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  • Chilean Mine DisasterBuried Alive

  • Group MembersIsrar Ud Din 26751Muhammad Waseem 25499Naeem Ur Rahman 27163Muzammil Khan 25396

  • Chilean Mining DisasterWe did a case study on the Chilean Mining Disaster, an incident which shocked and touch the whole world

  • overview of the disasterOn the 5th August 2010 the world was shocked because 33 miners became trapped in a Chilean mine following a cave in.They got out on the 13th October - thats 69 days without sunlight or fresh air.

    The mine had already had a disaster so it should have been shut down!

  • The conditions in the mineThe miners were 3 miles underground and away from fresh air.

    They only had 1.2miles of galleries to move around in. It was very dirty and cramped.

    Ventilation problems led them to move to a tunnel to shelter for the rest of their time stuck down in the mine.

  • How the miners survived trapped in the mineThe miners got their food and drink from the people on the surface sending food down a very long tube.

    Before they were having food sent down to the mine, the men were living on just two spoon fulls of tuna and a sip of milk a day.

    They only ate meat and rice because the rescue tube was 66cm in diameter and nothing else could fit down to reach them.

  • Thoughts and feelings of the miners and their familiesVideos were sent up to the families from the miners.Dario knows were all up here and now he has to be strong, said Darios mum.Osman Araya sent a message to his wife and daughter saying, I will fight to the end to be with you.

  • Camp HopeThe relatives of the miners stayed in their cars nearby and prayed for a miracle.People stuck flags in the ground for each miner at Camp Hope.Camp Hope is going to be turned into a museum.

  • The machinery used in the rescueAn American man named Jeff Hart drilled the hole that helped get the miners out. The crew used a Schramm T130 drill. Each miner was strapped into a harness 21 inches (53 cm) wide inside a bullet-shaped capsule.The rescue crews planned to raise the miners one by one with the pod.

  • The Rescue MissionIt took 50 minutes for each miner to be rescued, with the rescue operation taking forty-eight hours to complete.

    Florencio Avalos, aged thirty-one, was the first miner to be rescued.

    The thirty-three miners were pulled up in a capsule safely to land.

  • The impact of the disaster on the rest of the worldThe disaster took over all the newspaper pages and TV programmes.

    Lots of countries such as the U.K, Brazil and Peru contacted Chile to send their support.

    People all over the world tuned in to see the rescue mission live on the internet.

  • What happened when the miners were rescued?The miners sung songs and gave their family members hugs and kisses their babies when they reached the surface. All of the 33 men had to go to hospital.One man had to stay in hospital longer because he was traumatised.

  • Thank you for watching our presentation!We hope you enjoyed it and learned something new.