your PR card

The maximum number of points an applicant can be granted is 1200. Though it is very hard to obtain high scores, the trend in the CRS scores over the last some years has been around 430-470.

Receiving a job offer from a Canadian employer may be the most difficult task of them all due to the various authorities that need to be attended to. Having announced that, an offer letter under NOC 00 is worth 200 points. To conclude, every applicant must look to maximize their CRS to get the best achievable outcome concerning their immigration views.

The first 4 factors contribute to a total of 500 points. If an applicant is married, and the spouse also wishes to relocate then the couple shares the 500 points with 40 points being contributed by the wife

To review, the best immigration consultants in Bangalore will provide valuable service making your visa application much easier than doing it yourself even during the current covid situation.

Novus experienced Consultants can get your application offered correctly the first time around, meaning that you have the greatest chance of success and your application is optimized well without any failure to migrate to Canada.

If you want to talk to such a valuable immigration agency in Bangalore, please feel free to call and discuss your questions about moving to Canada. Best and Guaranteed Immigration process.

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