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  • 1. The easiest way to optimize the online presence,increase influence and be rewardedThe best way for startups, SMEs and topbusiness to generate W.O.M.

2. PRODUCT MARKET FITBrands spend lots of money toReceive special offers is theidentify people on which focus most common reason whytheir communication effortsusers choose to follow a(INFLUENCERS) to turn them brand on social mediainto BRAND AMBASSADOR. (50% according to eCircle) Buzzoole is the first INFLUENCE ENGINE OPTIMIZATION PLATFORM that allows companies, to identify the trend setters of their niche market and generate word of mouth in a fully automated way 3. INTRO - INFLUENCER MARKETINFLUENCER The Power to Change AnythingEvery year, 500 billion consumeropinions are shared online 4. INTRO - INFLUENCER MARKET INFLUENCERThe Power to Change Anything49% Online users decide to buy aproduct after reading the review on ablog or social network Forrester 2010 5. INTRO - INFLUENCER MARKET INFLUENCERThe Power to Change AnythingInvestments in generation of W.O.M. arethe most profitable type of spending forevery dollar investedNielsen 2012 6. ?MARKET NEEDSMARKET NEEDS 7. MARKET NEEDS01 UNDERSTANDING INFLUENCENOT MEASURE POPULARITY 8. MARKET NEEDS02 W.O.M. FOR SMEs NOT JUST FOR TOP BRANDS 9. USER PROFILE - PREVIEW 10. BRANDS - SET THE CAMPAIGN01 You can set the campaign identifying influencers by level, geographical area, topic and keyword. You can set the budget you want 11. NOTIFICATION The profiles you have selected will receive a notification of your02 special offer (discount, gift, event invitation, product testing) and your product brief. They will then decide whether to join the campaign or decline your invitation.X 12. PUBLISHING All users who choose to join the campaign can now publish an03 article on their blog or a post on a social profile giving their own personal feedback and thus increasing WOM about your product! X X 13. MONITORING04 The brand pays according to the publications obtained (CPP) and can monitor results, and the virality generated from our LIVE tracking dashboard 14. ?USERSWHY USERS WILL JOIN US? 15. OUR VISION INFLUENCE WILL BECOME ANALTERNATIVE PAYMENT METHOD 16. MARKET - STRATEGYFOCUS ON THE AUTOMATED WEB CHANNEL WILL ALLOW US TO:HAVE HUGE SCALABILITYBECOME THE FIRST W.O.M. PLATFORM FOR STARTUPS AND SMEsIMPOSE US AS THE GOOGLE ADWORDS OF BUZZ MARKETING 17. KEY CONCEPTS Brandscan easily identify the trend setters of their niche market and generate word of mouth through them by rewarding with a special offer in a fully automated way Agencieswill have special profiles to manage different costumers campaigns and can also buy a premium profile that enable them to access our premium influencers search engine Userscan optimize their digital activity and online presence to get in touch with companies interested in making they test their products, rewarding them with special offers or inviting them to exclusive events. Through our tools, we will guide users to increase their digital influence and outreach in their expertise areas! 18. MARKETERS WANT IT In bocca al lupo per la vostra bellissima idea... Pierluigi - Digital Strategist Nelle agenzie in cui ho lavorato finora lesigenza di uno strumento del genere si sentita eccome. Sono molto curiosa Maria - Community Manager La vostra idea spacca.. quante volte ve labbiamo detto in chat? Lo vogliamo tutti! per fateci uno sconto Damiano - Startupper Deve vincere Buzzoole, perch se vengono finanziati noi ci facciamo sicuramente la campagna marketing con loro! Marco - Startupper 19. PEOPLE WANT IT 2.800 LIKES 6.500 SUBSCRIPTIONS 20. TEAMFABRIZIO PERRONE - CEO (Founder)Marketing & Account Director Serial startupper since 2007 Managing Director of Fan Media Lecturer of New Marketing at IED in MilanGENNARO VARRIALE - CTO (Co-Founder)Platform Development & Managing Hacker, SW Architect & Blogger Founder of Copied in Silicon ValleyLUCA CAMILLO - WEB DEVELOPER (Partner)Platform Development & Managing Guru of Programming and systems engineering Project ManagerLUCA PIGNATARO - ART DIRECTOR (Co-Founder)Web-design & Communication Designer selected by "Web Design Index by Content 05"FABRIZIO RINALDI - COMMUNITY MANAGER (Partner)Influencer recruiting and Managing Social Media Manager 3 yrs Experience in Buzz Marketing Industry 21. EXIT STRATEGY These Guys Will Want It40M $ venture capital 35M $ venture capital 25M $ venture capital8M $ acquired from AOL 100M$3M $ 22. THANKS! Winner of the incubation process to VULCANICA-MENTE, dal Talento allImpresa (Jun-12) Selected for the finals of Springboard UK-Italy (Sep-12) Among the eight projects selected by to be presented to investors during theInternet festival of Pisa (Sep-12) Selected by The Founder Institute for Rome edition fall2012 (Sep-12) Finalist at Wind Business Factor (Oct-12) Winner of La Battaglia delle Idee by Ninja Marketingand Comune di Napoli with Microsoft Bizspark programaccess (Oct-12) Insered in the shortlist WCAP 2012 (Nov-12)Buzzoole : Like Google, but in Buzz Marketing...