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1 Boston WordPress Meetup April 30 th , 2012 Wi-Fi code: wp0430 on Cambridge @bostonwp on Twitter #bostonwp

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Boston WordPress Meetup

April 30th, 2012

Wi-Fi code: wp0430 on Cambridge @bostonwp on Twitter#bostonwp

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Microsoft NERD

• Providing an outstanding venue, A/V & Wi-Fi accommodations, and helpful staff since April 15th, 2009.

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• Cheaper hosting with unlimited storage, bandwidth and domains

‣ Great if you plan on starting more than 1 WordPress site

‣ Plenty of support for the server and you don’t need to have WordPress on it (self-install)

• Lots of software, room to experiment!

Use code BostonWPMeetup for 25% discount

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Pizza Sponsor!

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Boston WordPress Meetup

• We are currently the 2nd largest WordPress meetup in the world with 1290+ members

• We are growing every day and our current team can not handle the workload

• We are looking for 1 or 2 very energetic, knowledgeable contributors to join our team

‣ Please email James ([email protected]), Kurt ([email protected]) and Jon ([email protected]) if interested

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• Meetup minutes, info and videos

• Jobs board

• Forums (soon!)

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WordCamp Boston 2012

• July 14th and 15th

‣ Boston University


• Please apply if interested in:

‣ Speaking

‣ Volunteering

‣ Sponsoring

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May Meetup

•May 14th

‣ Venue: Meadhall or Asgard (to be mentioned on meetup)

‣ No formal meetup because…

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• Founded Boston WordPress Meetup in December, 2008

(3+ years)

• Microsoft NERD Center relationship

• Almost 1300 members (2nd largest WP Meetup worldwide)

• 7 RSVPs @ first Meetup – 160+ RSVPs today

• Added 2 add’l organizers, session video, dual sessions, website + job board, sponsors, WordCamps, fans

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• Blaise Freeman and Ned Lomigora: Prototyping Web Apps with WordPress [Dev]

• Blaise Freeman and Ned Lomigora are local entrepreneurs and co-founders of, a book promotion startup based in Boston, MA.

• Brian Piccolo: WordPress and E-Commerce [Beg]

• Brian Piccolo has been managing and designing the technical requirements of Web development projects for over ten years. As the VP of Interactive at AMP Agency, he oversees the technology aspect of all client projects. In this role, Brian is responsible for the design and development of dozens of complex online systems, serving as an IT strategist, systems architect and lead developer. He has helped clients from both Fortune 500 companies as well as small to mid-sized organizations use the Internet for competitive advantage.