Bullets Stop Here! - The Bullet · PDF fileWhen bullets go through the face of the Bullet...


Transcript of Bullets Stop Here! - The Bullet · PDF fileWhen bullets go through the face of the Bullet...

Bullets Stop Here!

.45ACP-230gr. H-P

.454 Casull-300gr. SP

Level Three 45-70-400gr.PS

.338 Win Mag-250gr. Partition

.300 Weatherby Mag-200gr. Partition

.375 H&H Mag-300gr Partition

.375 Mashburn Super Mag- 300gr. Fail-Safe

.50 BMG- 750gr. A-Max. These are some of the heaviest rounds of ammunition that a civilian can shoot at a target. With bullet-stopping power, the Bullet Bunker grounded them to a halt.


The Bullet Bunker was created out of strong desire to build a better, more powerful containment system that not only stops bullets but keeps shooters, and the environment around them, safe from ricochet and debris.

Perfect for gunsmiths, police, sports clubs, forensic labs, the military and more, the Bullet Bunker uses engineering smarts and innovative design to safely slow down and halt bullets without spray or fragmentation.

Forceful enough to stop and cleanly contain rounds from .17 - .22 caliber rimfire up to 25MM cannon, the Bullet Bunker is the portable and affordable bullet-stopping system you’ve been waiting for.

The Bullet Bunker: Built Out Of Necessity



Bullets Stop Here!

A Revolution In Bullet Trap Technology

Stopping projectiles and trapping their byproducts is the Bullet Bunker’s mission. How does it do it? Through a very unique – and trusted – engineering principle.

How It Works

The Bullet Bunker bullet trap consists of a specially designed face of rubber with layers of ballistic fabric laminated in between. This ballistic fabric, similar to the product used in bullet-proof vests, is a tough and rugged polyester-nylon blend. Behind this sheet is a specifically engineered ballistic medium that is then loaded into a steel box behind the face.

When bullets go through the face of the Bullet Bunker, deceleration immediately begins as bullets hit all of the medium pieces in the box at different angles resulting in the bullets coming to a quick standstill. It’s a process of energy transformation known as inelastic collision – and it’s what makes the Bullet Bunker so durable, safe and reliably effective.

Bullet-Stopping Power, Environmentally-Friendly Results

Bullet Bunkers have the power to stop and contain everything from .22 caliber rimfire to .50 BMG, and because projectiles are stopped before impacting on a hard wall, bullets are sometimes left nearly intact.

TWENTY ROUNDS 5.56 mm/.223-caliber


The Bullet Bunker is a “green” machine, too!It’s a responsible containment system that effectively prevents harmful metals like copper and lead from entering the air and ground. Copper and lead recovery with the Bullet Bunker is simple -- and could even be profitable!

Our Self-Sealing Face Stands The Test of TimeThe face panel of the Bullet Bunker unit can take thousands of rounds before needing to be replaced. If and when the face shows signs of wear, it can be manually replaced by removing a few bolts and opening/removing the front collar.

1. Speeding bullet pierces the Bullet Bunker’s specially-designed tough rubber face reinforced with layers of ballistic fabric laminated in between.

2. Once the bullet enters the Bullet Bunker’s mighty steel box, it’s surrounded by hundreds of specifically-engineered ballistic medium pieces, intent on bringing it to its knees.

3. As the bullet ricochets off the ballistic medium at all different angles, its energy is quickly slowed down before it grinds to a complete stop.

Speeding Bullet

CAUTION: Please practice safe lead removal. Use caution when removing bullets by wearing protective gloves and/or washing your hands after disposal. Dispose of all lead properly

following the EPA guidelines.






Bullets Stop Here!

Scout ReconWith a 15”W x 25”H front face, the Scout Recon gives you freedom to roam. The Scout Recon comes with wheels and a retractable handle, mak-ing it easier to move around indoor and outdoor ranges, as well as simpler to bring inside and out!Trap Dimensions: 6"L X 18"W X 28"HWeight: 150 lbs.Price: $847.99

ScoutA safe way to plink. Whether taking it to hunting camp or using it in the backyard, the Scout’s a safe way to plink. Intended for indoor/outdoor private ranges or basement use .17 - .22 rimfire standard and magnum rounds.Trap Dimensions: 6"L X 24"W X 16.75"HWeight: 125 lbs. (Height with Legs 29”)Price: $599.99

Scout & Scout Recon


44LSTake pistol shooting to a whole new level, the 44LS is PERFECT for gunsmiths or pawn shops looking to function test pistols. You can shoot ANY pistol between a .22 up to a .454 Casull 500 Smith & Wesson!

Trap Dimensions: 12"L X 24"W X 16"H (Height with Legs 29”)Weight: 250 lbs. Price: $999.99




Bullets Stop Here!

44LS Magnum


44LS MagnumThis trap speaks for itself, The Magnum! With increased surface area from the 44LS the Magnum gives the option to shoot ANY pistol between a .22, up to a .454 Casull 500 Smith & Wesson! . Perfect for Concealed Carry Courses/Instructors with the extra room to teach those first time shooters.

Trap Dimensions: 12”L X 32”W X 32”H (Height with Legs 44”)Weight: 500 lbs.Price: $1,675.99

Sniper II The Sniper II was designed for Military and Police sniper units. Developed to stop the whole family of .308 parent case cartridges plus the .300 Win. Mag, the Sniper II can be adjusted to sit on the ground or be cranked up to 6’3” tall. Its large solid tires make it easy to move indoors and out, even with one person! There are four retractable legs that are deployed to give The Sniper II its stability and for changing target situations, it can’t be beat! Can be used for indoor or outdoor ranges.

Trap Dimensions: 10"L X 20.5"W X 24.75"HWeight: 400 lbs.Price: $2,575.99

Target face is adjustable from 4" off the ground to 6' 3" high. The solution to challenging shooting scenarios and situations.

Adjustable height - from ground level to 6' 3"

Sniper II

(6'3" tall including stand)



Full Auto Upgrade is available for most models! This upgrade reinforces the Bullet Bunkers to support Full Auto Weapons and Dangerous Game Solids.

The Full Auto option was created to help reinforce Bullet Bunkers against repeated entry and dangerous game solids. When it comes to repeated entry, a full auto weapon often shoots so many bullets through the same exact spot that they can start to tunnel through the medium and hit the back wall. Dangerous game solids can penetrate just as hard.

The Full Auto option stops any chance of a bullet getting through by inserting a 1/2” piece of AR-500 steel in the back of the Bullet Bunker 1/2” from the rear wall. If any bullets make it through the ballistic medium, they will hit the AR-500 and stop! A .50 BMG can’t even scratch this type of steel -- it’s a failsafe that no shoulder-held rifle can penetrate.



Replacement Panels - with Pre-Drilled Holes Scout: $33.99Scout Recon: $33.9944LS: $45.99Magnum: $91.99Desert Storm: $56.99Freedom: $68.99Kryptonite: $79.99Goliath Series: $125.99 up to $229.99

Bullets Stop Here!10

Accessories Regular Stands 2’ $299.993’ Stands $449.99Replacement FacesScout - $33.99.44LS - $45.99Desert Storm - $56.99Freedom - $68.99Kryptonite - $79.99Goliath - $114.99 - 217.99Scorpion - $33.99Quick Change Faces Priced from $19.99Replacement Ballistic Medium 50# Box $39.99Super Sack - 2000# $599.99 Super Sacks -2000# $599.99

Desert StormThis ones a trooper! The target area on the Desert Storm is sized to hold the NRA silhouette target perfectly. It’s great to sight in all of your high power rifles and perfect for the shoot-er eager to function test or dial in without relocating to shoot heavy. .22-700 Nitro Express.Trap Dimensions: 31.76"L X 25.5"W X 31.125"HWeight: 525 lbs.Price: $1,859.99Full Auto Option: $2,550.99 Weight: 750 lbs.

Freedom (TOP SELLER)It’s called the Freedom because this trap gives the shooter the “freedom” to shoot anything up to and including all the dangerous game rounds. Designed for shooters who have trouble at the range for shooting too big. The Freedom offers exactly that, the “freedom” to shoot BIG! Test rifles on this model included .375 H&H, .416 Rem. Mag., .458 WIN Mag., and all the Nitro Express rounds.Trap Dimensions: 31.76”L X 30.08"W X 37.95"HWeight: 800 lbs.Price: $2,167.99Full Auto Option: $ 3,219.99 Weight: 1,000 lbs.



Freedom & Desert Storm



Bullets Stop Here!12

Trap Dimensions: 31.76”L X 30.08”W X 37.95”HWeight: 1000 lbs.Price: $3,669.99



Freedom Elite



Master of bullet trap technology

Total lead domination!

Freedom EliteBullet Bunker’s newest model. We have taken our best-selling model, The Freedom Model, and given it ALL the bells and whistles we offer. The Freedom Elite Model comes standard with a new two-tone paint finish, 2’ stand, 4” casters, 12,000 lb. test lifting lugs, full-auto rating with AR-500 steel plate, and our newest feature, a swing open hinged deflective collar for easy access and maintenance. Test rifles on this model included .375 H&H, .416 Rem. Mag., .458 WIN Mag., and all the Nitro Express rounds

Kryptonite PlusThe Kryptonite Plus, the superhero of Bullet Bunkers! This trap has a heavily modified interior hull lined with 5 walls of AR-500 steel. Kryp-tonite Plus can stop all rounds from, .357 MAG-50 BMG A/P at any distance and in full auto. With pinnacle stopping power, this unit will stop any round you can fire from your shoulder.Trap Dimensions: 26"L X 30.125"W X 39.5"HWeight: 1900 lbs.Price: $3,599.99

Kryptonite XLBigger is better: the XL has the same stopping power as our Kryptonite Plus, but with added floor to ceiling coverage! Can be used for indoor and outdoor ranges.Trap Dimensions: 26"L X 44"W X 72"HWeight: 5500 lbs.Price available upon request

Kryptonite Plus & Kryptonite XL



Goliath 3 X 6



Goliath Series Traps


Bullets Stop Here!

Goliath Series TrapsOur Goliath series traps are designed to cover as much wall or range space as needed. With eight sizes to choose from, this trap is ideal for any space you would like to cover. Great for indoor & outdoor ranges, every man cave needs one of these! Shoot prone, kneeling, standing or from the bench in your very own basement.We also offer stands for the Goliath. Move them around your man cave or link them togeather for complete range-wall coverage. .22 – 700 Nitro Express.

Dimensions Weight PriceGoliath 3 X 6 26" X 36" X 72" 2000 lbs. $4,969.99

Goliath 3 X 6 (Full Auto) 26" X 36" X 72" 2400 lbs. $5,669.99

Goliath 4 X 4 26" X 48" X 48" 2000 lbs. $3,645.99

Goliath 4 X 4 (Full Auto) 26" X 48" X 48" 2400 lbs. $4,265.99

Goliath 4 X 6 26" X 48" X 72" 3250 lbs. $6,619.99

Goliath 4 X 6 (Full Auto) 26" X 48" X 72" 4000 lbs. $6,959.99

Goliath 4 X 8 26" X 48" X 96" 4250 lbs. $7,115.99

Goliath 4 X 8 (Full Auto) 26" X 48" X 96" 5000 lbs. $8,469.99

Goliath 4 X 4



Goliath Series Traps

15 thebulletbunker.com

Scorpion Clearing Box (Civilian)Using our already patented and tested technology, the Scorpion is our latest system developed for clearing pistols and rifles. Able to stop all commercial pistol rounds and rifle rounds up to and including .300 WIN MAG, the Scorpion is a force to be reckoned with. Not only that, it will stop 250 accidental discharges before any maintenance is needed -- and the only maintenance it needs is to change one ballis-tic sheet (at a low cost of $29.99.)

Like its namesake, the Scorpion is small and compact, only 2’10”tall. It comes with legs that can have the clearing box on a 45 degree angle or at 90 degrees and upright, if the Scorpion is mounted on a shelf or stand. Powder coated inside and out for weatherproofing, the mighty Scorpion can be used for both indoor and outdoor ranges.Trap Dimensions: 12"L X 24"W X 24"H (Height with Stand 35 1/2” Weight: 425 lbsPrice: $1,619.99

Scorpion Clearing Box

16Bullets Stop Here!

Scorpion Clearing Box (Government)

Trap Dimensions: 12"L X 24"W X 24"H (Height with Stand 35 1/2”)Weight: 450 lbsPrice: $2,339.99

Handguns Rifles

Scorpion Clearing Box Government Model

In our civilian model of the Scorpion, we pour powerfully strong ballistic medium into the unit and pack it down until it’s full. The military version of the Scorpion is almost the same as the civilian, but with one significant adjustment: Because the military can’t have any loose pieces in the field, and because the medium in our civilian Scorpion model constitutes loose pieces, we’ve made a self-contained cartridge that holds the medium and the bullets. When maintenance or cleaning is needed, simply take the top off, pull out the old cartridge and insert a new one. The cartridge has two collapsible handles to make changing the cartridge easy.

17 thebulletbunker.com

Trap Dimensions: 71.07”L X 51”W X 47.42”HWeight: 5600 lbs.Price available upon request

Black Hole IAfter we successfully stopped the .50 BMG round the Black Hole I Bullet Bunker was designed to further push the bullet-stopping envelope. Our first test was: The Bullet Bunker vs. the 25mm. cannon. These were 2400 grain projectiles carrying a base full of magnesium, which is used to create a tracer round. The magnesium in these rounds burns at several thousand degrees and has a burning time of 30-50 seconds! And when you consider that a 2400 grain bullet at 3500 feet per second develops around 54,000 ft/lbs of energy, what else could stop it but a black hole?

And that’s just what our Bullet Bunker Black Hole I model did. All ten rounds that were shot at it were stopped, and it used only 60% of its stopping capability! The Black Hole I can be used for indoor and outdoor ranges. The next stop for the Black Hole I is the 30mm cannon...



Bullets Stop Here!

Black Hole IITake our Black Hole I, our strongest model to date, double its strength and a “Beast was born, The Black Hole II”. It has a self-contained, dual industrial pump sprinkler system, for smoke, fire and heat protection. It was designed to deal with the heat of spalling and tracer rounds. It comes with neoprene coated steel wheel swivel casters and is rated for indoor and outdoor use. If you shoot Extreme weapons and need them stopped, This unit is for you!

Trap Dimensions: 71.07”L X 51”W X 47.42”HWeight: 6000 lbs.Price available upon request


19 thebulletbunker.com

The System



Excellent for Private Ranges and Concealed Carry Handgun License Pistol Ranges.

20Bullets Stop Here!

The SystemThe System combines the stopping power of the Bullet Bunker with the added safety of the SACON facade. The shock absorbing concrete of SACON encapsulates rounds, leaving surrounding areas free from ricochet and errant shots! The System features our popular and durable Freedom or Kryptonite Model on a 2-foot stand. Not only can The System be lined up, it’s available as a Full Auto option as well. Excellent for Private Ranges and Concealed Carry Handgun License Pistol Ranges,The System from Bullet Bunker is affordable, easy to maintain and EPA friendly. Can be used indoor or outdoors. .22-700 Nitro Express. 4x6 Freedom - $3,299.99 4x8 Freedom - $3,599.99 Full Auto -$3,799.99 Full Auto - $4,099.99

The System


4’W X 6’L4’W X 8’L

4x6 Kryptonite -$4,799.99 4x8 Kryptonite -$5,099.99



Randall ReederActor/Director

Randal is a retired pro wrestler, an actor, a writer, director, producer, entrepreneur and all around “good dude”...for the most part.

"On my property down here in Texas I shoot the hell out of this thing. What ever I shoot at it, it stops. Nice job Bullet Bunker".


Customers are going ballistic over The Bullet Bunker!

"Springfield Armory has been using the Bullet Bunker for years now and have put thousands of rounds into it, found it to do nothing but WORK. The support from the factory staff has been awesome."

Mike Doy, Springfield Armory

"We use our Bullet Bunker to test fire all our surplus pistols before they go out for sale. We have had our Bullet Bunker about nine months and have done 3-shot testing on over 7000 pistols. Bullet Bunker is easy to clean and as Canadians, we love the fact that it is an environmentally friendly way to harvest the lead! Awesome product! "

Mark W. Gdak, Trigger Wholesale

"I want to thank you for the guidance on the Freedom Model Bullet Bunker Terran Corporation purchased several months ago. The set up was simple and we have shot calibers from .22 - 50 AE and the performance has exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for your assistance and for making a great product."

Brad L. Huntsman, SACON Programs Manager

"I’ve seen a lot of shaky systems out there in 26 years as a training officer on our S.W.A.T. team. The Bullet Bunker is the most beneficial system I’ve ever seen."

Steve Lavorchick, Ottawa County Sheriff

"The Bullet Bunker delivered as promised. It filled our needs! We test our M-16 with The Bullet Bunker and no matter how many shots it takes, it continues to work!"

Alan Aronstein, High Standard Manufacturing Co


"I spend 150 days a year hunting around the world. I rely on my rifle being dead-on when I hit the field. My Bullet Bunker gives me the ultimate range to dial my rifle in. Safe, Innovative and Made in the USA".

Gregg RitzHunt Master’s


"I know I’m a free man living in the greatest country on earth when my Man Cave has a shooting range in it! This is all possible thanks to the 2nd Amendment and Bullet Bunker. Now, I’m full-auto."

Razor Dobbs Razor Dobbs Alive


We offer a complete line of Bullet Bunker models for nearly any situation. From complete coverage to the ground with our Goliath to the addition of shock absorbing concrete with The System, our excitement about all our

bullet containment products can’t be contained.


Targets can be attached to the Bullet Bunker however you want them. Tacking, stapling, taping, you name it. With the Bullet Bunker, target

practice is easy and versatile.

Contact us at:The Bullet Bunker360 Eastpark DriveNorwalk, OH 44857


There’s a Bullet Bunker model to suit your every need!

CAUTION: Please practice safe lead removal. Use caution when removing bullets by wearing protective gloves and/or washing your hands after disposal. Dispose of all lead properly following the EPA



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