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  • 8/13/2019 Burgundy Wine



    A few of the most exciting wines in the world come fromBurgundy. The Burgundy region begins a hundred kilometerssouth from Paris and spreads itself down to Lyon. It stretches on

    36 kilometers !""# miles$. Burgundy is a region with %arioussoils& di%ided in numerous districts' (hablis& ()te d*+r !di%ided in()te de ,uits and ()te de -eaune$& ()te (halonnaise& /connaisand -eau0olais. Burgundywines are of a %el%ety and subtle red orof a sensual and characteristic white.

    The most basic information on the wine of Burgundyare'

    Location: South of Paris, between Dijon and Lyon, theBurgundy wine region stretches on 360 Kilometers!!" miles#

    Size: 3$ "00 %m! si&e of the Burgundy region#

    Size of thevineyards:

    !",000 hectares 60,000 acres#'' wine a((ellations )

    Grapes inBurgundy:

    *ed wine+ Pinot oir

    -hite wine+ .hardonnay

    Production: $/0 million bottles

    Type of Wine:ull1body red wine Pommard, .orton#2edium1body red wineBeaune#Dry white wine.hablis, .hassagne 2ontrachet#

    BurgundyWine andfood:

    *ed+ame*ed 2eat

    -hite+rilled fish4ysters

    Chablis!and Petit (hablis& (hablis Premier (ru& (hablis 1rand (ru$

    The %illage of Chablisgi%es its name to one of the most famouswhite wine in 2rance. (hablis is located at the north of the-urgundy region. Chabliswine is brisk and fruity& %ery dry and witha refreshing acidity. (hardonnay grapes grow on a limestone soilrich with fossils.

  • 8/13/2019 Burgundy Wine


    .hablis wine information+


    5((ellation .hablis rand .ru .ontrole

    5((ellation .hablis Premier .ru .ontrole

    5((ellation .hablis .ontrole

    5((ellation Petit .hablis .ontrole

    Location:orth of Burgundy, around the city of 5u7erre$/0%m south of Paris $$0 miles#

    Places:.hablis, Beines, ontenay (r8s .hablis, etc in$/ 9illages#

    Soil in Chablis:.layey1limestone2arl and fossils

    Size: :,300 ha$0,"00 acres#

    Production: 3! million bottles-hite wine only in .hablis)


    Type of ines: ruity dry white wine

    Age: ! to " yearsPremier .ru+ 3 to ; yearsrand .ru+ " to $! years


    !003, !00!, !00$, !000, $'';, $''6, $''"

    Aro#as in Chablis:utsButter2ineral

    Chablis and %ood:rilled salmonPoultry-hite meatLobster and shellfish

    Chablis andCheese:

    .h89re goat cheese#5isy .endr.antal.haource

  • 8/13/2019 Burgundy Wine


    .habichou du Poitou

    .rottin de .ha9ignol

    Cte de Nuits Villages

    Cte de Nuits is not an appellation but a wine region producinggreat red wines such as (hambertin& orey4aint5enis&(hambolleusigny& ougeot& osne7oman8e and ,uits 4aint1eorges. They are all robust and elegant red wines with an intenseand fragrant bou9uet. The Cte de Nuits Villages appellationapplies to the wines coming from Pr8meaux to (orgoloin 0ust southof ,uits 4aint 1eorges. The *terroir* there is known for the purity ofthe limestone. A few wines from 2ixin are also in the appellation.Cte de Nuits Villagesare great %alue red wines& %ery fruity andshould be drunk before # years.

    .=te de uits >illages wine information+

    Appellation:5((ellation .=te de uits >illages .ontrole

    Location: South of uits Saint eorges

    Place: i7in, Brochon, Prmeau7, .omblanchien, .orgoloin

    Soil: Limestone.lay

    Size: $;0 ha:!0 acres#

    Production: $ million bottles>ery limited (roduction of white


    *ed+ Pinot oir-hite+ .hardonnay

    Type ofines:

    ruity medium1body red wine

    Age:3 to " years


    !003, !00!, $''', $'';

    Aro#as: *ed fruits

  • 8/13/2019 Burgundy Wine



    %ood: *oasted duc%

    *ed meat



    Gevrey Chambertin

    GevreyChambertin is the largest appellation in ()te de ,uits.1e%rey(hambertin is also one of the most famous wines in 2rance.The location of the %ineyard is crucial in GevreyChambertin. Thered wines red wine only in 1e%rey (hambertin range from 0usta%erage to supreme. The best 1e%rey(hambertin grands crusare(hambertin and (los de -:;e. They are among the finest french redwines.

    e9rey .hambertin wine information+


    5((ellation e9rey .hambertin Premier .ru

    5((ellation e9rey .hambertin .ontrole

    and ' e9rey .hambertin rand .rus

    Location: orth of e9rey

    Places: e9rey .hambertin, Brochon

    Soil: Limestone gra9els.layey limestone

    Size: :00 ha''0 acres#

    Production: !?3 million bottles*ed wine only in e9rey .hambertin)

    Grape:Pinot oir

    Type ofines: Dee( colored full body red wine

  • 8/13/2019 Burgundy Wine


    Age:" to !" years


    !003, !00!, $''', $''6, $''3, $''0, $'/', $'//,$'/", $';/


    Gevrey and%ood:

    rilled red meat*oast red meat


  • 8/13/2019 Burgundy Wine


    Production: !!0,000 bottles*ed wine only in .los de >ougeot)


    Pinot oirType ofines:

    Aarmonious full body red wine

    Age:$0 to $" years


    !003, !00!, $''', $''6, $''3, $''0, $'/'

    Aro#as: *ed fruits.hocolateLicorice

    Clos de!ougeot and%ood:

    rilled red meat


  • 8/13/2019 Burgundy Wine


    Soil: .lay

    Size: $"0 ha3;0 acres#

    Production: '00,000 bottles*ed wine only

    Grape:Pinot oir

    Type ofines:

  • 8/13/2019 Burgundy Wine


    Place:uits Saint eorges, Prmeau7

    Soil: .layey limestone


    Size: 300 ha;:0 acres#

    Production: $?; million bottlesLimited white wine (roduction

    Grapes:*ed+ Pinot oir-hite+ .hardonnay

    Type ofines:

    ull body red wine

    Age:" to !0 years


    !003, !00!, $''', $'';, $''6, $''3, $''0, $'/',$'//, $'/"



    %ood: *oast game2eat in red wine sauce


    Brie.antalCte de Beaune

    The Cte de Beaunebegins 0ust a few miles south of ,uits 4aint1eorges& around the %illage of Ladoix. The Cte de Beauneappellation is gi%en to wines coming from the city of -eaune butalso from

  • 8/13/2019 Burgundy Wine


    from all the ()te de -eaune area can substitute their localappellation with this regional type of appellation.

    .=te de Beaune wine information+

    Appellation:5((ellation .=te de Beaune .ontrole

    Location: @n the Beaune EmountainE

    Place: Beaune and $6 9illages


    Size: 3" ha/" acres#

    Production: $;0,000 bottles!F3+ red 1 $F3+ white

    Grapes:*ed+Pinot oir-hite+.hardonnay

    Type ofines:

    Light fruity red winewhite wine

    Age:! to " years


    !003, !00!, $'''



    -hite+-hite flowersra(efruit

    Beaune and%ood: Burgundy snails



  • 8/13/2019 Burgundy Wine


    %lo&eCorton and Corton'and Corton Charlemagne(

    Cortonis the largest area of 1rands (rus in -urgundy. This terroiralso called la montagne !the mountain$ in the Aloxe(orton area

    produces the best red wines of ()te de -eaune. (orton needs toage at least

  • 8/13/2019 Burgundy Wine


    $0 to !0 years+ .orton and .orton1.harlemagne


    !003, !00!, $''', $''6, $''3, $''0, $'/',

    $'//, $'/"

    Aro#as in Corton:

    *ed+*ed fruitsruffle

    -hite+.innamon, Aoney, Butter

    Corton and %ood:>enisonDuc%*ed meat


    -hite wine+ *eblochon


    There are only red wines in !ommard. They are among the mosttannic and robust wines in -urgundy& much stronger than -eauneand olnaycloseby wines. Although !ommardis one of the mostwellknown appellation of the region& the wine*s 9uality decreasedo%er the last decades. owe%er& since a number of campaigns&!ommardwines is impro%ing and the name is back into business>

    Pommard wine information+


    5((ellation Pommard .ontrole

    5((ellation Pommard Premier .r