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Building Stronger Communities, Building Stronger Choruses. Fundraising General Session. Economic Survey Results. Above is an average of the revenue sources reported by all respondents. Economic Survey Results. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building Stronger Communities, Building Stronger ChorusesFundraising General Session1

Economic Survey ResultsAbove is an average of the revenue sources reported by all respondents.2

Economic Survey Results

As earned income represents the largest percentage of revenue sources it is encouraging to see a majority of the respondents expecting earned income to increase or hold steady. This is a slightly more optimistic view than was expressed in a broader survey done by Chorus America where a higher percentage of respondents were anticipating decreases in earned revenues.3

Economic Survey Results

About 70% of the respondents have seen ticket sales remain steady or increase while 30% have seen tickets sales decrease, with more than half of those experiencing decreases in excess of 10%4

Economic Survey Results

60% of respondents have found ticket sales occurring later than was historically the case. What strategies have been required to adapt to this new reality?5

Economic Survey Results

The anticipated decrease in government grant funding is consistent with our observation that many states are drastically cutting back arts funding and is also consistent with the results of the Chorus America survey.

A surprising number of respondents indicated that they receive no government grant funding. For those choruses, as the economy rebounds and arts funding returns to normal levels, you may want to be sure you are aware of funding opportunities within your state, county and city governments.6

Economic Survey Results

Similarly, the picture for foundation grants appears relatively optimistic with 24% of the respondents anticipating and increase in this funding source. This departs sharply from the Chorus America survey results where almost no respondents were anticipating increases.

Is there a sense of where these increases are coming from?7

Economic Survey Results

Individual giving and special events top the list of places to look for revenue dollars to replace losses in other categories. Is this wishful thinking or has that been the groups experience over the past 6 months?8

Economic Survey Results

Individual giving represents a smaller percentage of the respondents overall revenues than was reflected in the Chorus America survey (20% vs. 37%). A surprising number of respondents indicated that they have no individual giving program.

Only 27% of the respondents are expecting individual giving to decrease in 2009-2010. Is this a reflection of believing that the economy has hit bottom and is beginning to rebound or increased emphasis on individual donation campaigns?9

Economic Survey Results

For 50% of the respondents individual giving fell below their targets for the past year, with about half of those experiencing shortfalls of more than 20%.10

Economic Survey Results

Over 80% of respondents are expecting revenue from special events to increase or hold steady. 11

Economic Survey Results

Two things are surprising in these results. The first is that despite the responses to the prior slide, 48% of respondents experienced shortfalls in revenue from their most recent special events. Is it a perception of an improving economy that is causing the expectation that the next 12 months will be better that the last? Also, the % of respondents not using special events as fundraisers is surprising. 12

Economic Survey Results

Views are mixed on the outlook for corporate sponsorship with ~40% expecting a decrease and the remainder split between holding steady and expecting an increase. For those expecting an increase, could you share with the group what strategy is creating this opportunity?13

Economic Survey Results

While the highest % of respondents report ending their most recent fiscal year essentially breakeven, 36% report an operating deficit. This result is very similar to the Chorus America survey in the volunteer chorus category.14

Economic Survey Results

It is encouraging to see that none of the respondents felt that the financial viability of their chorus was in serious doubt. The overall outlook seems relatively optimistic.15

Economic Survey Results


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