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Transcript of CALICO 2015 ODOWD

UNICollaboration.euA Platform for University Telecollaboration

Robert O’DowdUniversity of León, [email protected]: robodowd Skype: robodowdUNICollaboration:

• The origins of UNICollaboration:• “…telecollaboration continues to be seen as an ‘add-on’

activity which essentially depends on pioneering teachers and highly motivated students and is not considered an integrated or normalised part of study programmes and syllabi at university level.”

• O’Dowd, R. (2011). “Online foreign language interaction: Moving from the periphery to the core of foreign language education?” Language Teaching 44/ 3: 368-380.

Objectives:• Carry out a review of

telecollaboration in European university education

• Develop a set of workable solutions to address the lack of academic integration of telecollaboration.

• Develop a platform with tools, resources and networks to facilitate telecollaborative practice.

Integrating Telecollaboration more successfully into University Education

INTENT Project (2011-2014) : Integrating Telecollaborative Networks Into Higher Education

Financed By The European Commission - Lifelong Learning Programme

A study of Telecollaboration in European HEI’s (Guth, Helm,

O’Dowd, 2012)

The platform to support Telecollaboration in

European HEIs (

The first international conference on telecollaboration in university

education (University of León, Feburary 2014)

Teacher training through workshops & online resources

The INTENT Project

The Accomplishments of INTENT: Integrating Telecollaborative Networks Into Higher Education LLP: 2011-2014

Much Support for Telecollaboration for Primary and Secondary Educators A Hub for University Telecollaborative Exchange

Start here to find databanks of classes, institutions and practitioners who are interested in establishing contacts…

If you choose ‘classes’ then you’ll be able to search or browse a list of classes which are interested in taking part in online exchange


Create a new class and let other practitioners read about your learners and the type of exchange you’d like to have…

In the ‘Tasks’ tab, you’ll find collections of tasks, task sequences (i.e. collections of interconnected tasks) and assessment tools to use in

your online exchange projects…

To learn more about how online exchanges work: Click on the ‘Training’ tab. Here you’ll find accounts of different exchanges (‘Sample projects’) and information on how to set up and run an exchange (‘Training modules’)

To discuss issues related to telecollaboration with colleagues

Read more about telecollaboration…

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Telecollaboration in University Education: •

….and enjoy CALICO!