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  • Bussiness Plan of hamburger shop

    s1230097 Kenta Nakajima

    s1230109 Kakeru Obara

  • Description

    We are owners of a hamburger shop.

    We invent new products and survices.

    We are in Tokyo.

  • Vision statements

    We want our company be a large enterprise because our products are our own products and we want to sell many people around the world.

    It will be the enterprise trusted by a visitor.

  • Values

    Don't be late for working! If there is a reason, please contact soon.

    Don't do a overtime work!

    We must keep maintaining smiling face!

  • Goals

    To have the proceeds rise 10 percent than first proceeds.

    To achieve fairness and a stable supply systems with clients.

    To contribute to customer's happiness making.

  • Market research

    In the food's industry, healthing care is important.

    In the competition, production district and low prices are important.

    The customer's target is all people from a child to elderly.

  • Market differentiation

    We diffenent from our competition to raise eagerness to buy.

    Our unique value proposition is Mega burger.

    Materials of our products are only them made in Japan!

  • Marketing message

    First,we are goint to make CM for advertisement. In that, we advertise new menus. Second, we will make web-site. In that, some information about new menus and useful coupons etc are updated. Third, twitter and LINE for our shop are going to be made. Some coupons wil be updated.

  • Marketing mix

    Like the previous slide, we are going to use some media for advertisement. In addition this, when the customers came shops, we will hand out leaflets written curpons and new menus.

  • Measurement

    When big influence has not gone out, we will decrease the adevertisements, and when being affected, we will in-crease them.

  • Sales

    Overall sales process:First, making new menus. Second, advertising them. Finally, doing sales.

    Leads like these are generated by our shop.

    To do sales, we must advertise menus at first. It is the most important.

    They are got in front of our customers by social media.

    If the menus were sold out, the sales will close.

    To achieve the optimal sales cycle, we will increase employees.

  • Operations plan

    Our logistic is to improve the sale methods according to the customer's needs.

    A different burger store is related to other needs of restores.

    The key player is a founder of our stores.

  • Personnel Plan

    Our enterprise needs a passionate staff.

    The more the number of people becomes, the bigger the growth of our enterprise becomes.

  • Financial plan

    Revenue projections with detailed assumptions

    Two- to four-year balance sheet projections

    Sources and uses of funds if you are raising capital

  • Executive Summary

    Advertisement is one of important things for growth of the enterprise.

    It is also impotant that customer's demand isn't reduced.

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