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    Frozen February

    The Snow Queen - B1 B2 Reading into Speaking

    Ask your students whether they knew that Disneys animation

    Frozen was loosely inspired on Hans Christian Andersens The

    Snow Queen. Then, read this beautiful tale of courage, friendship

    and love below.

    Once upon a time, an evil goblin lived in the mountains, far, far away. He built a magic mirror in

    which anything that was beautiful or good was reflected as ugly and bad. One day, the goblin got

    very angry and broke the mirror, making tiny pieces of it fall all over the earth. These pieces of

    mirror got into some peoples hearts and eyes, making them see only the ugly and bad in everyone

    and freezing their hearts to the point that they were no longer capable of loving each other.

    In a tiny village in the mountains there lived a little boy and girl, Kay and Gerda, who were best

    friends. They were inseparable, and played together every day. One day, two small pieces of the

    goblins mirror got into Kays heart and eyes, transforming him completely. He stopped playing with

    Gerda and made fun of her. This made Gerda very sad. She couldnt understand how someone who

    was once her best friend suddenly treated her like an enemy.

    One wonderful snowy day, Kay and his friends decided to go on a sledge ride in the nearby

    mountains. While they were playing, a huge sleigh appeared from behind them. A beautiful, tall

    woman with curly pale blonde hair cascading down her back sat comfortably in the sleigh. She was

    wearing a long silver gown that was sparkling like a diamond and a snowy white fur coat. Kay eyed

    her with astonishment. She turned to him, saying, I am the Snow Queen and I am taking you to my


    Back in the village, Kays family started to get worried, as he had been missing all day and all night.

    Gerda decided to go looking for her dearest friend and so, she set off by herself into the wintery

    mountains. After having walked many hours in the heavy snow, Gerda reached a forest. There, a

    reindeer approached her, saying that he could take her to the Snow Queens Palace. You should be

    careful though, because if she kisses you, your heart will freeze. This is what has happened to Kay,

    said the reindeer. Gerda was so wanted to find Kay so much that she decided to take that risk. When

    she reached the frozen Palace, she found that the icy door was locked shut. She pushed it as hard as

    she could, and the door opened slowly. She entered a huge hall entirely made of ice. The wide

    windows were decorated with sparkling snowflakes. In the middle of the hall lay Kay. His eyes were

    closed. Behind him, the Snow Queen was sitting on a shining diamond throne.

    Gerda ran up to Kay and hugged him. The boys face was freezing cold. Ignoring the Snow Queens

    evil laugh, Gerda kissed the boys icy cheeks, tears falling down her face. One of her hot tears

    dropped onto his eyes, and another rolled down his chest and touched his heart. The boy opened his

    eyes and, for the first time in many weeks, he smiled at his best friend. The Snow Queen screamed

    with anger, as she disappeared and her Kingdom melted away.

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    Now test your vocabulary by matching the picture with the correct word!










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    Match the following words from the story with its correct synonym:

    Evil Embrace To freeze Comprehend

    Understand Surprise Sparkling To make cold

    Astonishment Bad To hug Shining

    Read The Snow Queen again and decide which sentence is TRUE or FALSE:

    1. The goblin lived near the beach. T F

    2. The magical mirror reflected all bad things as good. T F

    3. Kay and Gerda were close friends. T F

    4. Gerda met a bear in the forest, who told her where Kay was. T F

    5. The Snow Queens throne was made of diamonds. T F

    6. Gerdas tears broke the evil spell cast upon Kay. T F

    Did you know?

    1. The author of The Snow Queen was the Danish writer, Hans Christian Andersen.

    2. Hans Christian Andersens fairy tales include famous stories such as: The Little

    Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, The Emperors New Clothes, Thumbelina and many


    3. Andersens fairy tales have been translated into over 125 languages!

    4. International Childrens Book Day (on the 2nd of April) is in fact Hans Christian

    Andersens birthday!

    5. Hans Christian Andersen travelled to England and met the famous English writer,

    Charles Dickens, at a party.

    Irregular verbs read the fairy tale one more time and underline the verbs. Which ones are


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    Answer the following questions as a written exercise or a speaking activity:

    1. What did the broken pieces of magical mirror do to people it touched?

    2. Why did Kay stop being Gerdas friend?

    3. What was the Snow Queen wearing?

    4. How did Gerda find Kay?

    5. What was the Snow Queens Palace made of? Try to describe it in as much detail as


    6. Why do you think Gerdas tears broke the spell cast on Kay?

    Will you be my Valentine? A1 A2 Writing

    Write the names of your students on small pieces of paper, fold them, place them in a large

    hat or plastic container, and ask your pupils to pick one piece of paper each. The person

    whose name they take out of the hat/container will be their Valentine. Remind them that

    they should keep the identity of their Valentine a secret! Then, ask them to create a

    Valentines day card. However, instead of the content being a love letter, ask them to write

    why they like this person by describing their best qualities, their personality and their

    appearance in as much detail as they can, e.g. You are good at maths, and you wear a nice

    hat, you walk to school with a smile on your face. Your hair is long and brown, you live in

    Segovia town, Im so happy that you are my friend. From: Toby. The text doesnt have to be

    a poem, but if they can find rhymes for some of the words, this would make the game even

    more entertaining! When your students have finished and signed their Valentines Day

    cards, collect them all and together, try guessing who each card was written for.

    Historical figures in love! B2 C1 Reading into Speaking

    Here is a selection of love letters written by authors and important political figures from the


    Read and discuss the ones you like most in the classroom. What do your students think?

    Are they funny, romantic, pathetic, sad?

    How has love changed over the years?

    Do people still write love letters?

    How has the internet and instant communication changed our love lives?

    Which letter is their favourite and why?

    Which words are dated and arent used anymore?

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    Your song

    A2 B1 Listening It's a little bit ______________________

    This ______________________ inside

    I'm not one of those

    Who can easily hide

    I don't have much __________________

    But boy if I did

    I'd buy a big __________________ where

    We both could live

    If I was a ___________, but then again, no

    Or a man who makes

    __________________ in a travelling show

    I know it's not much

    But it's the best I can do

    My gift is my ______________________

    And this one's for you

    And you can tell everybody

    This is your song

    It may be quite ___________________

    But now that it's done

    I hope you don't mind

    I hope you don't mind

    That I put down in words

    How _______________________ life is

    While you're in the world

    I sat on the ______________________

    And kicked off the __________________

    Well a few of the verses

    Well they've got me quite _____________

    But the sun's been quite kin

    While I wrote this song

    It's for people like you that

    Keep it turned on

    So excuse me forgetting

    But these things I do

    You see I've forgotten

    If they're _______________

    Or they're ______________________

    Anyway the thing is what I really mean

    Yours are the ___________________ eyes

    I've ever seen

    And you can tell _____________________

    This is your song

    It may be quite simple

    But now that it's done

    I hope you don't mind

    I hope you don't mind that

    I put down in words

    How wonderful life is

    While you're in the ______________ (x 2)

    Translate the words in BOLD into your language to help with comprehension: Hide




    1. Ask your students to listen to the song. Have them guess (without the word bank on page 6) what they think goes in each gap.

    2. Play the song again. This time, allow

    your students to use the word bank on

    page 6 to help them guess.

    3. Listen one more time. Did your

    students guess correctly?

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    Is Music indescribably beautiful? - Speaking and Vocabulary - B2

    1. Read the adjectives below with your students. First, ask them what they think each word

    means and have them give you examples of songs that illustrate the adjectives. If they cant

    think of an appropriate song, ask them to explain the meaning of the word with a dance, or

    with a particular body gesture.

    Breathtaking Dynamic Catchy Funky Classic Flawless

    Instrumental Invigorating Rhythmic Harmonic Ambitious Thrilling

    Vocal Calm

    World Blue

    Moss Cross

    Sculptor Funny

    Potions Simple

    Wonderful Roof

    Money Feeling

    Green House

    Song Sweetest

    Word bank

  • 7

    2. Then, play the following songs. Ask your students to match the adjectives with the song

    they think that adjective describes best. They can use various adjectives from the list to

    describe the songs:

    Funky Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the waves :

    Catchy Eine kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart:

    Invigorating Get up offa that thing by James Brown:

    Instrumental Beat it by Michael Jackson

    Calm Shake it off by Taylor Swift:

    Ambitious Have you ever loved a woman? by Bryan Adams

    Rhythmic Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen by J.S. Bach

    Please note: This is a fun and casual exercise that doesnt necessarily have correct

    answers. The aim of the exercise is for your students to exchange different opinions and

    learn musical vocabulary. However, we can suggest the following possibilities:

    1. Funky Get up offa that thing by James Brown

    2. Catchy Shake it off by Taylor Swift, Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the


    3. Invigorating Walking on Sunshine, Shake it off

    4. Instrumental Eine kleine Natchmusik by Mozart

    5. Calm Have you ever loved a woman? by Bryan Adams

    6. Ambitious Jauchzet Gott in allen Landen, by J.S. Bach

    7. Rhythmic Beat it by Michael Jackson

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    Bingo! A1 Listening and Speaking

    This is a fun way of practising new vocabulary with beginners. Look at the BINGO! printables

    below (if you need more combinations, feel free to produce your own tables). Do your

    students know all the words? If not, introduce the vocabulary to them first and then,

    practice with them in this fun and interactive way! Every time your students cover one of

    the pictures, ask them to create a sentence using that word, e.g. you wear a scarf in the

    winter; you wear sandals in the summer; these socks are red; etc.

    Table 1

    Table 2

  • 9

    Table 3

    Table 4

    Go to for blackout BINGO! rules.

    Remember! Make sure you have six small pieces of paper for each student so that they can cover the correct

    picture when you read out the words.