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This is a CakePHP plugin for admin dashboards. It's fully acl controlled. More info on

Transcript of CakePHP - Admin Acl Controlled

  • 1. CAKEPHP ADMIN PLUGINFully Acl Controlled

2. FEATURES Embedded Shell Utility Multi language dashboard Easy Install 3. SHELL UTILITY$ sh cake Admin.Admin$ sh cake Admin.Admin add_group$ sh cake Admin.Admin add_user$ sh cake Admin.Admin show_groups 4. INSTALLATION Clone repository on plugin folder:$ git clone 5. INSTALLATION Edit app/Config/bootstrap.php and append thefollow: 6. INSTALLATION Make sure app/Config/core.php on RoutingPrefix line, it must be uncommented: Edit AppController: 7. INSTALLATION Import Schema, type the follow on cake console:$ cake schema create --path=Admin/Config/Schema/schema.php --plugin=Admin 8. INSTALLATION Add Admin, Registered and Public groups:$ cake Admin.Admin add_group Admin$ cake Admin.Admin add_group Registered$ cake Admin.Admin add_group Public 9. INSTALLATION Add a admin user, this step is essential:$ cake Admin.Admin add_user luisfred my_password admin type 10. INSTALLATION Sign in on dashboard andsincronize Acos: 11. THANKS FOR ALL SUBSCRIBERS IN MYCHANNEL 12. CONTACTS Twitter: @luisfredgs Fanpage: Website: