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  • 1. So stop bullying today!By: Harry Gordon, Cory Reynolds, Jeremy Innocent and Jared Benskins

2. Cyber bullying is when people tell other people about a person or a thing on an electrical device. 3.

  • 1. Dontmake the person want to cyber bully you
  • If the person who is doing the damage can not say anything nice in email then do not say it at all
  • If someone is being bullied then you should tell an adult
  • 4. Do not email any thing that can threaten someone

4. Cyber bullies often use cell phones, computers, Skype, and email, blog, or on websitesand other devices, they can also use instant messaging. 5. Pictures 6. It is another way to bully people. People cyber bully because it is an easier way for people to bully people.They also do this because they dont have to look at the person who they are bullying. They can hack into your computer. Some do for laughs and a lot do it for pleasure and reaction. Some even do it for torment. 7. Direct attackCyber-bullying 8. This is a message that is sent to a child directly such as: Face book Internet pollingInteractive gaming (Wii, X-box live, Play station 9. Cyber bullying usually effects any child or teenager who has access the internet and their families 10. Rebecca Black with her song Friday.The hurtful comments really upset the thirteen year old. 11. What ever goes around comes back around 12. Internet- STOPcyber bullying.orgwww. Speedbrake.comwww. Cyberbullyhelp.com