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CANADA IMMIGRATION By A.Arputha Selvaraj APMP IIM Calcutta

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By A.Arputha Selvaraj APMP IIM Calcutta

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ImmigrationMigration is the movement of people from one place to another Migration can occur as result of push and pull factors

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Push factors are factors that force a person to move.

They can include famine, war, disease, lack of jobs, over population and drought

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Pull factors are factors that encourage a person to come to a new place.They can include freedom, family, technology, better jobs, better education.

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Canada accepts 3 types of immigrants

Economic Immigrants – skilled workers and business immigrants

Family Immigrants – spouses, children, parents, grandparents and sometimes siblings

Refugees – people who fear cruel treatment or death in their home country

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Historical Immigration Patterns

Canadian Immigration Patterns

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Historical Immigration Patterns

Immigration to Canada has had periods of boom and bust. These were caused by events that occurred both in Canada and in other countries.When? What Happened? Why?

1840sArrival of thousands of Irish


Irish potato crop fails; facing starvation, many Irish move

to Canada and other countries


Massive immigration from Eastern Europe to the

Canadian West

Canadian Government wanted to settle the Prairies;

offered free land and other incentives to immigrants

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Historical Immigration Patterns

When? What Happened? Why?


Little immigrationWorld War I and worldwide

influenza epidemic

1930 – 1945

Little immigration Worldwide economic depression and World War II


Many Italians come to Canada

World War II devastated Italy; Italians searched for economic opportunities in


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Historical Immigration PatternsWhen? What Happened? Why?

1956Many Hungarians come to


Hungarian revolt against the Russians failed; refugees

fled to Canada to avoid punishment

1980 – 1997

Arrival of thousands of Hong Kong Chinese

Residents of Hong Kong sought political stability

before China took control of Hong Kong in 1997

1980 - 2003

Many people from Afghanistan come to


Immigrants seek a safe haven from conflicts that

engulfed their country

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Historical Immigration Patterns

The percentage, by location, of the population that is made up of immigrants.


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