By Lori St. Martin CD 225 – WCO – V2D1 Instructor John OLaughlin

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Transcript of By Lori St. Martin CD 225 – WCO – V2D1 Instructor John OLaughlin

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By Lori St. Martin CD 225 WCO V2D1 Instructor John OLaughlin Slide 2 Floor plan Slide 3 Animation in Interior Design Restaurant in the Clouds Slide 4 Slide 5 The top left image I had all lights on with out cameras. Bottom left 1 camera, the stainless steel is reflecting the lights, I feel I may have to change the material on the counters. The two right images are with two interior cameras, the bottom I adjusted one camera and I dont see a change. Click on the word Bottom and you will see my first movie. Bottom Staging With Cameras Slide 6 The top left, image 1, is the small building I imported from CAD, I decided not to use this structure. Starting on the left image 2 4 are of the restaurant I will be using for my project. You can see the different lights I was working with, image 2 sunlight, image 3 I added direct lighting and image 4, I started moving and deleting to see the affect. Image 5-6 are lights added to my furniture. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Importing Files Slide 7 Rendered Furniture Slide 8 Artificial and Natural Slide 9 My first try was to understand the commands in 3D MAX, how to read, move and complete. What I did find, the exterior walls will also be the interior wall color. Im thinking Ill have to add gypsum boards to the interior to change colors or textures. In this building I just added color and roof and ceiling. Applying Materials and Finishes Slide 10 I imported my restaurant from CAD to 3D MAX, when it came over it was one black block. I placed my cursor over the block and found it told me what layer I used. Now, the fun began, I started with the windows, found clear glass and applied to the layer 3D glaze. Then I worked on the walls, I went through a few different textures before I decided this was best. I had to render before I could see the end results. A lot of practice! The glass doors were next, smoke, once that was completed I worked on the interior, this was a little challenge, my cursor would only read the roof, so I decided to change my view placing the open doors in front, now I can apply the counters with polish stainless steel. I could see the columns, I choose a wood finish and applied. The interior walls were painted and the roof and floor was added. North Side Front View Slide 11 The best part, I was able to get inside the building to render the interior. Slide 12 Small Building in 3D Slide 13 Reflection Going back to the first week working in 3D Max and thinking, again, why am I doing this? When I started working with the program things began to make sense, I became comfortable using MAX and everything fell into place. One of my biggest challenge is finding time to play with Max. I have no secrets, CAD and I had difficulties in the beginning, we have learned to get along. I still struggle with 3D CAD when it comes to making furniture, MAX, I didnt seem to struggle, I felt I was in control of my project. Photoshop, was a added plus in this class, I still have to practice on moving images from one program to the other and work on rendering using both tools. 3D modeling and animation, WOW! Turning a 2D into a 3D and walking through the build is the highlight of this class. The tutorials were the best, I could understand, follow and take action without problems. Animation in the design world is the tool of the future, helping clients visualize the project and place an understanding in how the space will appear. The materials in MAX are realistic, with a little work and refining, rooms will become photos taken by a camera, but using computer programs to create.