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An opportunity for you to earn significant income - no selling involved.

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  • 1. Are you well connectedto senior executives in thebusiness world?An opportunity for you toearn significant income1

2. Parry, Murphy and AssociatesCost Reduction SpecialistsWhat are we looking for?We are looking for a individuals that have exceptionalcontacts with companies that could use our services.There is no selling involved. All that you need to do is getan appointment for us to do a web based presentation tothe potential client. We do the rest.For the referral, we pay from 10% to 40% of the net feesthat we receive from your referral. 3. Parry, Murphy and AssociatesCost Reduction SpecialistsWhat do we do?We help our clients, anywhere in the world, negotiatelower prices from their vendors.If we do not save our clients money we do not earnany fees.Our fees range from 20% to 35% of the actual savings from 1 to 3 years.We help our clients reduce their costs for anythingthat they pay to an outsider, other than salaries andwages.Our techniques work in any industry. 4. Parry, Murphy and AssociatesCost Reduction SpecialistsWhat do you need to do?Visit the Web link shown on the last page and submit yourcontact information.If you are a suitable candidate we will give you an onlinepresentation.If you are offered a contract, you can sign up as anIndependent Sales Representative.You then notify us which target organizations you want tohave assigned to you - to ensure it is a good lead as well asto ensure that they have not been attributed to anotherIndependent Sales Representative.Get the prospect to agree to a web based presentation.We do the rest. 5. Parry, Murphy and AssociatesCost Reduction SpecialistsHow much can you earn? For the first $1 million in savings that we generate forthe organization that is attributed to you, yourcommission should range between:$73,000 and $82,500Each additional $1 million in savings could besubstantially higher. 6. 7.