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  • CALIDAR, the CALIDAR logo, and the CALIDAR PUBLISHING logo are trademarks owned by CALIDAR PUBLISHING. 2014 Bruce A. Heard. All Rights Reserved.

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    Space backdrop courtesy of NASA, CXC, SAO, JPL-Caltech, and STScI.

    Calidar PublishingPO BOX 625

    Burlington WI 53105 USA

    CreditsAuthor: Bruce A. HeardContributors: Ed Greenwood (City of Glorathon),

    Thomas Reid (Game System Conversion)Story Editing: Janet Deaver-PackText Editing: Karen S. ConlinProofreading: Janet Deaver-Pack, Thorfinn TaitCover Illustration: Ben WoottenInterior Illustrations: John Dollar, Savage MojoCalidar Publishing Logo: Pierre CarlsCartography & Deck Plans: Thorfinn TaitGraphic Design: D. M. Arney, Thorfinn TaitInternal Layout: D. M. Arney, Thorfinn TaitSpecial thanks to Thorfinn Tait without whom this

    project would not have been possible.

    Airman Edition




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    Honor Roll

    Its been a very long time since I last put pen to paper about a fantasy adventure for skyships. During my time at TSR, I had the pleasure and privilege of writing a series of stories about flying ships and gung-ho explorers on a quest to unveil the far-flung reaches of their magical world. Three years later, the market had evolved, the company changed, and the stories came to an end. With no option to keep the familiar heroes alive, I buried my old dreams. Out of the ashes at long last, a new tale now emerges in these pages, with another generation of adventurers and a world of their own. I am nervous and worried of course, but also excited and brimming with ideas and endless stories to tell. This first book, In Stranger Skies, covers an awful lot of ground, introducing a new crew and their ship. It also sketches out an entire universe, from planets, their sun, and a central world, Calidar, to a specific kingdom, Meryath, right down to the streets of its capital city. Races dwelling in this universe and their gods are depicted as well, along with a collection of skyships and mechanics to travel from the sky to spaces starry vault. Though guidelines help adapt this fantasy setting to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the World of Calidar isnt a game. Rather it provides a story and background information for use with any game system. With this long-overdue book, I now invite you to discover the heart and soul of this brave new universe.

    Bruce HeardJuly, 2014





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    Table of ContentsIn Stranger Skies 4

    10th Day of Loreath 1512, Glorathon 2513th Day of Loreath, Mareas Island 3014th Day of Loreath, Into the Netherworld 3626th Day of Loreath, Toward Draconia 398th Day of Kragean, Back to the Vortex 45




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    Captains Log3rd Day of Loreath 1512, last

    dog watch.Heading East at 9,000 ft. Wind

    Southwest, strong breeze.Unwell and homesick crew

    furloughed. Reinforcements transferred from the local garrison. All officers accounted for. Aloft at last after replenishing stores. Set sail hastily and running before the wind, ahead of a massive and sudden squall line. All hands on deck.

    l l l

    Captain Isledemer Drake Hieronymus dAlberran.

    The sound of his own name resonated in his head. Hed heard it a million times

    before, and yet it felt as if it were the first time ever. Strange.

    The captain examined each syllable like a familiar

    trinket long ago lost and just rediscovered by the whims of fate. He knew exactly what each word alluded to. His parents had seen to that. Yet, it all seemed inexplicably artificial and mysterious.

    He sensed a presence above his shoul-dersomething both huge and miniscule, neither here nor there. No. It was a burning, intrusive thought searching his mind. It was someone elses, of this he was certain. The idea revolted him. But as he set upon expelling the inquisitive probe, a diffuse clamor echoed around him, quickly growing into a nearly deafening roar.

    A firm hand landed on his shoulder, jolting the captain from his thoughts. It was his first mate, Enna Daggart. Her frown compounded the natural severity of her face and her dark-colored skin. A wind fierce and cold whipped her long black hair. Behind her reigned pandemonium. The captains skyship appeared to fly upward through the dimness of a tornados funnel, pitching and rolling wildly as the crew struggled with the sails. Lightning cracked incessantly, shooting past the ship and filling the air with its actinic scent. Next to the captain

    stood Ol Babblejack, the helmsman, fight-ing with the ships wheel.

    By the Stars, what is the matter with you? Enna hollered. The ships being torn apart!

    Isledemer quickly shook off the bizarre thoughts creeping into his mind and, after pulling a wand from his lace-trimmed sleeve, held on to his hat lest it fly into the storm.

    Steady that wheel, Mister Belzer, he shouted, touching the helm with the slender ivory shaft. A bluish glow briefly surrounded the circular woodwork and protruding handles. Ol Babblejack, a graying seawolf tanned from decades of sailing all latitudes, responded to the captain with a quick and thankful nod, as the spell improved his control over the large wheel.

    We must turn around! What lies ahead isnt of our world, argued the first mate. Helmsman, hard to port!

    Belay that order, Mister Belzer! The captain gazed past the skyships stern, where the giant funnel of clouds and screaming winds had engulfed their vessel. Only a far away darkness remained there. On the

    In Stranger Skies




  • In Stranger Skies


    opposite end well above the storm, a vague gleam beckoned.

    We cannot sail against such winds, not within this mad spiral, Isledemer answered his first mate. We must continue to wher-ever this leads. I say we sail upward into the light!

    Enna pushed a wild swath of hair from her face. Beyond this point there may be no return, Captain. Perhaps Death itself awaits us there, or worse.

    Better a possible death later than a cer-tain one now if we turn back. Onward, I say! On these words, the vessel lurched forward with a groan of tortured wood. As Isledemer regained his balance, the wind stole his hat. For an instant, the captain watched the brown felt and large white plume vanish before he turned to Enna. Get to the main mast cluster at once and lead the teams there. Give sail so we may leave this infernal storm without further delay.

    We run the risk of tearing the sails and losing the masts.

    Shes a good ship, Mister Daggart. Shell hold.

    The first mate gave a short nod. Aye, Captain. If we survive, therell be the devil to pay.

    As the first mate staggered away, the captain observed the skyship from the edge of the forecastle. Like others of her sort, it wasnt built as a seafaring vessel. The helm stood close to the prow, for bearing came not from a rudder at the stern. In the absence of water providing physical leverage, heading resulted instead from a device fas-tened solidly at the center of the ship. She was a frigate configured with nine masts, one set of three standing upright from the deck, and two other sets extending port and starboard from the hull, angled thirty degrees below the deck. Without them and in the absence of a keel, any skyship skipper worth his breath could tell that the vessel would flip over in the wind like a sack of turnips rolling down a stairwell. The crew reached the lower masts down ratlines alongside the hulla task best

    suited for those sure-footed and without fear of heights. Main masts held square sails, with triangular sheets fore and aft, and a complicated spider web of ropes. It was the other reason for the helms unconventional placement; this many sails obstructed the line of sight from astern. Amid the raging storm, the rigging had become a sham-bles times three. Loose ropes and torn sails whipped angrily in the wind, eluding the crews grasp.

    You there! Watch that clew line.The rebellious rope suddenly flung over-

    board the man the captain had hailed, his screams drowned out by the din. Isledemer rushed to the side, but too late to save him. It then occurred to him that this poor fel-low seemed like a perfect stranger. Yet, he knew him as a member of his crew. The disturbing feeling burrowed back into his mind. Aside from the tempest, something else struck him as very wrong. The ship was his, indeed. It always had been. Or had it? A nauseating impression overwhelmed Isledemer when doubt cast a shadow where none had lain a moment earlier. Somehow, the ship looked different, but he couldnt really tell how or why. In fact, the entire crew felt both near and dear to his heart though eerily foreign, including those hed picked up after his previous journey. With this last realization, an even greater oddity dawned on him. He could neither remember a single one of his past expeditions, nor recall the object of his present mission or whence hed sailed.

    Dizzy with disbelief, the captain headed back to the wheel. He placed a hand on the helmsmans shoulder and leaned against him to steady himself.

    Sir? Are ye unwell? Ol Babblejack gazed at his commander with concern.

    Tall, with dark umber hair tied neatly at the nape and whisky-colored eyes, Isledemer had always appeared self-assured and lev-el-headed. The captain shook off his nag-ging worries and returned the wand to his sleeve. Now was the worst time to dither. He observed the helmsman for an instant and decided to address the obvious issue.

    Im quite fine, Mister Belzer. The ques-tion is: are you?

    After a moment of hesitation, the helms-man lifted an eyebrow and answered, Aye. That I be, Sir. Should I not?

    I wonder. Do you know who you really are?

    Beg yer pardon, Capn? I be the helms-man. Always been I have, Sir.

    Indeed you have. And do you know who I really am?

    Visibly confused, the man shrugged. Well, Capn Sir, ye be... well, the Captain! No doubt about it.

    Indeed I am. Say, Mister Belzer, do you happen to recall your previous journey on this ship?

    Ol Babblejack, for once, seemed at a loss for words. He drew in a breath to answer, halted, then closed his mouth, overtaken with sudden perplexity. His raised eyebrows plunged into a frown so deep it overshad-owed his bright blue eyes.

    You cant recall any of it, can you?The helmsmans shoulders drooped at

    the stunning revelation. Befuddled beyond hope, he almost let go of the wheel.

    Watch your steering now and adjust the roll, Mister Belzer. No need for the ship to corkscrew into the wind. The captain pointed at a lever just before the helm. You do remember how it works, dont you?

    Aye, Sir. That I do.Ol Babblejack angled the lever one

    notch to port, helping the skyship straighten herself against the beating crosswinds. He pulled slightly on another one to his right, raising the ships prow toward the funnels axis, and adjusted a knob on a large dial in the binnacle to his left, increasing lift. With the raging storm spinning around the ship, the compass danced wildly and aimlessly.

    Straight up she sails, Sir, an with all the lift she can spare pushin astern.

    Well done, Mister Belzer. The captains praise seemed to bolster the helmsmans resolve. Hold a course true to the top of that storm, no matter what. The ships survival depends on it.




    Front CoverCreditsForeword & Honor RollTable of ContentsIn Stranger Skies3rd Day of Loreath 151210th Day of Loreath 151213th Day of Loreath 151214th Day of Loreath 151226th Day of Loreath 15128th Day of Kragean 1512Epilogue

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