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Canadian government grants permanent residence visas

to members of the Family Class and the Economic

Class. The Economic Class primarily comprises of

professionals and skilled workers under the skilled

worker class, the Quebec skilled worker class and the

provincial nominee class as well as business immigrants.

Using a point system, an applicant is assessed under the

federal skilled worker class according to various factors.

The selection rules particularly favor applicants with

government approved job offers in Canada. Canada

offers excellent settlement options within a stable

environment to those who wish to become a part of its


About Us

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Preparing your Canadian Immigration portfolio, Canadian

Immigration application and related documentation for

Canadian Immigration process. Representing your case

before the Canadian Immigration Authorities. Preparing

you for interview at the Canadian Immigration Office.

Legalities to be fulfilled after landing in Canada : Canadian

Registration, Canadian Social Insurance, Canadian Medical

services etc. Canada is ranked as one of the top countries

in the world. People apply for immigration to Canada for

innumerable opportunities for themselves and their

families. Canada’s excellent career opportunities, living

standards, and social benefits are the primary reasons

people consider immigrating to Canada. Here are some of

the countries that our clients come from or who regularly

visit our website: Philippines, Egypt, Pakistan, India, United

Arab Emirates (UAE), Jamaica, Oman, Ukraine, Sudan.

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Decision to immigrate to a new country, are by nature

Courageous. Our many years of experience advising

individuals in the process of immigrating to Canada have

given us insight into the concerns you may have and, more

importantly, the solutions you seek. Below are some of the

more important Canada immigration concerns raised by

our clients and the solutions we provided for them. Work in

Canada : In Canada finding work will increase your

chances of qualifying for a Canada Immigration Visa and

will get you to Canada faster. We will provide you with

accurate application processing times and assurance that

the Canadian Immigration Visa Office is meeting its

service standards with respect to the processing of your

application for a Canada Immigration (Permanent

Resident) Visa.

Concerns Solutions

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Eligibility Assessment

Using criteria set by the Citizenship and Immigration

Canada ( CIC ), the Canadian Visa Eligibility Assessment is

the most comprehensive and technologically advanced

online Canadian Visa Assessment tool available. The

Canadian Immigration Eligibility Assessment is free and

takes only a few minutes to complete. However, you should

not rely on this result alone as a true indication of your

ability to apply for a Visa in Canada. If you would like a

more realistic assessment you need to consult a Regulated

Canadian Immigration Consultant. To consult one of our

Migration Consultants you should complete both the

Canadian Visa Eligibility Assessment and Canadian

Migration Interview. 4u Immigration , as its role of Canada

immigration law firm, will first want to know that you

qualify for a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident).

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Application Processing

4u Immigration as a Canadian Immigration Consultant and

Lawyer will provide you with the following legal services.

Once we have determined that you qualify for a Canada

Immigration Visa or temporary entry to Canada and you

have retained our Canadian immigration law firm to assist

you in the application process. Qualify for a Canada

Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa under more than

one Canadian immigration category. we will explain the

pros and cons of each category under consideration and

recommend the category best suited to your goals.

Prepared application will always move through the process

faster and more efficiently. We will let you know when any

communication is received, and we will respond on your

behalf, to all requests and demands from Canadian

immigration authorities.

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Settlement in Canada

Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa, you can

get yourself a Canadian job. We will contact employers who

express interest in hiring . Not only will help in finding this

Canadian job but will also help in settling in Canada. Once

you receive your Visa, you will have to enter Canada within

a specified period of time. You will be interviewed by a

Canadian Visa Officer before you are permitted to enter

Canada. We will prepare you for your interview at the

Canadian port of entry. You must meet certain residency

obligations or they may lose their Resident status. Two

years of "residency days" must be accumulated in every

five-year period. Canadian Residency days need not be

consecutive and may be accumulated inside by physical

presence and even outside of Canada By accompanying a

Canadian citizen spouse/common-law partner.

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Advice from Experts

Communication between you and immigration lawyer is

protected by rules of confidentiality. This means that

immigration lawyers cannot disclose your information to

others, including the Government of Canada, without your

consent. Other representatives cannot guarantee this type

of privacy. Canadian immigration law and policy is complex

and always changing. Errors and omission can cause

significant delays, higher costs, refusals and even detention

and removal from Canada. An immigration lawyer can

advise you of your rights and obligations from the start.

Immigration lawyers are part of a network of qualified

lawyers across Canada. Immigration lawyers complete

several years of legal education as well as practical training

before becoming licensed to practice law. Immigration

lawyers are required to complete continuing.

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