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  • 1. EUROPEAN MASTER OR DIAGNOSIS AND REPAIR OF BUILDING 2009-2010Specialization Stage Polytechnic University of Lublin RESTORATION IN PERUA BRIEF ACCOUNTHctor Abarca TorresLublin, 2010

2. GEOGRAPHY0 0- 500 500-2300 2300-3500 3500-4000 4000-4800 4800-6687 100-400 400-80 3. RESTORATION IN PERUA BRIEF ACCOUNTHISTORICAL REVIEW The biggest thing after the creation of the world (..) is the discovering of the Indies, and they call them New World; and, not that wrong, it is new because it was found again, and is vast and almost as big as the old It also can be called new because all their things are so much different than ours Francisco Lopez de Gomara, General History of the Indies, Zaragoza, 1552 EUROPEAN MASTER OR DIAGNOSIS AND REPAIR OF BUILDING 2009-2010 Specialization Stage Polytechnic University of Lublin 4. THE NEW LAWSPRE-INKA CIVILIZATIONS7,000 b.C. 1. Chavin Temple, Chavin Culture (X a IV b. C.), Ancash 2. Kuelap Temple, Chachapoyas Culture (900-1470), Amazonas 3 & 4. House Model Pottery Artwork, Chimu Culture (1100-1470), 5. Chanchan Citade, Chimu Culture 6. Mud Relief in Chanchan Citadel, Chimu Culture 5. THE NEW LAWSTHE INKASXIII - XVI c.1. Machu Picchu, Cuzco2. Coricancha (Temple of the Sun), Cuzco City3. Capac Nam (The Inka Road)4. Choquekirao, Cuzco5. Puruchuco, Lima 6. THE NEW LAWSTHE INKASXIII - XVI c. 1. Fortress of Saqsaywaman, Cuzco 2. Fortress of Ollantaytambo, Sacred Valley of Cuzco 3. Temple of Pachacamac, Lima 4. Palace of the Inca Hayna Capac, Cuzco City 5. The Stone of the 12 angles, Cuzco City Center 6. Temple of Viracocha, Raqchi, Cuzco, 7. THE CONQUEST OF PERU 1. General Archive of Indies, Juan de Mijares, 1584-98, Seville 2. The Conquest of Peru, Our Lady of Mercy Church, Cuzco 3. The New Laws, 1542 4. St. James Indian Slayer, Cuzco School of Painting 5. Chapel of House of Trade of Indies The Virgin of theNavigators, Alejo Fernandez, 153136, Seville 8. THE NEW LAWS SPANISH GOLDEN AGE1. The Burial of the Count of Orgaz, El Greco, Toledo2. Seville, Alonso Sanchez Coello.3. Phillip II of Spain, Alonso Sanchez Coello, 15574. Saint Dominic of Guzman, Juan Martinez Montanez,1606 Museum of Fine Arts of Seville5. Life is a Dream, Caldron de la Barca 9. THE BLACK LEGEND 1. Potosi. In Search of the Light and freedom,Oswaldo Guayasamin, Quito 2. Theodore de Bry, Regionum Indicarum perHispanos quodam Devastatarum Verissima,Frankfurt , 1598 3. Auto de Fe (Detail), Francisco Ricci (1683) KingCharles II attend auto de fe from a balcony inMadrids Plaza Mayor on 30 June 1680 4. The Encounter, Museum of the City of Quito 5. Spain builds castles in the air, Britain makescommerce her care, 1740) in the War of JenkinsEar. Vernon 1740 6. A native parishioner is beaten to death fordefending unmarried Andean women and maidensfrom the lascivious priest 10. THE NEW LAWS 1. Commemorative canvas of therequest to the Inka Don Carlos II Kingof Spain to allow the Inka nobility intothe Holy Office of Inquisition, Lima 2. Union of the Imperial Inca offspringwith the Loyola and Borja House,Cuzco School, 1718, 3. Inca Yupanki with the Coat or Arms of Carlos V, Archive on Indies, Seville 4. Succession of the inkas or Kings of Peru, Cathedral of Lima 5. The irascible parish priest raises the sword against a Spanish soldier, New Chronicle and Good Government, Guaman Poma De Ayala, 1615, Copenhaguen 11. THE NEW LAWS TRANSCULTURIZATION 1. Procession of the Corpus ofChristi in St. Anne (Detail),Diego Quispe Tito, c. 1680,Cuzco 2. Confessionary for priestof Indians, Lima 1585 3. Trilingual Catechism for theinstructions of the Indians forthe Provincial Council of Limaof 1553, Lima 1554 4. Lexicon of the QuechuaLanguage, Valladolid 1580 5. Vocabulary of the AymaraLanguage, Juli 1612 6. Art and Vocabulary of theGuarani Language, Madrid,1640 7. Catechism of the GuaraniLanguage, 1540 8. The priests Quechua sermon We cannot strip out thebrings to sleep parishioners, Indians their language, it isChronicle and Goodbetter, and more reasonable,Government, Guaman Pomade Ayala, 1615,Copenhaguenthat us to learn theirs 12. THE NEW LAWS TRANSCULTURIZATION1. St. Toribio of Mogrovejo, 2nd. Bishop of Lima, Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Madrid2. Apparition of the Virgin Mary to the Inkain the Siege of Cuzo, 1570,3. Town in the Andes3. Last Supper with Guinea pig and Chicha wine,4. Percentage of Native Population in the Americas 13. THE NEW LAWS OF PERU VICEROYALTY 14. RESTORATION IN PERU A BRIEF ACCOUNTBUILT HERITAGE (Pizarro) does not conquered us but the men of the Inca Empire who are our cooper-skinned ancestors. We descend form the winners and the losers, but we are neither winners nor losers. We are the result of that encounter. We can be Indegenists o Hispanists. The Peruanism unites, heals; the Indigenism and Hispanism badly understood divides, tears us apart. Our obligation is to integrate not disintegrate us Jose Antonio del Busto EUROPEAN MASTER OR DIAGNOSIS AND REPAIR OF BUILDING 2009-2010 Specialization Stage Polytechnic University of Lublin 15. ARCHITECTURE 1. Monastery of St. Catherine,Arequipa 2. Sevilian tiles of the Cloister of theMonastery of St. Dominic, Lima 3. Monastery of St. Dominic over the Temple of the Sun, Cuzco 4. Cupola of the Jesuit Church,Arequipa 5. Cathedral of Lima 6. Monastery of St. Francis of Assisi,Lima 16. ARCHITECTURE 1. Conde de Superunda St., Lima 2. Mudejar cupola at the Monastery ofSt. Francis of Assisi, Lima 3. House in Trujillo 4. Torre Tagle Palace, Lima 5. St. James Apostle Church, Lampa, Puno 6. Faade detail of the St. Augustine Church, Lima 17. RURAL HERITAGE 1. Church of Maras, Cuzco 2. Church of St. John the Baptist over theTemple of the Sun, Vilcashuaman,Ayacucho 3. Church of St. Christopher, Rapaz, Lima 4. Church of St. Anthony, Lanchas, Lima 5. Church in Cuzco 18. STATE OF THE BUILT HERITAGE1. House in Francisco Pizarro St.,, Lima2. Church of the St. Cross, Juli3. Jesuit Church after the 2007 Earthquake, Pisco4. Church of Our Lady of Rosary, Yauca, Ica5. Shopping Center above Palace of Inca Pachacutec, Cuzco6. Church Hermitage of Barranco, Lima6. St. Joseph Church, Nazca3. Birth House of St. Martin of Porres, Callao St, Lima 19. RESTORATION IN PERU A BRIEF ACCOUNTBACKGROUND & LEGALFRAMEWORK EUROPEAN MASTER OR DIAGNOSIS AND REPAIR OF BUILDING 2009-2010 Specialization Stage Polytechnic University of Lublin 20. THE NEW LAWS LEGAL FRAMEWORKTHE CULTURAL HERITAGE POLITICAL CONSTITUTION property has to be used in harmony with the social interest and it can be Confiscated only for reasons of public only need and useCIVIL CODE land property is subject to the requirements and limitations of the respective dispositionsORGANIC LAW OF MUNICIPALITIES in topics related to land use, housing and collective safety,the city halls are entitled among other actions, to regulatenew construction and alterations, demolish buildings, promote the health and safety of urban and overcrowded areas,renew non-habitable urban areas, preserve heritage buildings and sites listed as historical and artistic heritage, control the progressive clearing of unsafe areas subject to hazard and destruction in detriment of its occupants 21. TIMELINEVictor Pimentel, Peruvian architectVenice Charter, 1964Invited as a signee The Deliberant Board of Lima, 1964 First Inventory of BuiltHeritage in LimaNational Institute of Culture, 1972 Conservation gets institutionalismAdaptation to International theories Private institution promoting The Council of Lima, 1980education campaigns to foster Patronato de Lima the benefits of the conservation Comprehensive Inventory of Ford Foundation , 1984Built Heritage of Lima fromAntiquity to Modern Movement 22. TIMELINE Chan Chan, 1986Cultural Chavin, 1985 (Archeological) Sacred City of Caral, 2009 Sites Lines and Geoglyphs of Nazca, 1994 City of Cusco, 1983Cultural Historic centre of Lima, 1988(Historical) Historic centre of Arequipa, 2000sites UNESCO, World Heritage Sites Huascaran National Park, 1985Natural Manu National Park, 1987 Sites Rio Abiseo National Park, 1990Mixed Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, 1983Sites Workshop School of Lima Vocational Schools throughout Escuela Taller de LimaPeru to learn traditional tradesNew Wonder of the Modern World Macchu Pichu Ministry of Culture, 2010 23. THE NEW LAWS LEGAL FRAMEWORK Ley General del Patrimonio Cultural de la Nacin. no. 24047 General law of the Cultural Heritage of the NationIt is understood as cultural good part of the Cultural Heritage of the Nationto every expression of the human task material or immaterial- that by its importance,value and paleontological, archaeological, architectural, historical, artistic, military, social, anthropological or intellectual meaning. 100,000 sites, counting only the archeological 1.8 millions of foreign visitors (2006), 80% are cultural tourists. Foreign tourists are only 28% of the sectorCultural Asset Constant annual growth of 16% since 1993 Tourism is an industry of US$ 1,545,000,000 (2006). Second source of hard currency Employs 13% of the workforce 24. THE NEWHERITAGE SITES WORLD LAWS No specific legislation exists besides theConvention of the World Heritage Sites and the documents for the own management Every human activity carried out within should followPeruvian World the parameters defined by its respective Master Plan, Plan of Management, or Plan of Public Use aimed Heritage Sitesto preserve the Exceptional Universal Value of the place, as well as its authenticity and integrity. UNESCOSs Convention for the Protection of culturaland Natural Heritage has character of National LawIssuance of Management DocumentationMinistry of Culture National Institute of Natural Resources Cultural HeritageMixed Cultural & Natural HeritageNatural Heritage 25. THE NEW LAWS MONUMENT1.MonumentEvery built structure that has a cultural, historical, and Monumentosocial value. It goes from the isolated architectonic c