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PowerPoint Presentation

By: Nathalie Breary

STEM Track Prize

We have a big problem! T40%38%32%Data shows that only about 30% of our population believe the Environment is in danger. This means that 70% of the population is least likely to partake in a "green "lifestyle, thus adding to these three problems. Air & Water Pollution Natural Resource Depletion Climate Change


Soon we will be gone. How do we make sure that our kids won't do more harm than we've already caused to the environment??

Teach Them In A Way They'll Want To Learn!

Use The Byte-Sized Scientist app! Air and water pollution Natural resource Depletion

Global warming

Byte-Sized Scientist is a mobile gaming app which introduces users (ages 5+) to environmental Issues And concepts


how it works


Battle Environmental monsters to find the solution to Climate Change

DownloadCharacterPlay Game


this app is for You and I* Parents who want to Increase their children's knowledge base&* Kids and individuals ages 5-16 who satisfy any of these criteria

Mobile Device

Like Action Games

Mid-core&casual gamer

Marketing Social Media

Word of mouth

Kiosks & Display Panels



Making/spending Money Revenue Freemium ($2.99 in-app purchases to unlock premium content3rd party advertisement Donations/Investments ( I.e. GoFundMe/Kick Starter)

CostAdvertisement Game development and maintenance (upgrades)



Easy to Use

Family Friendly


Economically Feasible

Where's the money in that?

$3 Billion X 0.01%_________$30 million

That's 10 million users in 2 years!

Byte-Sized Scientist Team Dr. Iris Billy (Business Mentor)Dean Rolle (Business Mentor) Dr. Jessica Ingrasselino (Education Specialist) Rebecca Wicker (Education Specialist) Mekonah Myers (App Developer)

Would you like to help? Please Contact me:(347) 337- [email protected]