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  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    SM8E52Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Triggerbot/Auto aim Campagin v2 CCP [STRiiK3R]206FA698 00008010047484C0 010000000474845C 01010000E0000000 80008000206FA698 00008000047484C0 000000000474845C 00000000202023C8 000000800474845C 01010000E0000000 80008000206FA698 00000010047484C0 010000000474845C 01010000E0000000 80008000206FA698 00000000047484C0 000000000474845C 00000000202023C8 000000800474845C 01010000E0000000 80008000

    *if you are looking at an enemy you automatically aims down sight and shoots!*Flawless

    Triggerbot Campaign [STRiiK3R]206FA698 00008010047484C0 01000000E0000000 80008000206FA698 00008000047484C0 00000000E0000000 80008000206FA698 00000010047484C0 01000000E0000000 80008000

    206FA698 00000000047484C0 00000000E0000000 80008000*if you are looking at the enemy it automatically shoots!

    Auto aim Campaign CCP [STRiiK3R]206FA698 000080100474845C 01010000E0000000 80008000206FA698 000080000474845C 00000000202023C8 000000800474845C 01010000

    E0000000 80008000206FA698 000000100474845C 01010000E0000000 80008000206FA698 000000000474845C 00000000202023C8 000000800474845C 01010000E0000000 80008000*if you are looking at the enemy it automaticaly Aims Down Sight!

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    Inf HP Campaign [STRiiK3R]C0000000 000000033D40811F 614A92E03D600000 616B0064916A0000 4E800020*Works on all levels, no red screen!

    Drop-shot Campaign [STRiiK3R]207484C0 01000000047B5670 0000000BE0000000 80008000*if you shoot you drop to the floor!

    Shoot if aiming down sight [STRiiK3R]20796998 01000000047968A8 01000000E0000000 8000800020796998 00000000047968A8 00000000E0000000 80008000

    Rapid Fire Non Host [STRiiK3R]04E8833C 00000000

    *Don't take credit from this code, seth.

    Alternate Shoot Button Non Host WiiMote [STRiiK3R]2820236A XXXXXXXX04796898 00000000E0000000 80008000* X's = Desired button

    Alternate Shoot Button Non Host CCP [STRiiK3R]282028F0 XXXXXXXX04796898 00000000E0000000 80008000* X's = Desired button

    Make Guns Semi Auto Non Host [STRiiK3R]047968A8 00000000*Any Weapon is now Semi auto

    Fake Shoot Non Host [STRiiK3R]048A1E3C 00000000*Use best with single fire weapons.*Hold shoot and gun does the shooting animation even if the clip is empty

    Wierd Swap Weapons Non Host [STRiiK3R]04BC127C 00000000*When changing weapons the gun does wierd stuff

    Dancing Words in Menu [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAA8000008 00000005046F0510 40152BE4CC000000 00000000046F0510 4A152BE4CC000000 00000000046F0510 46000000E0000000 80008000

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    *demo video-

    Binoculars (Toggle) [[email protected]]2820236A FDFF0200046F06B0 3EF00000CC000000 00000000046F06B0 3F800000E0000000 80008000*press 1 to enable*demo video-

    Tilted Letters [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA006F0510 00000000E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    3D Letters [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA046F0510 40152BE4E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Black Out Menu [[email protected]]

    201D2644 FFFFFFFA046F06B4 2A000000E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Grey Creeping Cloud [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA006F069C 000000AAE0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Trippy [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA

    A8000008 00000001046F02A8 C0000000CC000000 00000000046F02A8 40000000E0000000 80008000*forgot what this does, i had it nicknamed 'trippy' in my text file so go figure*distorts screen

    Immediate ADS *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA026DC0A0 00000CCC046DC0A4 70000000E0000000 80008000

    *demo video-

    White Camo On ALL Weapons [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA0475A618 10101010E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Player Reflection On UAV Map [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    04A6881C 81130080E0000000 80008000*auto activated*demo video-

    Cool Class Name Toggler [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAA8000008 000000010084EC76 00000000CC000000 000000000084EC76 0000000FA8000008 000000010084EC78 00000000CC000000 000000000084EC78 0000000FA8000008 000000010084EC7A 00000000CC000000 000000000084EC7A 0000000FE0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Negative Timer Running *ALL PLAYERS* [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA

    0072AA5F 000000000072AA63 00000000E0000000 80008000*all players can see when host launchs this code*demo video-

    High Jumps (Host Only/All Players) [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA [[email protected]]046DBC54 40200000E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Map is Upside Down *ALL PLAYERS* [[email protected]]

    201D2644 FFFFFFFA006EBB00 000000AAE0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Control World Tilt With Wiimote [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA026EBB08 00003F80E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Body Goes Airbourne Upon Death [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA

    046EBC10 3A800000E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Disappear On UAV Map *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]026EFDC4 00004280*may make you invisible to UAV*demo video-

    Sky Mod aka "Wrath Of The Heavens" [[email protected]]

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    201D2644 FFFFFFFA026F03A8 00004080E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Trippy Sky Backround [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA026F03A8 00004280E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Sky Mod Cycler *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAA8000008 00000010026F03A8 0000C200CC000000 00000000026F03A8 00002200A8000008 00000010026F03A8 0000AA00CC000000 00000000026F03A8 00000000A8000008 00000010026F03A8 00008800CC000000 00000000

    026F03A8 00001820A8000008 00000010026F03A8 00000100CC000000 00000000026F03A8 00000001E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Depersonalization Mod (Small Map) *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA42000000 900000000442D314 40800000E0000000 80008000

    *demo video-

    Intoxicated Player *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]006EBC2C 000000C2*will make people be like... wtf?

    Run down time ( HOST CONTROLLED ) [[email protected]]2820236A XXXXXXXX049149BC 42800000E0000000 80008000X= Button Activator*demo video -

    Epic Visual Gun Mod *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA046F0294 32A00000E0000000 80008000*demo video -

    All Players + Guns Are Ninjas [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA006EFCCC 000000AA046EFCD4 AA000000 [[email protected]]

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    E0000000 80008000*demo video -

    Force Objects On Map Disappear [[email protected]]2820236A FDFF0200046F04A0 42000000046EF980 42000000046F04A0 42000000046F0148 42F80000E0000000 800080002820236A FEFF0100046F04A0 3F000000046EF980 3F000000046F04A0 3F000000046F0148 3F800000E0000000 80008000*press 1 to enable*press 2 to disable*demo video -

    Weapon Position [[email protected]]2820236A YYYYYYYY046EF484 XX000000E0000000 80008000

    *X Values:42 - Randomze45 - Gangster*demo video -

    Some Attachments Are Invisibile [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA04A691C8 030A0475E0000000 80008000*grenade launcher + more is invisible*demo video -

    Split Screen [[email protected]]

    201D2644 FFFFFFFA006F0314 00000019E0000000 80008000*demo video -

    Display ACOG Glass + Enemys [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA046F02B8 22000000E0000000 80008000*demo video -

    Ammo Bar Mod [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA

    04AC1490 CCC0000004AC14BC CCC0000004AC14E8 CCC0000004AC1514 CCC0000004AC1540 CCC00000E0000000 80008000*demo video -*Demo Picture-

    Gun Shoots Blast Waves [[email protected]]

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    201D2644 FFFFFFFAC0000000 000000063D808087 618C71383D604200 616B0000916C0000 3D80806E618CDF64 3D604200616B0000 916C00004E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000*auto activates*demo video-

    Walk Thru Walls *TOGGLE* (ALL PLAYERS) [[email protected]]2820236A EFEF10100498DDD4 42000000CC000000 000000000498DDD4 3F000000E0000000 80008000*press + and - to toggle on/off*demo video-

    Player Spectator Mode [[email protected]]2820236A EFFF100004BC1050 0000B900

    CC000000 0000000004BC1050 00001000E0000000 80008000*press - to toggle on/off*use the control pad to move*demo video-

    Owl Mode/360 Vision V2.0 [[email protected]]2820236A EFFF100004BC1050 0000A200CC000000 0000000004BC1050 00001000E0000000 80008000

    *press - to toggle on/off*use the control stick to look 360 degrees easily*demo video-

    Slow Motion Bullet Tracers [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 801430648A00043F 006EDF64E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Spiral Bullets [[email protected]]04877138 42000000

    *demo video-

    Stretch Me *ALL-PLAYERS* [[email protected]]2820236A FFEF001004730F04 421000000 [[email protected]]E0000000 80008000*Press + to stretch out all players (everyone can see)*demo video-

    No Friction [[email protected]]

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    006DBCA0 01000700

    Bullet Tracers *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 8098DE848A00043F 006DC9F0E0000000 80008000*auto activates*demo video -

    Color Storm *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000026DF488 00004140026DF4D8 00004140026DF520 00004140E0000000 80008000*home on wiimote*also bullet holes are painted and large, demo-*demo video -

    Alien Player Models [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA0498E3FC 00000000E0000000 80008000

    *auto activates*works non-host*demo video -

    SlenderMan [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAC0000000 000000043D808000 618C88D7818C0000 3D60806E616BCBAC 918B00004E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000*auto activates

    *demo video -

    Death Skull Icons Are Huge *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 8098DE888A00043F 006DC89C80000003 8098DE8C8A00043F 006DC8E8E0000000 80008000*auto activates*demo video -

    Epic Light Effects [[email protected]]

    201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 8098DE808A00043F 006DE9B0E0000000 80008000*auto activates*demo video -

    100ph Grenades (All Players Host Only) [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 8098E480

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    8A00043F 006E0724E0000000 80008000*auto activates*demo video -

    No Migrate Infinite Ammo v.10 [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000C0000000 000000063D6042C8 3D80806D398C7EDC 616B0000916C41A8 3D6042C83D80806D 398C6FEF616B0000 916C51414E800020 4E800020E0000000 800080002820236A 00004000C0000000 000000063D600000 3D80806D398C7EDC 616B0000916C41A8 3D6000003D80806D 398C6FEF616B0000 916C51414E800020 4E800020E0000000 80008000

    *must do as in video-*press HOME to activate*kill yourself by HOLDING A GRENADE*press C when your back alive and it will be infintie (you have to do this method after every death)

    Large Jumps While Walking (Only Host) [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 80BF97948A00043F 006DC188E0000000 80008000*demo video

    All Players FoV modifier [[email protected]]046EBBF0 XXXXXXXXX= FoV in float*demo video

    All Player Wall Hack [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA046DBC28 10000000046DBC24 10000000046DBC2C 10000000046DBC20 10000000E0000000 80008000*demo video

    Always Appear Talking On Mic [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA04A7D1FC 66A20000E0000000 80008000*works host+non-host*will make it seem you are always talking on the mic*demo picture -

    Time Stopper/Player Freezer(HOST+NON-HOST) [[email protected]]

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    2820236A 7FFF80000091CDC7 0000000ACC000000 000000000091CDC7 00000005E0000000 80008000*press home on the wiimote to turn time on/off*host only it freezes all players. (except you)*non-host, only to you it shows the players frozen, and you can explore withoutbeing shot

    Insane Name Cycler [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAA8000008 0000000180000003 8026317C8A00043F 00A07C0CA8000008 0000000180000003 802924808A00043F 00A07C0CA8000008 0000000180000003 8025B6C08A00043F 00A07C0CE0000000 80008000*demo pictures-*cycles random names

    *auto activates*again credits to whoever also found the 80A07C0C address

    Run While ADS *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]2820236A 00002800046DC084 11800000CC000000 00000000046DC084 3F800000E0000000 80008000*press Z and A to activate code (from then on you can run while in ADS)*press Z and A again to revert back to normal, non-ads mode

    Invisibility All Players [[email protected]]

    2820236A 7FFF800080000003 80C58B948A00043F 006ECBACE0000000 800080002820236A EFEF101080000003 80E8831C8A00043F 006ECBACE0000000 80008000*demo video-*HOME to make invisible*+ and - re appear

    Walk Under Map (ALL PLAYERS) [[email protected]]

    2820236A FFEF001080000003 803FF8D18A00043F 006E1B10E0000000 800080002820236A EFFF100080000003 80E8831C8A00043F 006E1B10E0000000 80008000*demo video-*press + to teleport all players under the map

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    *press - to make the ground solid (after death)

    Blind All Players UAV [[email protected]]28XXXXXX XXXXXXXX046DC380 42000000046EB3DC FFFFFFFAE0000000 80008000*demo video-*X= Button Activator

    Magazine Extender (No Reloads) *HOST-ONLY* [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000046DC130 42800000046DC178 42800000E0000000 800080002820236A EFEF1010046DC130 3F800000046DC178 3F800000E0000000 80008000*press HOME on the wiimote to extend clips,then reload and press + and - to return clips to regular state

    Change Players Name/Score To Something Random (Host Only/All Players) [[email protected]]

    201D2644 FFFFFFFA048444CC 0000000F04844568 0000000F04848630 0000000F04843908 0000000FE0000000 80008000*demo picture-*changes all players names to something random

    Lag Switch/ Slow Motion v1.1 [[email protected]]2820236A BFFF400004A07C70 0000000004A07C78 00000000

    04A08E6C 0000000004A09008 0000000004A09064 0000000004A0A1F4 0000000004A0A210 0000000004A0B598 0000000004A21100 0000000004A21F18 0000000004A21F90 0000000004A248A8 0000000004A259DC 0000000004A276E8 0000000004A2780C 00000000

    04A2961C 0000000004A2B42C 0000000004A2D23C 0000000004A2F04C 0000000004A30E5C 0000000004A32C6C 0000000004A34A7C 0000000004A3688C 0000000004A3869C 0000000004A3AB78 00000000

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    04A4278C 0000000004A42A78 0000000004A42B00 0000000004A42B88 0000000004A42C10 0000000004A42C88 0000000004A42C98 0000000004A42D20 0000000004A44578 0000000004A4463C 0000000004A44700 0000000004A447C4 0000000004A44888 0000000004A4494C 0000000004A44A10 0000000004A44AD4 0000000004A44B98 0000000004A44C5C 0000000004A44D20 0000000004A44DE4 00000000E0000000 80008000*demo video-*PRESS C on the WiiMote to begin lag/slow motion, then release to stop

    Prestiege/Mic Color Cycler [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAA8000008 00000010046EC720 00000000CC000000 00000000046EC720 3F800000A8000008 00000010046EC724 00000000CC000000 00000000046EC724 3F800000A8000008 00000010046EC728 00000000CC000000 00000000

    046EC728 3F800000E0000000 80008000*demo video -*only tested or earlier prestiges*no activator*all players can see*cycles through entire color spectrum

    Multiplayer Menu Theme: Black [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 801427778A00043F 006EB620E0000000 80008000

    *no activator

    Brightness Modifier [[email protected]]04A6AE64 0000000X*X= 1-F*the higher the number the brighter

    Moving Player Texture (Its Alive!) v.01 [[email protected]]208A2928 01000000A8000008 00000002

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    80000000 817AF86486010000 000C000C254ACE28 000F000F054ACE28 0000000FE2100000 80008000*demo video-* only tested for SAS models on seatown*only works for 1 match i will be updating the code

    Super Flying Code [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA48000000 802D505CDE000000 8000818014000774 42000000E0000000 80008000*demo video-*aim down the sites of your gun and walk forward to fly

    Shadow Map Texture [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA0577FEFC 00000000E0000000 80008000*demo video-*no activator

    Skipping [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA0514308C 427FFA00E0000000 80008000*demo video-*no activator

    Texture Hack (see video) [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA [[email protected]]049FE494 0000000A04A09024 0000000A04A427B4 0000000A

    04A593E4 0000000A04A5943C 0000000A04A59494 0000000A04A6862C 0000000A04A68DB8 0000000A04A6B930 0000000A04A6B990 0000000A04A6B9F0 0000000A04A6E6AC 0000000A04A783F8 0000000A04A783FC 0000000A04A78400 0000000A04A78404 0000000A

    04A78668 0000000A04A7866C 0000000A04A78670 0000000A04A78674 0000000A04AA7A48 0000000A04AA7AB0 0000000A04BC3808 0000000A04F0E1E0 0000000A04F0E3E4 0000000A04F4CAFC 0000000A

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    04F4CC6C 0000000AE0000000 80008000*demo video-*no activator

    View Last Place Of Death Host + Non-Host [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF800004BBE844 00000008CC000000 0000000004BBE844 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004BBE8D0 02000000CC000000 0000000004BBE8D0 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004BBE9DC 0000007FCC000000 0000000004BBE9DC 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004BC1044 00000008CC000000 00000000

    04BC1044 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004BC10D0 02000000CC000000 0000000004BC10D0 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004BC11DC 0000007FCC000000 0000000004BC11DC 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF8000

    04BDDD84 00000008CC000000 0000000004BDDD84 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004BDDE10 02000000CC000000 0000000004BDDE10 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004BDDF1C 0000007FCC000000 0000000004BDDF1C 00000000

    E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004BE0584 00000008CC000000 0000000004BE0584 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004BE0610 02000000CC000000 0000000004BE0610 00000000

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004BE071C 0000007FCC000000 0000000004BE071C 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004E88104 00000008CC000000 0000000004E88104 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004E88190 02000000CC000000 0000000004E88190 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004E8829C 0000007FCC000000 0000000004E8829C 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004E8A904 00000008CC000000 00000000

    04E8A904 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004E8A990 02000000CC000000 0000000004E8A990 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004E8AA9C 0000007FCC000000 0000000004E8AA9C 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF8000

    04EBD704 00000008CC000000 0000000004EBD704 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004EBD790 02000000CC000000 0000000004EBD790 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004EBD89C 0000007FCC000000 0000000004EBD89C 00000000

    E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF800004EF051C 00000001CC000000 0000000004EF051C 00000000E0000000 80008000*demo video-*PRESS HOME ON THE WIIMOTE TO TOGGLE ON/OFF

    Ejaculate On Recticle [[email protected]]

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    201D2644 FFFFFFFA04AC0ED0 3F800000E0000000 80008000*no activator needed

    All Smoke/Explosions are Pink *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA046DF4A4 00000000E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Never Phased/Blinded By Concussion Grenades *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA04BDDF04 0000000004BE0704 0000000004E88284 0000000004E8AA84 0000000004EBD884 0000000004EFC6EC 0000000004F86DC4 00000000E0000000 80008000*no button activator needed

    Rotational Vision (360 Degrees) *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]

    2820236A 7FFF800004E8A888 FFC0FC0FCC000000 0000000004E8A888 3F800000E0000000 80008000*demo video-*press HOME on wiimote to toggle on/off*when you shoot enemies with your head turned around, the person being shot willsee bullets come out of your back xD

    Bullet Hole Modifier *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA046EFD1C FF000000

    046F03D0 FF000000E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Epic Map Texturization WiiMote *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF800004A70D88 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF8000 [[email protected]]04A58528 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF8000 [[email protected]]04A209F4 00000000

    E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF8000 [[email protected]]04A10ED8 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF8000 [[email protected]]04A0B3E8 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF8000 [[email protected]]04A01C90 00000000E0000000 80008000

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    2820236A 7FFF8000 [[email protected]]049FE6B0 00000000E0000000 80008000*VIDEO-*go into a match and press HOME on the wiimote 2 times*only tested for seatown map, works host + non-host

    Epic Map Texturization CCP *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]282028F0 0000000404A70D88 00000000E0000000 80008000282028F0 00000004 [[email protected]]04A58528 00000000E0000000 80008000282028F0 00000004 [[email protected]]04A209F4 00000000E0000000 80008000282028F0 00000004 [[email protected]]04A10ED8 00000000E0000000 80008000282028F0 00000004 [[email protected]]04A0B3E8 00000000E0000000 80008000282028F0 00000004 [[email protected]]

    04A01C90 00000000E0000000 80008000282028F0 00000004 [[email protected]]049FE6B0 00000000E0000000 80008000*VIDEO-*go into a match and press Zr on the CCP 2 times*only tested for seatown map, works host + non-host

    Change Name TO HOSTS [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 8083A67C8A00043F 00A07C0C

    E0000000 80008000201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 8083A6808A00043F 00A07C10E0000000 80008000201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 8083A6848A00043F 00A07C14E0000000 80008000201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 8083A6888A00043F 00A07C18E0000000 80008000

    *demo video-

    Display Ip Address in Name [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 80A4C9C08A00043F 00A07C0CE0000000 80008000201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 80A4C9C48A00043F 00A07C10

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    E0000000 80008000201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 80A4C9C88A00043F 00A07C14E0000000 80008000201D2644 FFFFFFFA80000003 80A4C9CC8A00043F 00A07C18E0000000 80008000201D2644 FFFFFFFA00A07C1C 0000000000A07C1D 00000000E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    Display Host Name v.1 [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA82100000 8083A67C84100000 933DA47EE0000000 80008000201D2644 FFFFFFFA82100001 8083A68084100001 933DA482E0000000 80008000

    201D2644 FFFFFFFA82100002 8083A68484100002 933DA486E0000000 80008000201D2644 FFFFFFFA82100003 8083A68884100003 933DA48AE0000000 80008000201D2644 FFFFFFFA42000000 92000000053DA48B 00000000E0000000 80008000*demo video-

    *host name replaces the name for custom class 2*host name is extremely scrambled (idk why but its still readable) but i will fix in the future

    Recoil+No Bullet Spray (Host Only) [[email protected]]2820236A 00000C00046DBCAC 00000000CC000000 00000000046DBCAC 43B40000E2100000 80008000*press A + B to activate and then again to deactivate*very laggy in public, but works*the no bullet spray works when you are aimed down sights

    Speed Run (HOST ONLY) [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF800080000003 801430688A00043F 006DBCA0E0000000 80008000*non-host its just a visual but is still kind of cool*start running to start clipping! stop running to stop*kind of like the ultimate speed hack but faster

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    Piss Off Code [[email protected]]046DBCA8 3BEA0899

    All Players Have Big Guns (Toggle) *NON-HOST* [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000047931CC 80000000CC000000 00000000047931CC 20000000E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF8000046EBC58 40000000CC000000 00000000046EBC58 C0D80C06E0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF8000046EBC48 40000000CC000000 00000000046EBC48 406CCCCDE0000000 800080002820236A 7FFF8000046EBC44 40000000CC000000 00000000046EBC44 40400000E0000000 80008000

    2820236A 7FFF8000046EBC60 40000000CC000000 00000000046EBC60 40C00804E0000000 80008000*demo video-*press HOME on the wiimote to toggle big guns on/off*other players can see you with big guns and your fucked up body when you die with a grenade

    Spec Ops 360 Degree Rotational Vision [[email protected]]48000000 80246FCCDE000000 80008180

    14007D6C FFC0FFFFE0000000 80008000*able to turn 360 Degrees (like a owl) and still kill enemys

    Spec Ops Enemy Tracker [[email protected]]057B90AC FF000000*makes it easier to read location of enemys

    Ultimate Sexy Graphics [[email protected]]48000000 80A688D0DE000000 8000818014000118 64000000E0000000 80008000

    *increases shading so it resembles Xbox360 (sort of :-p)*preview -

    Ultimate Speed Hack (Host Only) [[email protected]]046DBC58 40000000*demo video

    Teleport Upon Jump (Host Only) [[email protected]]046DB88C 42800000*demo video

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    Green Square On Inactivity [[email protected]]046DC5B8 FFFFFFFF*https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc3f034ae.png

    Backwards Vision [[email protected]]2820236A 00008000046EBC38 3F800000 [[email protected]]CC000000 00000000046EBC38 3D800000E0000000 80008000*press HOME on wiimote to toggle*also shows what enemys are behind you*https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc3f8cb0f.png*https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc40150c9.png

    Blank UAV Map [[email protected]]046DC380 42000000

    Have X Amount Of Overall Score [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA049EC978 XXXXXXXX049EC924 XXXXXXXX049E9070 XXXXXXXX

    049E901C XXXXXXXX42000000 9000000005824A94 XXXXXXXXE0000000 80008000*X=amount of score desired in hex*no need for button activator*

    Allow Explicit Name Online [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFA06A07C0D 00000017XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX

    XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX*demo video*code activates by itself*X= Explicit Name Desired In Hexadecimal**the best part about this code is its temporary, so if you were to remove the code from your gct file that changes your name, your name will go back to the original profile name you had before the code!!!

    HIDDEN GAMETYPE {INFECTION} (HOST ONLY) [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000C0000000 000000043D60000E 3D8080FD3D8CFFA2 398C62BB

    616B0000 916C37014E800020 4E800020E0000000 80008000*demo video*go into a private match and JUST choose your map, then press the home button onthe wiimote and start the game! have lulz

    HIDDEN GAMETYPE {GUN GAME} (HOST ONLY) [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000C0000000 00000004

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    3D60000D 3D8080FD3D8CFFA2 398C62BB616B0000 916C37014E800020 4E800020E0000000 80008000*demo video*go into a private match and JUST choose your map, then press the home button onthe wiimote and start the game! have lulz

    Map Texture Viewer [[email protected]]28XXXXXX XXXXXXXX4A000000 8112FE0016000000 0000000C00000000 3F80000000000000 00000000CC000000 000000004A000000 8112FE0016000000 0000000C01000000 3F80000000000000 00000000E0000000 80008000*28XXXXXX XXXXXXXX = BUTTON ACTIVATOR*this is a toggle code so when you replace it with button activator, when you press it again it will go back to regular view

    Game Speed Modifier [[email protected]]051267EC XXXXXXXX*X=Floating Point*convert desired value from decimal to float

    Show Connection Ping [[email protected]]05141874 0100000005141834 01000000*shows if your connections good or not

    Make YOUR Name Invisible In Lobby's [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000

    C0000000 000000043D600000 3D8080BA3D8CFFE6 398C470F616B0000 916C34FD4E800020 4E800020E0000000 80008000*kind of lolish*only temporary though

    Third Person View (Toggle) [[email protected]]2820236A 00008000C313E2F8 0000000100000001 00000000

    CC000000 00000000C313E2F8 0000000100000000 00000000E0000000 80008000*press home on the wiimote to toggle*remove the top line if you wish to change activator

    Unlock All Callsigns [[email protected]]42000000 92000000093DADF8 07070707

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    20090004 00000000053DADF4 04040707053DAE1C 07070909E0000000 80008000

    Allow 15 Players In Lobby (Host Only) [[email protected]]04A20D4F 0000000F*if you want more than less than 15 change 0F to whatever your desire is in hexadecimal

    Enlarge MiniMap [[email protected]]0513FA58 3F99999A

    No Clip Host Only Multiplayer [[email protected]]28XXXXXX XXXXXXXXC0000000 000000043D600000 3D80808A398C3641 616B0001916C101F 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 000000043D808113 618CC9783D600000 616B0000916C0000 4E800020

    4E800020 00000000C0000000 000000043D808113 618C3A083D600000 616B0000916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000CC000000 00000001C0000000 000000043D600000 3D80808A398C3641 616B0000916C101F 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 00000004

    3D808113 618CC9783D600100 616B0000916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 000000043D808113 618C3A083D600100 616B0000916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 00000000*working after patch*28XXXXXX XXXXXXXX = replace with custom button activator, then use that buttonto toggle it on/off

    *also gives god mode

    Give 999 Kills (HOST ONLY) [[email protected]]C0000000 000000063D600000 4800000838030000 380303E73D80808A 398C258748000004 7C1E0000616B03E7 916C1E114E800020 4E800020

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    E0000000 80008000*press activator to gain 999 Kills*Demo video soon

    Team Deathmatch: Have 9999 Score [[email protected]]C0000000 000000063D600000 3D80808A4800000C 380000003800270F 7C0802A6398C2588 616B270F916C1E08 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000*Host Only

    Never Obtain Deaths [[email protected]]C0000000 000000073D600000 4800000C7C03002E 7F20D2147C1A002E 3D80808A48000004 3B9C0000398C1899 616B0000916C2AFB 4E8000204E800020 00000000

    E0000000 80008000*HOST ONLY*Add Onine Activator to the code so it will always remain constant

    Infinite Clips Of Ammo Host Only [[email protected]]C0000000 000000043D601337 3D80808A398C1337 616B1337916C0C6D 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 000000043D601337 3D80808A398C1337 616B1337

    916C0C5D 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000

    Give Gold Camo To Weapon [[email protected]]28XXXXXX XXXXXXXX04F00757 928CF00DC0000000 000000043D600000 3D808100398C4BCE 616B000D916C185E 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000

    *add button activator

    Give N23 Designator (Host Only) [[email protected]]C0000000 000000043D600000 3D80808A398C0755 616B003E916C1723 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000*hidden weapon only viewable on Seatown map

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    *add activator*demo video

    Give Bomb Weapon (Host Only) [[email protected]]C0000000 000000043D600000 3D80808A398C0755 616B0050916C1723 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000*funny for other players to see*dont use with code above this*add activator*demo video

    Give Laptop Weapon (Host Only) [[email protected]]C0000000 000000043D600000 3D80808A398C0755 616B005E916C1723 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000*funny for other players to see*dont use with code above this

    *add activator*demo video

    Rapid Fire HOST ONLY [[email protected]]C0000000 000000043D600000 3D8080E8398C24DD 616B0000916C5E5F 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000*code only works for host player,testing and working oly for host

    Allow Chat With Enemy Players [[email protected]]

    C0000000 000000043D600000 3D808113398C26BC 616B0000916C156C 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000

    Always Invisible Host Only [[email protected]]28XXXXXX XXXXXXXXC0000000 000000043D600000 3D80814B398C7AAA 616B0000916C5E7E 4E800020

    4E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000*MUST, I REPEAT, MUST ADD CUSTOM BUTTON ACTIVATOR*28XXXXXX XXXXXXXX= replace this line with button activator*demo video

    God Mode (Infinite Health) HOST ONLY [[email protected]]054BD95C 7FFFFFFFC0000000 000000043D600000 3D80814B

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    398C7CF0 616B1001916C5C54 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000*add button activator*credits to bully

    No Recoil (Multiplayer) [[email protected]]C0000000 000000043D600000 3D8080BC398C28A0 616B0000916C1084 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 000000043D8080BC 618C39283D600000 616B0000916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 000000043D8080BC 618C392C3D600000 616B0000916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000

    *add custom button activator*works after update*credits to bully

    Infinite Ammo Host Only Multiplayer [[email protected]]C0000000 000000043D80808A 618C1FA43D600000 616B270F916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 000000043D80808A 618C1F943D600000 616B270F

    916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 000000043D80808A 618C20303D600000 616B270F916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 000000043D80808A 618C20183D600000 616B270F916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 00000004

    3D80808A 618C200C3D600000 616B270F916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 000000043D80808A 618C20243D600000 616B270F916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    *add custom button activator*works after update

    Give Default Weapon (1 hit kills) Campaign [[email protected]]F6000001 8000810090830060 7C050214D2000030 0000000281230000 3D808000912C1600 00000000E0000000 8000800028001602 7FFF8000C0000000 000000043D600000 3D80807B398C2AA1 616B0001916C2EAF 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 000000043D600000 3D80807B398C4A27 616B0001916C0D55 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000*press HOME on the wiimote to activate*ONLY for wiimote (creds to bully for button activator)

    Campaign Increased Jump Height [[email protected]]C0000000 000000043D600000 3D8080B4398C3A1C 616B4316916C4F40 4E8000204E800020 00000000C0000000 000000043D600000 3D8080B4398C0AAA 616B437A916C7A72 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000

    Infinite Health Campaign [[email protected]]C0000000 000000043D606A6A 3D8080B3398C7999 616B6A6A916C54C3 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000

    Campaign Super Speed [[email protected]]C0000000 000000043D600000 3D8080B4398C4ACB 616B028C

    916C5AFD 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000

    Infinite Clips Of Ammo Campaign [[email protected]]C0000000 000000043D80807B 618C58B83D600000 616B03E7916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    C0000000 000000043D80807B 618C58A03D600000 616B03E7916C0000 4E8000204E800020 00000000E0000000 80008000

    Infinite ammo XM25 (Campaign) [[email protected]]047B593C DEAD0000

    Infinite ammo XM25 (Campaign) [[email protected]]047B593C DEAD0000

    Epileptic Sky Cycler [T.B.W]A8000008 00000000046F02A8 01000000E0000000 80008000A8000008 00000001046F02A8 01000000E0000000 80008000A8000008 00000002046F0238 01000000E0000000 80008000A8000008 00000003

    046F0238 01000000E0000000 80008000A8000008 00000004046F03A8 01000000E0000000 80008000A8000008 00000005046F03A8 01000000E0000000 80008000

    Bright Screen [T.B.W]201D2644 FFFFFFFA046F02A8 01000000E0000000 80008000


    Night Sky [T.B.W]201D2644 FFFFFFFA046F0238 01000000E0000000 80008000https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc4492d32.png

    Grey Sky [T.B.W]201D2644 FFFFFFFA046F03A8 01000000E0000000 80008000https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc45ad8cc.png

    Grey Sky+Invisible Screen [T.B.W]201D2644 FFFFFFFA046F0310 01000000E0000000 80008000https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc469686b.png

    Bloody red screen [T.B.W]201D2644 FFFFFFFA04BC11E0 11111111

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    E0000000 80008000https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc47cb71d.png

    Shaky Screen [T.B.W]201D2644 FFFFFFFA04BC10A4 01000000E0000000 80008000

    Invisible Ammo [T.B.W]201D2644 FFFFFFFA088A1E70 0000000020030004 00000000E0000000 80008000https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc489910b.png

    Clear Text Messages [T.B.W]2820236A 0000XXXX08A4C0EC 0000000020090008 00000000E0000000 80008000Add Activator

    See through Everything [T.B.W]201D2644 FFFFFFFA

    048A1C14 99999999E0000000 80008000https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc4966535.png

    Spectating Screen [T.B.W]201D2644 FFFFFFFA048A1C10 FFFFFFFFE0000000 80008000https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc4a2b2b7.png

    Loading Spoofer [T.B.W]2817E372 00000001081441C0 01000000

    20001004 01000000E0000000 80008000https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc4ae8006.png

    Display Router Ip Address as Name [T.B.W]2820236A 0000XXXX80000003 80181E888A00043F 00A07C0C80000003 80181E8C8A00043F 00A07C1080000003 80181E908A00043F 00A07C1480000003 80181E94

    8A00043F 00A07C18E0000000 80008000Add Activatorhttps://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc4b9ec67.png

    Display your xuid as name [T.B.W]2820236A 0000XXXX80000003 80A07C388A00043F 00A07C0C80000003 80A07C3C

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    8A00043F 00A07C1080000003 80A07C408A00043F 00A07C1480000003 80A07C448A00043F 00A07C18E0000000 80008000Add Activatorhttps://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc4ca4006.png

    Private Match -Infected- Edits (only use one at a time)

    Infected Gametype Edit 1 [Welohabi]C0000000 0000000A3D80808A 396000002C0B000A 41820040814C4464 2C0A000140820028 3920000081AC1F94 2C0D00504180000C 912C1F94912C200C 912C1F94912C1F9F 912C2018398C2D80 396B00014BFFFFC0 4E800020*Infected have no ammo, only 1 throwing knife per spawn*

    Infected Gametype Edit 2 [Welohabi]C0000000 000000083D80808A 396000002C0B000A 41820030814C4464 2C0A000140820018 3920000039C00003 91CC200C912C1F9F 912C2018398C2D80 396B00014BFFFFD0 4E800020*First person infected has inf ammo on primary (none other ammo) untill they kill/infect another person*

    *Then all infected have 0 ammo and unlimited throwing knives*

    Infected Gametype Edit 3 [Welohabi]C0000000 000000093D80808A 396000002C0B000A 41820038814C4464 2C0A000140820020 392000003DC04000 91CC4448912C1F94 912C200C912C1F9F 912C2018398C2D80 396B00014BFFFFC8 4E800020

    *Infected Have No Ammo of any kind, but they are super fast**Edit the "4000" value of the line "3DC04000" to edit the speed of the infected*

    Infected Gametype Edit 4 [Welohabi]C0000000 000000083D80808A 396000002C0B000A 41820030814C4464 2C0A000140820018 39200000912C1F94 912C200C

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    912C1F9F 912C2018398C2D80 396B00014BFFFFD0 4E800020*Infected have no Ammo at all*

    Infected Gametype Edit 5 [Welohabi]C0000000 0000000B3D80808A 396000002C0B000A 41820048814C4464 2C0A000140820018 39200000912C1F94 912C200C912C1F9F 912C201881CC1F9C 2C0E003C4180000C 39C0000791CC1F9C 39080280398C2D80 396B00014BFFFFB8 4E800020*Infected Have No Ammo at all, Survivors only start with 16 rounds.**Change the "8" in the "39C00008" line to customize starting ammo, must be lessthan 60*

    Infected Gametype Edit 6 [Welohabi]C0000000 0000000B

    3D80808A 396000002C0B000A 41820044814C4464 2C0A00014082002C 3920000081AC1F94 2C0D005041800010 3900000A912C1F94 910C200C912C1F94 912C1F9F912C2018 398C2D80396B0001 4BFFFFBC4E800020 00000000*First infected has 10 bullets each spawn untill he kills/infects someone**Then infected have no ammo and 1 knife per spawn*

    High Jumps (Host Only/All Players)

    Texture Hack (see video)

    Automatic Guns are Semi-Auto [sLoddir]C0000000 000000033D408074 614A84C03D600000 616B0000916A0000 4E800020E0000000 80008000*Campaign only

    *press 2 to disable

    *demo video -

    *demo video -


  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    The Troll Code [PoptartHunter]2820236A 00008000041FDA20 00000000E0000000 80008000*Press home on wiimote to activate trollage

    Disable AI Spawning (Spec Ops) [PoptartHunter]2820236A 0000800004C14044 01000000CC000000 0000000004C14044 00000000E0000000 80008000*Home = on/off

    Special Ops Wallhack [PoptartHunter]2820236A 0000600004C006D4 01000000CC000000 0000000004C006D4 00000000E0000000 80008000*Z and C to toggle on/off

    Items Have Low Friction (Spec Ops) [PoptartHunter]04C0939C 3C23D70A

    Cartoon Vision (Spec Ops) [PoptartHunter]04C00608 00000001

    Christmas Vision (Spec Ops) [PoptartHunter]04C00828 0000000204C008F4 00000001

    Care Packages Fall Slowly (Spec Ops) [PoptartHunter]04C08CF8 BF800000

    Set message of the day (Spec Ops)

    48000000 80C068D8 [PoptartHunter]16000000 00000018XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX [PoptartHunter]E0000000 80008000

    Draw FPS (Spec Ops) [PoptartHunter]04C040BC 01000000

    G_speed (Spec Ops)04C1340C XXXXXXXXX*X's = float to hex

    No wait between invites spec ops [PoptartHunter]04C047A4 00000000

    In Game Activator [PoptartHunter]208A2928 01000000*activates the code when you go into a match

    Glass Falls Slowly [PoptartHunter]05132A18 3DCCCCCD

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    Mute Everyone In Your Lobby [PoptartHunter]2820236A 0000030008A20D84 0100000020090038 00000000CC000000 0000000008A20D84 0000000020090038 00000000E0000000 80008000*Press 1 & 2 to mute everyone/unmute everyone

    All Allies In X Game Mode [PoptartHunter]2820236A 0000800008A3EFD0 000X000020630090 00000000E0000000 80008000*1 = Multiplayer*2 = Spec Ops*3 = Single Player

    Show Primary Weapon Value [PoptartHunter]C0000000 000000063D608020 616B2368280B8000 41820004

    3D40808A 614A1E783D20808A 61294394810A0000 910900004E800020 4E800020E0000000 80008000*Press home on wiimote in a private match*Your primary weapon value will be written to your deaths on the ingame scoreboard*Convert that value to hex and it will be the value of your primary weapon

    Keyboards Shortcuts (CCP) [PoptartHunter]202023C8 000004000494C4E3 00000001 [PoptartHunter]

    CC000000 000000000494C4E3 00000000E0000000 80008000202023C8 000000040494BF13 00000001CC000000 000000000494BF13 00000001E0000000 80008000*Press + to turn caps lock on/off*Press Zr to shift

    Keyboard Shortcuts (Wiimote) [PoptartHunter]2820236A 00000010

    0494C4E3 00000001 [PoptartHunter]CC000000 000000000494C4E3 00000000E0000000 800080002820236A 000020000494BF13 00000001CC000000 000000000494BF13 00000001E0000000 80008000*Press + on Wiimote to turn caps lock on/off

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    *Press Z on nunchuck to shift

    Choose 2 Attachments Without Attachments Profiency [PoptartHunter]2094C390 000000010494C390 00000003*Works for secondaries too

    All Allies Offline/Online [PoptartHunter]2820236A 0000800008A3EF50 0000000020630090 00000000CC000000 0000000008A3EF50 0100000020630090 00000000E0000000 80008000*Home on Wiimote

    Hold Grenades Forever [PoptartHunter]042FC7E4 60000000Host only

    Thermal Vision [PoptartHunter]C0000000 000000033D40808A 614A1C10

    3D600000 616B1018916A0000 4E800020E0000000 80008000*Host only*https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc4e8b452.jpg

    Inverted Vision [PoptartHunter]C0000000 000000033D4080A6 614AB81C3D600100 616B0000916A0000 4E800020E0000000 80008000*https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc4f2d16b.jpg

    Flashing Red Vision [PoptartHunter]2820236A 00008000C0000000 000000033D4080A6 614A862C3D600000 616B0004916A0000 4E800020C0000000 00000000C0000000 000000033D4080A6 614A862C3D600000 616B0009916A0000 4E800020E0000000 80008000

    *Home on wiimote on/off*https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc4feb74f.jpg

    Soft Glow Vision [PoptartHunter]C0000000 000000033D4080A6 614A862C3D600000 616B000A916A0000 4E800020E0000000 80008000*https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc5094783.jpg

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    Moon Jump Multiplayer (wiimote) [PoptartHunter]2820236A 00000008F6000001 808A808B815FD7C0 814BD7C014000060 4479C000E0000000 80008000

    Moon Jump Multiplayer (CCP) [PoptartHunter]282028F0 00000040F6000001 808A808B815FD7C0 814BD7C014000060 4479C000E0000000 80008000

    Moon Jump All Players [PoptartHunter]2820236A 0000XXXXF6000001 808A808B815FD7C0 814BD7C018000060 4479C00020092D80 00000000E0000000 80008000*Add your own button activator

    No Clip Lobby [PoptartHunter]2820236A 00008000F6000001 808A808B815FD7C0 814BD7C018002A90 0000000120092D80 00000000CC000000 0000000018002A90 0000000020092D80 00000000E0000000 80008000*Home on wiimote to turn on/off*Works for all players

    Start Match Early All Players [PoptartHunter]F6000001 808A808B815FD7C0 814BD7C018002A90 0000000020092D80 00000000E0000000 80008000*Needs Activator

    Teleport onto house in seatown [PoptartHunter]2820236A 00008000048A1C1C C34D8F57048A1C20 C331742A048A1C24 43DE1000

    E0000000 80008000*Home on wiimote activates.

    Reticle Style Changer [PoptartHunter]F6000001 810081308112A254 807408801400000C 0000000XE0000000 80008000*X = values 6-F

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    Reticle Style Cycler [PoptartHunter]A8000008 0000002080000000 8112C8E086010000 000000012512C8E0 0000000F0512C8E0 00000000E2100000 80008000

    Voice Activator [PoptartHunter]20A3EC50 F8600001-Code Here- [PoptartHunter]E0000000 80008000*when you talk through your mic, the code will activate.

    Knife Bot V1 [PoptartHunter]20EFB808 0000007C04796920 01000000E0000000 8000800022EFB808 0000012504796920 00000000E0000000 80008000*Kind of glitchy

    Hurdle Hint Text Modifier [PoptartHunter]


    Connection Notifier [Crashzer]20C9D448 0000020042000000 92000000

    0654CCBC 00000018436F6E6E 656374696F6E203D 205E314C6F770000 00000000E0000000 8000800020C9D448 0000060042000000 920000000654CCBC 00000018436F6E6E 656374696F6E203D 205E354D65646975 6D000000E0000000 8000800020C9D448 00000800

    42000000 920000000654CCBC 00000018436F6E6E 656374696F6E203D 205E324772656174 00000000E0000000 8000800042000000 90000000042FAFD8 00000018E0000000 8000800020C9D448 00001500

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    42000000 920000000654CCBC 00000018436F6E6E 656374696F6E203D 205E324772656174 00000000E0000000 8000800042000000 90000000042FAFD8 00000018E0000000 8000800020C9D448 0000030A42000000 920000000654CCBC 00000018436F6E6E 656374696F6E203D 205E354D65646975 6D000000E0000000 80008000*If your signal strength to IW is low, it will say "mpui_connection = low" on the in game options menu and etc...*This displays your connection status to IW servers. NOT your ping*https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc523ef14.png

    Foggy Map [Crashzer]04A6B6C8 41F99999*https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc531f920.png

    Blue Vision [Crashzer]04A6BDE0 8456121104A6BDE4 92819381*https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc53a1e39.png

    Extreme Grenade Cook [Crashzer]048A1C34 0000017F04E88134 0000017F*Throw a grenade and it'll expload almost instantly

    Hold Grenades Forever [Crashzer]048A1C34 00000000

    *Self explanatory

    Display Game Version (Ingame) [Crashzer]2820236A 000024000479AAF8 00000000CC000000 000000010479AAF8 0000000AE0000000 80008000*Press b+z (wiimote) to view your current version of mw3 (dont activate at menu,activate in game

    Title Changer [Crashzer]048438BC XXXXXXXX

    E0000000 80008000*This will change your Title*X = Your desired title number in hex*NOTE: You do NOT need to have the title unlocked to be able to set it on this code!

    Enable The Insane Bot [Crashzer]2820236A 00008000041FDAE4 00020100E0000000 80008000

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    2820236A 00001010041FDAE4 00000000E0000000 80008000*Press home to enable the most insane bot ever (It's funny).*Press Plus + minus then unplug the nunchuck to disable the bot.*Enable the bot ingame or at the menus.

    Title Flasher [Crashzer]048438BC 0000FFFF*Will make your title flash (blink) (CallSign)

    Extreme Grenade Cook [Crashzer]048A1C34 0000017F04E88134 0000017F*Throw a grenade and it'll expload almost instantly

    Hold Grenades Forever [Crashzer]048A1C34 00000000

    Scroll Fast [Crashzer]0479AAFC 0006900A0494C198 8131576804AC1FA8 9352F2C8*Scroll through leaderboards/menu fast

    Teleportal v1 [Crashzer]2820236A 0000800082210000 008A1C1C82210001 008A1C2082210002 008A1C24E0000000 800080002820236A 0000100084210000 008A1C1C84210001 008A1C2084210002 008A1C24E0000000 80008000When pressing Home you save your current location

    When pressing Minus you reload your saved location

    Teleportal Extended v1 [Crashzer]2820236A 0000800082210000 008A1C1C82210001 008A1C2082210002 008A1C24E0000000 800080002820236A 0000100084210000 008A1C1C84210001 008A1C2084210002 008A1C24E0000000 80008000

    2820236A 0000C00082210003 008A1C1C82210004 008A1C2082210005 008A1C24E0000000 800080002820236A 0000500084210003 008A1C1C84210004 008A1C2084210005 008A1C24E0000000 80008000

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    2820236A 0000A00082210006 008A1C1C82210007 008A1C2082210008 008A1C24E0000000 800080002820236A 0000300084210006 008A1C1C84210007 008A1C2084210008 008A1C24E0000000 80008000When pressing Home you save your current locationWhen pressing Minus you reload your saved locationWhen holding C or Z while pressing Home or Minus you create 2 more locations where you can save/load to teleport to.

    Extreme Silenced Weapon [Crashzer]04BC127C 00000FFF*Makes your gun completely silent when you shoot.

    Able to play when in options menu [Crashzer]0094BF07 00000000*Enables play when you have the menu open.

    Timer Is Red [Crashzer]

    F6000001 8000817F43C68000 0000000014000014 D96666FFE0000000 80008000*https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc54e5add.png

    Green Timer [Crashzer]F6000001 8000817F43C68000 0000000014000014 D96666FFE0000000 80008000

    Timer is Orange [Crashzer]

    F6000001 8000817F43C68000 0000000014000014 00770FFFE0000000 80008000

    No Timer [Crashzer]F6000001 8000817F43C68000 0000000014000014 D96666FFE0000000 80008000

    Purple Timer [Crashzer]F6000001 8000817F

    43C68000 0000000014000014 3F800000E0000000 80008000https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc558347a.png

    Blue Timer [Crashzer]F6000001 8000817F43C68000 0000000014000014 0077FFFFE0000000 80008000

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii



    Cyan Timer [Crashzer]F6000001 8000817F43C68000 0000000014000014 0077FFFFE0000000 80008000

    Yellow Timer [Crashzer]F6000001 8000817F43C68000 0000000014000014 FFF000FFE0000000 80008000

    White Timer (default) [Crashzer]F6000001 8000817F43C68000 0000000014000014 FFFFFFFFE0000000 80008000

    Dark Blue Timer [Crashzer]F6000001 8000817F43C68000 0000000014000014 000FFFFF

    E0000000 80008000

    Faided Timer [Crashzer]F6000001 8000817F43C68000 0000000014000014 0000000FE0000000 80008000https://reader008.{domain}/reader008/html5/0418/5ad6bc35a14a8/5ad6bc58c6f99.png

    Ammo Activator [Crashzer]208A2024 000000XX*XX = Bullets in mag to activate*Just shoot down to X bullets to activate code

    Shooting Activator [Crashzer]207968A8 01000000*Shoot to activate code

    Prone Activator [Crashzer]20BC38F8 00000002*Prone to activate code

    ADS activator [Crashzer]20796808 01010000*ADS to activate Code

    Drop Shot [Crashzer]207968A8 0100000004BC38F8 00000002E0000000 80008000*Shoot and drop to the floor

    "Please insert the Disc" Modifier [Crashzer]0614421C 00000018XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    E0000000 80008000*Use this code and eject the disc*X=Message in hex

    Infinite Ammo (Campaign) [Crashzer]047B591B 0000007F

    Infinite Grenades (Campaign) [Crashzer]047B5924 0000000A047B5930 000000A0

    Inf prestige tokens [Clay10]42000000 92000000053DBEC8 00000065E0000000 80008000

    Level 80 [Clay10]42000000 92000000053D9E5C 18A51A00E0000000 80008000

    Prestige changer [Clay10]42000000 92000000053DA06C 0X000000

    E0000000 80008000X = prestigeThanks to Demon, Q, and Koala for doing some searches when I couldn't

    Prestige cycler [Clay10]42000000 92000000A8000008 0000002080000000 933DA06C86010000 01000000253DA06C 0B000000053DA06C 00000000E2100000 80008000*do not use with prestige changer

    * X = Message in Hex

    Inf. ammo/clips(Multiplayer-Host Only) [ellijah!]088A1F94 6000000021000010 00000000*My old code afterpatched and put into 08 codetype.

    Take away all ammo(Multiplayer-Host only) [ellijah!]088A2009 0000000021000018 00000000*Remade in 08 codetype due to ASM not working for MW3 anymore.

    Armor Modifier Spec Ops(Resistance) [Coldfire202]2820236A 0000YYYY04C9E6B0 XXXXXXXXE0000000 80008000*x's are how much armor in hex*y=activator

    Spec Ops XP Modifier(Resistance) [Coldfire202]2820236A 0000YYYY04CF3F30 XXXXXXXX

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    E0000000 80008000*replace x's with how much XP you want in hex*if number is to high, like 9999999999, you will actually be deranked*once in game, kill once and you are good*die to save*y=activator

    Spec Ops level 50(Resistance) [Coldfire202]2820236A 0000YYYY04CF3F30 05F5E0FFE0000000 80008000*kill once*die to save*if you don't want to die, you can keep killing. It's not gonna derank you if you do*y=activator

    Spec Ops Round Modifier(Resistance) [Coldfire202]2820236A 0000801004CFC580 XXXXXXXXE0000000 80008000*round you want in hex for the x's*activate with home and +

    Max Players in Lobby [Crazy52]04A17D4C 0000000X

    Reticle Style Cycler [BoxNinja]A8000008 0000003080000000 8112CFE086010000 000000012512CFE0 000000060512CFE0 00000000E2100000 80008000*Might need an activtor

    Reticle Color Cycler (Inner) [BoxNinja]

    A8000008 0000002580000000 8112D02486010000 000000012512D024 000000090512D024 00000000E2000001 00000000*Might need an activator

    Reticle Color Cylcer (Outer) [BoxNinja]A8000008 0000002580000000 8112D06886010000 000000012512D068 00000009

    0512D068 00000000E2000001 00000000*Might need an activator

    Host Only Moon Jump [BoxNinja]281FD220 FFF700080489B3B0 44000000E0000000 80008000

    Spec Ops Moon Jump [BoxNinja]

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    2820236A FFF700080482C8D0 44000000E0000000 80008000

    Moon Jump press A to glide [xcoopa]282028C7 000000080489B3B0 44000000E0000000 80008000282028C7 000008000489B3B0 00000001E0000000 80008000


    Inf ammo everything [superman]048993A4 000099990489940C 0000999904899424 0000999904899430 0000999904899418 00009999

    Level 50 on spec ops mod [superman]2820236A 0000800004CE6380 3B9AC9FF

    E0000000 80008000All you do is go into a private match and get one kill after that your done. Andthis only works on the first map after you are level 50 you can play any map have fun.

    Prestige token mod [superman]2820236A 0000800004A1BF00 05F5E0FFE0000000 80008000

    Speed mod all player [savage]2820236A 000080000889B848 40000000

    20092D80 00000000CC000000 000000010889B848 3F80000020092D80 00000000E0000000 80008000Home(wiimote)ON/OFF

    Unlimited Ammo (Campaign) [GMO]C25A89B0 000000023800001E 9003000460000000 00000000Original Code By The D3mon

    Button Activator Wiimote [strakn]2820236A MMMMXXXX

    Welcome Scroller Mod [strakn]2820236A 0000800060000001 0000000016836030 00000040XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX5A100000 0000020062000000 00000000E0000000 80008000X's are your text convert from ascii to hex.Press Home when you see the welcome scroller to change to your custom text.

    3rd Person Toggle On/Off [strakn]2820236A 0000XXXX0113E8E8 00000000CC000000 000000010113E8E8 00000001E0000000 80008000

    Minimap Extender Toggle Big/Small [strakn]2820236A 0000XXXX03140048 00003F80CC000000 0000000103140048 00003FA0E0000000 00000000

    Timescale Mod [strakn]2113F3A8 000005DC05126EEC XXXXXXXXE0000000 80008000X's are you speed multiplier in floating point3F800000 - normal 1.0x40000000 - fast 2.0x3F400000 - slow 0.75x

    Always Show Team Names [strakn]2113F3A8 000005DC0513F388 7FFFFFFF

    E0000000 80008000

    Ingame Name Changer Player1 [strakn]0689B8A4 00000018XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX

    Ingame Name Changer Player2 [strakn]0689E624 00000018XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX

    Ingame Name Changer Player3 [strakn]068A13A4 00000018XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX

    Ingame Name Changer Player4 [strakn]068A4124 00000018XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii




    Ingame Name Changer Player6 [strakn]068A9C24 00000018XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX


    Ingame Name Changer Player8 [strakn]068AF724 00000018XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX


    Ingame Name Changer Player9 [strakn]068B24A4 00000018XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX

    Ingame Name Changer Player10 [strakn]068B5224 00000018XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX


    MW3 CCP Activator [777eThOd*]282028F0 0000XXXX

    God Mode/Inf Health: [BlockBoy]04BBCBD8 00000064HOST ONLY.

    Red Screen: [BlockBoy]04BBCBD8 00000001^It's not actually inf health even though i only changed the value. ;)Your screen will show BLOOD red with this code.

    Inf Ammo(Offline): [BlockBoy]047B593C 00000004047B5918 00000050Works for noobtubing guns, RPG's, etc as well. Campaign only.

    Infinite Grenades/Flashes(Offline): [BlockBoy]047B5924 00000004047B5930 00000004Campaign only. Works for throwing knives as well.

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    God Mode/Inf Health(Offline): [BlockBoy]051F92E0 00000064

    INF AMMO off line [The D3mon]045A89B0 60000000all ammo including gernades and tacticials.

    Overhead Name size modifier() [The D3mon]0513F058 406000000513F068 406000000513F078 40600000.5 is default in float 3F000000 40600000=3.5will edit to be smaller

    will edit to be smaller

    will edit to be smaller

    will edit to be smaller

    will edit to be smaller

    will edit to be smaller

    will edit to be smaller

    will edit to be smaller

    will edit to be smaller

    Universal Codes for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Purple And Green Vision [Crashzer]F6000001 800081003C800000 0000000014000014 FF00FF00

    E0000000 80008000

    Dark Blue And Yellow Vision [Crashzer]F6000001 8000810080A30008 7FE3FB78143697D4 0317FC00E0000000 80008000

    Grey And Bronze Vision [Crashzer]F6000001 800081007C850050 4802840D143697C4 020067F0E0000000 80008000

    Campaign Codes (Press Home on Campaign to activate)

    Unlock All Missions [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 8000810080040004 7C1F00AEF4000004 000000032C000571 4082000C38000012 7C1F01AE

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    7C1F00AE 00000000E0000000 80008000

    Infinite Ammo [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 800081007FE5FB78 7CDE00D0F4000004 FE849D0138C00000 60000000E0000000 80008000

    God Mode [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 80008100933F003C 933F0040F4000034 022C000238000001 981A014F801A0160 00000000E0000000 80008000*Demo Video:

    Attack Team Mates [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 80008100

    801F031C 60000008F4000004 0293030160000000 60000000E0000000 80008000*You will not be prevented from knifing/shooting your team mates on purpoise**This does not bypass the "Friendly fire will not be tolerated" message*

    Moonjump [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 80008100C01D002C D0010094F4000008 02D099043D808020 A18C236A

    2C0C0008 4082000C3D804450 919D0030C01D0030 00000000E0000000 80008000*Press D-PAD UP on Wiimote to moonjump*

    Sticky Grenades [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 80008100806B03E0 88030008F4000004 022C000138000000 60000000F6000001 80008100

    EC400032 C01A0018F4000198 02FC41023D804CBE 91830008C0030008 00000000E0000000 80008000*Frags will stick to the ground if thrown, but still bounce off walls*

    Hide Ammo Counter [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 80008100

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    901F0000 2C830000F4000020 02901B0138000001 60000000E0000000 80008000

    No Heads-Up-Display (HUD) [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 800081007C850214 3C640002F4000054 022C000138000000 60000000E0000000 80008000

    Infinite UAV [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 8000810060000001 901F0028F4000010 022C000138000001 60000000E0000000 80008000*Check your pause menu map to see enemy dots*

    Unlimited Sprint [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000

    F6000001 800081003803FFF5 7C000034F400008C 024EA00138600001 60000000E0000000 80008000

    Movement Speed Modifier [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 8000810080010184 901F0058F4000010 029043013800XXXX 60000000E0000000 80008000

    *XXXX Values*0064 = Slow Speed (100)00BE = Default (190)015E = Super Speed (350)

    Field of View Modifier [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 800080007C9C2378 FFC00890F4000028 013C60023D80XXXX 91830008C3E30008 00000000E0000000 80008000

    *XXXX Values*4248 = Lesser FOV (50)4282 = Default FOV (65)42A0 = Higher FOV (80)

    Pause Menu Map Size Modifier [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 80008100C0040008 EC010032F4000000 02EC3302

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    3D80XXXX 91840008C0040008 00000000E0000000 80008000*XXXX Values*3F00 = Little (0,5)3F80 = Default (1)3F9D = Bigger (1,2265625)

    Gravity Modifier [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 80108100801F0148 2C000000F4000098 013C60023D80XXXX 91840008C0230008 00000000E0000000 80008000*XXXX Values*4396 = Low Gravity (300)4448 = Default Gravity (800)44BB = High Gravity (1496)

    Game Speed Modifier [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 80008100

    F4000004 000000023D80XXXX 91830008C0030008 00000000E0000000 80008000*XXXX Values*3F00 = Slow Motion (0,5)3F80 = Default Speed (1)4000 = Fast Motion (2)

    Cartoon Vision [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 801081009864002A 9864002B

    F400001C 022C000138000001 60000000E0000000 80008000

    Playtime Is 00:00:00 [[email protected]]2820236A 7FFF8000F6000001 80008100F4000004 021F840238000000 9003002060000000 00000000E0000000 80008000

    Special Ops Codes

    Infinite Money [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAF6000001 80008100801E0000 901F6200F4000004 0283FD042C163970 408200103D807FFF 919F620048000008 901F620060000000 00000000

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    E0000000 80008000*This will give you 2147418112 money after getting your first kill**Demo Video:

    Instant Lv. 50 [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAF6000001 8000810080650000 7CA320AEF4000004 026690042C040008 408200103D80FFFF 618CFF007D83212E 7CA320AE60000000 00000000E0000000 80008000*Enter Spec Ops to instantly become Lv.50, play one mission to save the hacked level*

    Infinite Ammo [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAF6000001 800081007FE5FB78 7CDE00D0F4000004 FE849D0138C00000 60000000E0000000 80008000

    God Mode [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAF6000001 8000810060000200 90040010F400000C 0251EA0138000001 60000000E0000000 80008000*Total invincibility against everything**Credits to WiiOS_Ozelot for original address*

    Multiplayer Codes

    Infinite Ammo [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAF6000001 800081007FE5FB78 7CDE00D0F4000004 FE849D0138C00000 60000000E0000000 80008000*Demo Video:

    God Mode [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAF6000001 8000810080040364 7C030000

    F4000024 0253BF0138001001 60000000F400CFB4 0253FF0138001001 60000000E0000000 80008000*Total invincibility against everything*

    Noclip [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAF6000001 80008100

  • 7/27/2019 Call of Duty MW3 Cheat Codes Wii


    901E00F8 807E2A602820236A YYYYZZZZF4000004 02539F0138600001 60000000CC000000 00000000F4000004 02539F01807E2A60 60000000E0000000 80008000*You can fly around/through walls using the Nunchuk Stick**Press your button(s) to toggle ON/OFF*

    Game Speed Modifier [[email protected]]201D2644 FFFFFFFAF6000001 80008100806500F0 80030008F4000040 02EC13023D80XXXX 91830008C0030008 00000000E0000000 80008000*The higher the value, the faster the game speed**XXXX = Float*

    Pickup range mod [Clay10]201D2644 FFFFFFFA

    F6000001 8100818081149610 8071677414000050 7F800000E0000000 80008000Host only

    Infinite Ammo Spec Ops [[email protected]]28XXXXXX XXXXXXXXF6000001 8000810080030004 7C00FA1414000004 60000000E0000000 80008000*Add Your Own Custom Button Activator (X'S)

    *Works Host and Publicly!!*Demo Video*Only works when you activate in a game 1 time, then after you die or restart the match, it will start to lag the host. so if you want it to work clearly again,restart your wii and reactivate