Camera Movements and Supports

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Camera Movements and Supports. Camera Supports. Shoulder - The most basic support also the most flexible Monopod - A single pole on which you can mount the camera. Camera Supports. Tripod - A three-legged camera mount Includes legs, head, quick release plate, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Camera Movements and Supports

  • Camera MovementsandSupports

  • Camera SupportsShoulder- The most basic support also the most flexibleMonopod- A single pole on which you can mountthe camera

  • Camera SupportsTripod- A three-legged camera mountIncludes legs, head,quick release plate, pan and tilt arm

  • Camera SupportsPedestal- Heavy camera dolly that permits raising and lowering the camera while on air

  • Camera SupportsDolly- Camera support on wheels that enables the camera to move in all directions

  • Special Camera SupportsCar Mounts- A bracket made for the camera with suction cups attached that can be secured to a window or the side of a car

  • Camera SupportsSteadicam- A mount worn by the camera operator that uses various springs to absorb the wobbles and jitters while you move with a camera

  • Special Camera SupportsJib- Allows for all camera movements while camera is attached to a long arm

  • Camera SupportsRobotic Pedestal- A motor driven pedestal and mounting head that is guided bya computerized system

  • Camera MovementsTilt- The movement of the lens of the camera up and down

    Pan- The movement of the lens of the camera left to right

    Cant- Tilting the shoulder mounted camera sideways

  • Camera MovementsBoom- To move the entire camera up and down

    Dolly- Moving the camera toward or away from the scene on a mobile camera mount

    Truck or Track- Moving the camera left or right on a mobile camera mount

  • Camera MovementsArc- To move the camera on a dolly in a slightly curved movement

    Zoom- Changing the focal length of the lens through the use of camera zoom control