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EPRS Energy Co. Inc. Business Opportunity. Overview. World-wide oil production has been declining for decades. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Business OpportunityEPRS Energy Co. Inc.

  • OverviewWorld-wide oil production has been declining for decades. There are over 400,000 stripper or marginal oil wells in the USA. Many more world-wide. Most of these oil wells produce only a small percentage of what they original produced because of loss of down hole pressure to drive the oil to the surface.There are many oil wells and oil fields that have been abandoned with the leases still having more than 50% of original oil in place. Primary oil production only gets between 25% to 35% of original oil in place.Some of the Companys that are heavily invested in marginal oil fields and enhanced oil recovery are: Occidental Petroleum(who gets 60% of its revenue from enhanced oil recovery), Denbury Resources, and many others who have realized that this is the surest way to gain revenue since they are only enhancing oil from fields that are already producing. Almost no risk and great upside.EPRS Energy will be one of those to gain greatly from using our technology to increase oil production from marginal oil fields, and at less cost than others who do not have our technology.

  • Oil Production Cycle with EPRS Energys ProcessWhen the oil well begins productionDecline curve of wells in Texas Similar to wells everywhereFinal stage of oil production with sunsetWe inject our chemicals directly into the injection well, cap it and leave, and it treats surround wells in same formation until the next treatment No unsightly equipment added to siteMaybe 2 or more production wells treated with each injection depending on the field

  • Short-term goalObtain financial resources to fund phase one which is the establishment of our laboratories and field treatment equipment and start using our proprietary enhanced oil recovery process on marginal oil wells.Our enhanced oil technology (EOR) had 6 years of laboratory and field testing with over $3 million spent to prove the effectiveness of our chemical, green technology.We need $1 million to purchase all laboratory and field treatment equipment and hire personnel for the first years operations. We will be self sufficient in the second year.Additional funding would be used to acquire producing marginal oil fields from current operators.

  • Long-term goalEstablish financial resources to fund our projected rapid growth via acquisitions of marginal oil well fields which we know we can increase the production in with our technology.Acquisition of oil and gas companies that have both personnel and large leases that fit our acquisition model.Search for and evaluate other energy related technologies that could expand our business base.

  • The Present SituationThe enhanced oil recovery business has many participants but few competitors that can be as cost effective and environmentally friendly as we can be with our process. Ours is proven, effective and ready to increase oil production in proven oil fields.There were over 400,000 marginal oil wells in the US producing 311 million barrels of oil per year.Using our process we can slow oil field abandonment rates and increase ultimate recovery of oil from known fields.Our process is very environmentally friendly, complying with the Green initiative and doesn't leave a negative footprint after treatments.

  • Development up to presentOur chemical process was field tested over a 6 year timeframe and resulted in over 45 successful treatments.Field tests indicated that it was possible to determine the best formula in our laboratory for use in oil fields. This eliminates guess work.The field tests proved that it was possible to treat wells and have increased pressure and production within 4-6 weeks.

  • Potential AlternativesMost enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques require large capital expenses and take long periods of time before results are usually received.CO2, nitrogen, water flood, etc, all cost more and take longer to get results than our process.Our advantage is that we are able to determine the potential effectiveness of our application in any given field before we go into the field and our process usually starts getting results within weeks, not months.

  • RecommendationThis is a good investment for those investors who want a low risk opportunity to get into the energy business.Lenders who want better returns with minimum risk will find our programs of interest. Our programs deal with proven, producing leases. We are not trying to find oil producing properties we only work with proven oil producing properties. We are able to buy leases knowing that we can increase the production and decrease the payback time.The companies shareholders should see significant gains over the years with our aggressive acquisition and development plans.