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you havent been on a holiday until youve been to

Camp Eden....

1815 Currumbin Creek Road Currumbin Valley Q 4223

Reservations: 1800 074157 Web: Phone: 07 5533 0333 Fax: 07 5533 0225 Email: [email protected]

your holidayCamp Edens setting has to be seen to be truly appreciated. All of our senses were spoiled with the beautiful views, the smell of the foliage and the sounds of the wild life. You could feel the energy running through your soul. You really have created the ultimate Health Retreat. It was far more than I ever imagined and a great place to escape the rat race and gain focus and direction. Thank you for helping me to rediscover the real me the me I really enjoy being!

your Eden experienceCamp Eden Health Retreat is nestled among one of Queenslands most pristine and lush rainforests in the Hinterlands Currumbin Valley. A short 30 minute drive from Gold Coast Airport, here youll find so much more than a holiday destination. An experience that will impact your quality of life from the moment you arrive until long after you return home Camp Eden focuses on an individual and holistic approach to assist each and every guest in achieving their goals. We encourage you to release, let go and open up to your potential - your time here can then be whatever you want it to be relaxation, rejuvenation, healing, education and clarity to name but a few. Our all day every day programme encompasses stretch & fitness classes, workshops, a range of informative talks, bush walks and environmental education, zumba, music, our exclusive range of fabulous challenges and so much more! All this to encourage you to concentrate on your overall well being with a focus on health issues including stress reduction, weight management, changing addictive habits or moving forward from past life issues. Fine tune your body or just discover the pleasures of relaxation, reflection and pure pampering in our 5 star treatments centre. This peaceful time-out will give you the opportunity to explore your potential for a happier, more productive and more fulfilling life.

Whether you choose a 5, 7 or 12 night getaway (longer stays available), all of our accommodation options include the following Ecological accommodation Treatment inclusions Sumptuous Spa Cuisine Well Being Assessment on arrival Inspirational Eden Program (5 night stays or longer) Use of all Facilities Newly equipped Gym Sauna and Steam Room Newly renovated, heated Saltwater Pool Outdoor Spa Club Mud Tennis court Outdoor adventure circuit 25 kilometres of picturesque rainforest bushwalking tracks Fitness activities based on a rotational program including Qi Gong, yoga, water games, cardio classes, mountain biking, bush walking, Australias longest Flying Fox, Power Pole and Brave Heart challenges and much more Evenings feature our informative sessions including -Naturopathic Talk, Environmental Enlightening, Food for Thought and our breathtaking Glow Worm Walk. (5 night stays or longer & subject to Package Specials)

1815 Currumbin Creek Road Currumbin Valley Q 4223

Reservations: 1800 074157 Web: Phone: 07 5533 0333 Fax: 07 5533 0225 Email: [email protected]

results for youCamp Eden is committed to delivering the ultimate rejuvenating holiday experience. Unwind, get in shape, have fun and be challenged - the unique goals of each guest are achieved through our personalised approach towards all aspects of your stay organised by professional, unconditional and caring staff. Enjoy healthy gourmet meals, activities relative to your level of fitness and goals, and of course, our world-class pampering treatments. Our therapies staff are highly qualified to offer an extensive range of Massage and Beauty Treatments including body wraps, all modalities of massage, beauty and spa treatments with many unique to Camp Eden and much more for your total indulgence and relaxation. Stress management techniques are an integral part of the Camp Eden education and include Meditation, Qi Gong, Yoga and our personal development Eden Forum combined with plenty of endorphin- releasing good old-fashioned fun! We consider one of the most valuable aspects of your stay to be the skills and knowledge you take away with you, equipping you to return home and improve your lifestyle. Indeed, the whole experience is often said to be a life changing one. Clarity, direction, a sense of well being with the desire to make positive and permanent changes in your life will be your real benefit. I loved learning about myself the environment and staff added to the experience and helped guide me wow- awe inspiring! I was relieved to find that most other guests came to Camp Eden on their own. Its a fantastic solo holiday. I couldnt find any better.

1815 Currumbin Creek Road Currumbin Valley Q 4223

Reservations: 1800 074157 Web: Phone: 07 5533 0333 Fax: 07 5533 0225 Email: [email protected]


Deluxe Valley View Single or Twin This is our finest accommodation style with each cabin featuring a deep bath, spacious living area with 2 queen size beds, a private balcony to soak in the stunning views and a personal laundry facility including washer and dryer. If your desire is to spoil yourself and indulge, then the Deluxe Style Cabin (single or twin), is ideal for you. Eden Sanctuary This cabin is perfect for the connoisseur of bathing featuring our luxurious deep bath for soaking (shower also). Enjoy your quiet moments in the spacious sitting area with a picturesque outlook and keep in mind this cabin is ideal for couples with one queen size bed. It is also very popular with our single guests because of its roominess and great location. Hillside Haven Single If you definitely prefer the privacy of your own cabin and bathroom and are looking for an economical option, then the Hillside Haven is idea for you. Featuring one queen size bed and beautiful bay window, this cabin style is slightly smaller and has a shower only. Rainforest Retreat Twin share Like most of our guests you may be holidaying alone and we are happy to offer this economical twin share option if you are open to sharing with another single guest (of the same gender). Enjoy the company and experiences of another guest on this incredible journey at Camp Eden while enjoying the lower room rate. Featuring 2 queen size beds and beautiful bay window. All Rooms Feature Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Queen Size Sealy Posturpedic beds Luxuriously appointed bathrooms CD Player Hair Dryer Eco-friendly Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner Beds


Deluxe Valley View




eat better feel better

balance begins with good nutritionWe rely on food to fuel our complex physical machinery however, hi-tech food processing can rob foods of the vital ingredients needed to sustain good health. The rigours of our modern daily lives can also mean that we dont always eat properly and at regular intervals, interrupting the necessary flow of nutrients not only to our organs and various systems but to our brain as well. The focus of Camp Edens gourmet health cuisine is on creating awareness about eating wholesome, fresh foods to cleanse and nourish the body and has been designed by our Naturopath/Chef to ensure whole food complexities are enhanced by appropriate accompaniments. Experience tantalizingly healthy and eclectic meals served buffet style in our fabulous new look dining hall designed to please your palate and fortify your body in the most ambient surroundings. At Camp Eden we also offer to assist you in the personal assessment of your unique nutrition needs and weight goals. We can instruct you in how to establish healthier eating patterns and balance your food intake for energy and vitality or aid you in developing a practical weight loss or cellulite reduction plan. I had an excellent time the food, facilities and staff were great and have given me the motivation to continue these good habits once I get home.

1815 Currumbin Creek Road Currumbin Valley Q 4223

Reservations: 1800 074157 Web: Phone: 07 5533 0333 Fax: 07 5533 0225 Email: [email protected]


taking care of youIt may sound like a contradiction but relaxation has to be worked at! In a world full of pressures and busy schedules, it is increasingly important to take time out for yourself. The benefits of pampering occur on multi dimensional levels and this is the basis of many treatments and therapies offered at Camp Eden. Touch is so healing and an integral part of our pampering menu. As an antidote to stress, the body is coaxed into relaxation with every stroke. As a powerful cleanser, the action of massage, facials and full body wraps detoxify the body flushing toxins and wastes from the system. As a process of healing, relaxation can help boost your immune system, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, improve circulation and digestion and on an emotional level increase self-esteem and catalyse change. It has the ability to open the mind to greater clarity and perspective offering that window to see potential and overall improvement. At Camp Eden you can choose from an enticing array of luxurious treatments which will help you feel and look your absolute best whilst achieving a harmonious balance between your mind, body and spirit. Immerse yourself into deep relaxation and absorb the many and varied benefits of our range of world-class treatments and therapies, body polishes, wraps and facials designed uniquely for Camp Eden. Once again I am amazed at the way I felt after a fabulous experience at Camp Eden. And not only myself, everyones faces seemed to have softened, even lifted and there was even a kind of shine as my journey progressed.

1815 Currumbin Creek Road Currumbin Valley Q 4223

Reservations: 1800 074157 Web: Phone: 07 5533 0333 Fax: 07 5533 0225 Email: [email protected]

active fun and fitness

Exercise becomes pleasurable when you find activities that excite and motivate you. Here at Camp Eden we use our imagination and environment to enhance your fitness activities and the exhilaration and sense of achievement after a week is a great big plus for our guests. The results are there and it was all fun! Achieving fitness has such a huge range of benefits added vitality and energy, strength, flexibility and improved self image and esteem and being fit is also an integral part of handling stress and staying younger longer which is something we all aspire to. Try something new, challenge yourself or just reunite with nature on a gentle walk through our rainforest. Our Guest Co-Ordinator will assist and advise you in choosing suitable activities for you but ultimately, the choice is yours. Qi Gong Class and Morning Walk Work up an appetite for breakfast with an early morning Qi Gong class and invigorating walk in the clear, pristine air of the rainforest. Daily Exercise Limber up with a stretch class, learn new Yoga techniques, do some laps in our newly renovated saltwater pool or master a cardio class. Embark on the ultimate workout using our extensive selection of new gym equipment, spin bikes, electronic climbing wall and variety of treadmills in our expansive gym area. Fun and Games Shed excess kilos and be motivated as youre guided through fun and energetic cardio classes like Martial Groove, Zumba and our uplifting Bongo Blast class. Adventure Youll also find our unique challenge events such as Mission Possible, Flying Fox, Power Pole and Brave Heart to be the most exceptional and rewarding of exercise, leaving you ready to master anything! Move at your own pace as you enjoy mountain biking in our spectacular environment or try kayaking on the Currumbin Estuary.

1815 Currumbin Creek Road Currumbin Valley Q 4223

Reservations: 1800 074157 Web: Phone: 07 5533 0333 Fax: 07 5533 0225 Email: [email protected]

striking a balance

To cultivate the best in yourself you need to nourish all of you, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Camp Eden provides the perfect environment and support to aid in healing every aspect of you - and with the peace and nurturing, comes time for reflection and healing without the distractions of your everyday life and responsibilities. Sometimes it takes a time out in a completely removed environment to gain the clarity and perspective needed to move forward in a meaningful way. This is your opportunity to address problematic issues, unresolved relationships and give thought to new paradigms in life. Learn about yourself, renew your priorities and explore new ways to create harmony, abundance and joy in your life. Consultations and treatments that will truly assist you

Personal Sessions. One on one consultations providing powerful personal growth tools for those wanting to release old habits and ready to acknowledge, understand and release blockages. Choose from life counselling, relationship and communications skills, and psychologist sessions

Chinese Health Assessment Acupuncture Reflexology Ka Huna Bodywork Reiki Supported by a wide range of other therapies

Ive never felt healthier and more alive! Its such a pleasure to have a glowing skin and

sparkling eyes and energy in my body.

The best rest and tune up my body and mind has ever had. Its been a life changing experience. Thank you for extending my life and its quality. 1815 Currumbin Creek Road Currumbin Valley Q 4223

Reservations: 1800 074157 Web: Phone: 07 5533 0333 Fax: 07 5533 0225 Email: [email protected]

lessons in living

While you experience firsthand at Camp Eden, the wonderful experience of healthy living, well also help you to learn how to continue enjoying this positive lifestyle long after you return home. Learn how to assess your own wellness and become better informed about yourself and your potential. Integrating preventative health care and holistic habits into your busy life style isnt easy but it is possible. Maybe theres a specific area of your life that youre focused on and its effecting your health and wellbeing. Advice and guidance is the first step. Optimum health is made possible with a positive attitude and supported by a health and fitness regime that takes into account your mental and emotional well being. At Camp Eden we can provide the tools, strategies and support you need to make those positive lifestyle changes.

Consultations and treatment packages comprising several components that will educate, de-stress, counsel, up skill and assist you on your path Rejuvenation Train, Treat and Stretch Detox Deluxe Nurture in Nature Fitness Fanatic Trim & Tone Inspired Mind, Body & Soul Massage Magic Earth Bounty Organic Purification Full Bloom Man Adonis Golden Goddess

All have been created and packaged uniquely for Camp Eden guests after many years of research and feedback.

1815 Currumbin Creek Road Currumbin Valley Q 4223

Reservations: 1800 074157 Web: Phone: 07 5533 0333 Fax: 07 5533 0225 Email: [email protected]

helpful information

confirming your reservationTo enhance your experience with us, we limit our number of guests at any one time. We recommend you call our friendly reservations staff toll free on 1800 074157 to discuss your personal time out goals and check availability for your preferred week. To secure your stay, a small deposit is required which can easily be paid by credit card or making a direct bank transfer. $595 for a 5 or 7 night stay or $990 for a longer stay. Once your booking is confirmed, you will be sent confirmation and pre-arrival information. Transfer Times for Arrivals (From Gold Coast Airport and Varsity Lakes Train Station) Sundays only 9.00am and 10.30am @ $25 pp each way Transfer Times for Departures (To Gold Coast Airport and Varsity Lakes Train Station) Fridays 6am and 11.30am with a departure from the Beach Excursion @ 8.30am Sundays 6.30am, 8.15 and 9.45am We ask that you organise your flight to arrive @ least 15mins prior to the transfer time. If youre unable to co-ordinate with our transfers, we are happy to book a private car @ $85 to the above venues. From Brisbane airport we advise a train to Varsity Lakes - these run every 30 minutes with a trip time of approx 90mins ( contact Air Train Qld on 07 3215 5000 or to check on coordinating times), alternately we can book a private car for you @ a cost of $250. Guests arriving by private car are advised that between 9.30 and 11.30am are the most suitable times and an approximate arrival time is requested for the benefit of reception staff. Check-in time is between 9.30 11.30am with Guest Orientation commencing at 12.30pm.

1815 Currumbin Creek Road Currumbin Valley Q 4223

Reservations: 1800 074157 Web: Phone: 07 5533 0333 Fax: 07 5533 0225 Email: [email protected]

what to bring

casual easy-moving clothes for day wear and casual for evening T-shirts, yoga pants layering clothes in the cooler months for morning and evenings running, hiking or sports shoes with tread (a 2nd pair is advised if its rainy) swimming costume, casual shoes, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and insect repellant personal toiletries though body wash, shampoo & conditioner are all supplied fold up umbrella gloves, scarf, socks and a beanie in the winter months slippers and or thongs towels including pool and beach towels are provided

what not to bring tobacco products, as there is strictly no smoking on the property no consciousness altering substances eg marijhuana, hallucinogens food or beverages including sweets or alcohol or any substance containing alcohol radios, newspapers and please note that we do not get mobile reception

reward yourself and your friendsThe Eden Rewards Program was introduced for the purpose of rewarding our loyal guests and to encourage return top-ups to maintain that wellbeing initially gained here. Its also designed to reward our guests for recommending our retreat to their friends and family. We genuinely value our return guests and the success and commitment they make to their lives and the Eden Rewards Program is our way of showing our dedication and appreciation in return. The system works by accumulating points (1 point per night of stay) for every visit to Camp Eden. If youve referred us and our new guest mentions your name on booking, we will also allocate points to your tally as a thank you for the introduction. Once youve reached 36 points, you are entitled to a complimentary 7 nights stay in a cabin style of your choice!(Terms and Conditions apply to the Eden Rewards Program and our Special Offers)