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Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

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About Cadbury Milk Chocolate:

• Cadbury was founded almost 200 years ago. Delve into the fascinating history and you'll find a wealth of interesting facts on subjects including advertising, Cadbury family, past and present products and philanthropy

The Story

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1824John Cadbury opened Bull Street shop

In 1824, John Cadbury opened a grocer’s shop at 93 Bull Street, Birmingham. Among other things, he sold cocoa and drinking chocolate, which he prepared himself using a pestle and mortar.1831John Cadbury opens factory in Crooked Lane

The Cadbury manufacturing business was born in 1831, when John Cadbury decided to start producing on a commercial scale and bought a four-storey warehouse in nearby Crooked Lane.

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1842The range expands

By 1842 John Cadbury was selling no less than 16 varieties of drinking chocolate and 11 different cocoas! The earliest preserved price list shows that you could buy drinking chocolate in the form of both pressed cakes and powder.

1847The business moves to Bridge StreetIn 1847, the Cadbury brothers' booming business moved into a new, larger factory in Bridge Street in the centre of Birmingha

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1847Fry's Produce the First Chocolate Bar18th century France produced pastilles (tablets) and bars. But it wasn’t until Bristol company Fry & Son made a ‘chocolate delicieux a manger’ in 1847 that the first bar of chocolate appeared, as we know it today.

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1967 Aztec Bar is LaunchedMade of milk chocolate, nougatine and caramel, the Aztec made a big impact on its launch in 1967.

1967 Toffee Buttons Are LaunchedA button-shaped chocolate sweet with toffee inside. Launched in 1967 and withdrawn in 1971. The packs featured brightly coloured cowboys and Indians.

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• 1969 Cadbury Merges With SchweppesThe merger happened after the new Cadbury Chairman, Adrian Cadbury, was approached by his opposite number, Lord Watkinson.

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2000 and Today

2003 Cadbury Schweppes Buys Adams and Becomes the World's Leading Confectionery CompanyCadbury bought the world’s number 2 gum manufacturer, Adams, in 2003 and achieved its aim of leading the market.

2007 The Gorilla Advert Premiers

'Gorilla’ showed the eponymous primate enthusiastically playing the drums on the Phil Collins record 'In the Air Tonight’. It proved hugely popular and cleaned up at advertising awards ceremonies, winning many prizes including the prestigious Grand Prix Lion at Cannes in 2008.

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• 2008 Cadbury and Schweppes Demerge

The two companies demerged to allow each to concentrate on its area of expertise.

• 2008 Cadbury Cocoa Partnership Launched

In January 2008, Cadbury launched the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership. £45 million was put aside to put into cocoa farms in Ghana, India, Indonesia and the Caribbean over a decade.

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2009Cadbury Dairy Milk Becomes FairtradeThe move to Fairtrade has the impact of tripling the sales for cocoa farmers in Ghana under Fairtrade terms, both increasing Fairtrade cocoa sales for existing certified farming groups, as well as opening up new opportunities for thousands more farmers to benefit from the Fairtrade system.

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• 2010Cadbury becomes part of Mondelēz International

Cadbury became part of Mondelēz International family on the 2nd of February 2010.

• 2012Chocolate centre of excellence opens in

Bournville A new global research and devlopment

centre opens in Bournville as part of a £17 million investment in R&D in the UK.

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Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate

• There are plenty of people who believe that eating Cadbury Dairy Milk or any other sweet is actually not good for their physical condition. If you are one of those who live with this idea, it is time for you to think otherwise.

• Actually, chocolate can be very beneficial to human health. Since it uses a lot of cocoa, this means that it contains plenty of Flavonoids or Vitamin P and citrin, which help maintain the body’s blood pressure.

• It also aids in balancing blood sugar levels, especially if the variant eaten is the dark one. With that said, the risk of getting diabetes is minimised because the food enhances the body’s metabolism of blood sugar

• Furthermore, taking in a few bites of the sweet helps lessen a person’s chances of getting heart attacks since it keeps the LDL cholesterol low and the HDL cholesterol high.

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• In addition, chocolates actually help improve a person’s mood. This is because of the presence of serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant. Whenever an individual feels sad, he can always munch on a bar or two in order to bring him back to a happy state. Also, sleepiness, tiredness, and the like can easily be combated since different elements in the food facilitate the blood flow to the main areas of the brain. Indeed, those who are looking for an instant energy and disposition boost can benefit from eating chocolates.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Nutrition Facts

Cadbury Dairy Milk bars were launched in the UK in 1905. According to Cadbury, the recipe was created by George Cadbury Jr. during his attempts to rival Swiss chocolate. By 1913 Dairy Milk became Cadbury's best seller and it still is today. In 1988, Hershey Foods Corporation became licensed to produce and sell Cadbury's products in the U.S. Dairy Milk bars come in a distinctive purple wrapper and they are the basis of other Cadbury products, such as fruit and nut, roast almond and Caramello bars.

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Nutritional Information

A 39 grams Dairy Milk bar as sold in the U.S. provides you with 200 calories.Half of these calories come from fat. A bar of Dairy Milk contains 11 g of fat -- of which 7 g is saturated fat, 23 g of carbohydrate -- of which 22 g is sugar, 3 g of protein, less than 1 g of fiber and 40 mg of sodium.

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Daily Values

• A bar of Dairy Milk will provide you with 17 percent of your daily fat intake and 35 percent of your daily saturated fat intake. Chocolate should be included in your diet as a treat rather than a food you would eat on a regular basis due to its high level of fat and saturated fat.

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