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Transcript of BUNNELL CITY COMMISSION WORKSHOP - FlaglerLive · PDF file 2019. 9. 16. · The City...





    Crossroads of Flagler County






    Monday, July 29, 2019 6:00 PM

    201 West Moody Boulevard, City Commission Chamber - Building 3

    Bunnell, FL 32110

    A. Call Meeting to Order and Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

    B. Roll Call

    C. Presentation

    C.1. Fiscal Year 2019/2020 Budget- General Fund

    D. Call for Adjournment

    This agenda is subject to change without notice. Please see posted copy at City Hall, and our website www.BunnellCity.us. Any person requiring a special accommodation at this meeting because of a disability or physical impairment should contact the City Clerk at (386) 437-7500. THE CITY OF BUNNELL IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY SERVICE PROVIDER.

    Posted by City Clerk's office on July 24, 2019 AMENDED July 24, 2019 at 6:10 PM

  • City of Bunnell, Florida

    Agenda Item No. C.1. Document Date: 7/19/2019 Amount: $4,568,078.00 Department: Finance Account #: Subject: Fiscal Year 2019/2020 Budget- General Fund Agenda Section: Presentation

    ATTACHMENTS: Description Type Budget Introduction Letter Exhibit Strategic Plan Exhibit General Fund PowerPoint Exhibit Budget Methodology Exhibit Anticipated Revenue FY19/20 Exhibit Proposed Budget FY 19/20 Detail Sheets Exhibit


    This City is required to establish an annual budget each fiscal year. This workshop will review the proposed budget for departments supported by the General Fund.


    Directors prepared proposed budgets based on programs within their departments and which align with the City's guiding documents and principals such as- Vision Statement, Mission Statements, Core Values, 2030 Comprehensive Plan, Strategic Plan (still in draft) and the Master Utility Plan (still in draft). Directors then met with the City Manager and Finance Director to review the proposed budgets and departmental programs. This semi-programmatic budget is the result of on-going meetings, discussions and adjustments made to ensure a balanced budget is prepared which still addresses the City's needs and continues to meet the levels of service the City provides to residents, businesses and visitors to our community.

    Staff Recommendation:

    For the Commission to provide any further direction on the proposed budget and which program elements to remove from the budget, if needed.

  • City Attorney Review:

    Finance Department Review/Recommendation:

    The City is presenting a balanced budget.

    City Manager Review/Recommendation:

  • The City of Bunnell is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider. Post Office Box 756· Bunnell, Florida 32110-0756· 386-437-7500· Fax 386-437-7503








    Crossroads of Flagler County





    July 15, 2019 This year, as we prepare the City of Bunnell’s annual budget, we look ahead to how we want to grow and change to meet the evolving needs and concerns of our citizens. Status quo is no longer an option for us. Bunnell is primed to move forward in a well-planned and strategic manner. That’s why we are initiating performance measure reporting, continuous improvement efforts, and launching projects to improve our efficiencies and effectiveness. Football coach Lou Holtz put it this way: “In this world you're either growing or you're dying, so get in motion and grow.” For 2019/20, our semi programmatic budget lays out a strong statement of priorities and growth opportunities. It supports our strategic goals to reduce crime, to address our infrastructure deficiencies, to design a program to replace our aging vehicles and equipment, to evaluate the failing conditions of our City facilities and to address ADA compliance. While addressing all these goals/initiatives/priorities, we plan to deliver smarter services while maintaining affordability for citizens and businesses. And yes, our budget also supports economic development and growth for our community to allow us to continue to lift median household incomes and create jobs. Our 2019/20 investments are propelled by the Strategic Plan, developed jointly by the Administration and City Commission. The plan lays out high-level goals:

    • Increase Economic Base which includes economic development, the need for an official development incentive program and how to promote sustainable residential and commercial growth.

    • Financial Stability/Sustainability which focuses on maintaining a long-term view of the City finances and expenditures while emphasizing transparency.

    • Quality of Life which includes providing safe communities, enhancing and improving City facilities and providing more City events to increase tourism to the City.

    • Organization Excellence which includes finding ways improve workforce talent, provide staff development opportunities, rebranding of the City and providing ease of access to City Staff.

    • Technology which focuses on expanding the City’s use of ever-changing technology to enhance customer service and transparency.

    • Infrastructure which involves the evaluation of the condition of City infrastructure and the development of plans to prioritize projects to increase the City’s level of services to its citizens and businesses.

    Here are some key investments supported by the proposed budget and the Strategic Plan:

    • Public Safety. The 2019 programmatic budget anticipates the addition of new Police officers to continue progress on the reduction of property crimes including vehicle theft.

  • The City of Bunnell is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider. Post Office Box 756· Bunnell, Florida 32110-0756· 386-437-7500· Fax 386-437-7503


    • Infrastructure. 2019 will mark the beginning of our major infrastructure investment to implement the Master Utility Plan.

    • Economic Development. Work will continue to seek out funding for our catalyst project the Flagler County Commerce Parkway and its great potential for industrial and commercial development within our CRA. We will maintain our pro-business permitting processes while reaching out to businesses who could benefit from our quality of life advantages.

    • Facilities. In 2019, we plan to address deficiencies in City parks and buildings to ensure that citizens and visitors can easily access staff and enjoy all that the City has to offer.

    • Technology. Whenever possible, the City will seek to utilize technology to work “smarter, not harder” for our citizens and businesses and ensure that the use of technology keeps open lines of communication and ease of access to share information with citizens, allows the reporting of problems or allows easy of access for the submittal of information to the City.

    In order to have a successful budget process, at a minimum, the following budget practices should be met to ensure the City’s budget is a policy document, financial plan, operations guide, and a communications device.

    • Incorporate a long-term perspective. A successful budget document should not just focus on one year. Impact on future years, such as ongoing operational costs associated with completed capital projects/improvements should be considered. Thus, the need for biannual budgeting.

    • Establish linkages to broad organizational goals. The City does not have unlimited funds; therefore, limited resources must be carefully scrutinized in order to allocate them properly and efficiently. For instance, five-year capital improvement and capital equipment replacement plans are requisite.

    • Focus budget decisions on results and outcomes, not on the line items. Because most budgeting processes take information from prior years and the current year into consideration, when preparing future year budgets, the City must have a clear set of goals that can be linked to performance indicators and the City’s plans and guiding principles, including but not limited to the Strategic Plan, Master Utility Plan, Comprehensive Plan, the Vision Statement, the Mission Statement and the City’s Core Values.

    • Involve and promote effective communication. This is communication between stakeholders such as citizens, businesses, developers, visitors to the community, as well as employees and the governing body to ensure that all involved know how tax dollars are being spent and what goals are being met.

    • Provide incentives to government management and employees. If the City’s Strategic Plan is aligned and incorporated into the budget preparation process, the City should see a buy-in to the budget process as taxpayers will clearly be able to see what is being done on a day-to-day basis.

    The budget should not just be thought of as an operational necessity but also as a leveraging tool to ensure taxpayers the City’s plans and guiding principles are being accomplished by tying them directly into the budget process. These elements should be symbiotic. We look forward to working with the City Commission through the fall to finalize the budget and address the remaining gap between anticipated expenses and revenues. With this budget, we will continue