Building Kiva in Russia

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Georgetown University Master of Public Relations Digital Campaign Strategy for Building Kiva in Russia

Transcript of Building Kiva in Russia

  • 1. Building in Russia Sienna Public Relations June 22, 2009 Sienna Public Relations
  • 2. Agenda 1.0 Objective 2.0 Considerations 3.0 Our Insight 4.0 The Big Idea 5.0 Our Strategy 6.0 How it Works 7.0 Why it Works 8.0 Measuring Success Sienna Public Relations
  • 3. * 1.0 Objective Increase active participation in Kiva and its mission among the Russian people through social media. Sienna Public Relations 3
  • 4. 2.0 Considerations Russians are willing to give but are mistrustful of organized charities. And Kiva is virtually unknown. Sienna Public Relations 4
  • 5. 3.0 Our Insight Its a cultural thing. We can harness the inherent viral nature of social networking to achieve our objective. Its about connecting two degrees of separation. Sienna Public Relations 5
  • 6. Student Lender 3.0 Reaching Kiva Target Audience s Overcoming obstacles: Language Conversational Conventions Trust Lenders in Russia are two degrees of separation away from English speaking Russian students in the U.S., Canada, U.K., etc. Sienna Public Relations 6
  • 7. 4.0 The Big Idea Increase active participation in Kiva and its mission among the Russian people by empowering Russian students to create niche lending teams. Sienna Public Relations 7
  • 8. 1 o 2 o Ko 5.0 Our Strategy Empower Russian students (studying in Russia and abroad) to create niche lending teams on using members of their own social networks, and spread the word about Kiva across Russia. Sienna Public Relations 8
  • 9. 6.0 How it Works Sienna Public Relations
  • 10. 6.0 How it Works 25 Russian Students LSE Lending Recruits post a Team Recruits 75 link to Kiva on Friends and social media Family profile 100 Russian 75 Russian Friends Click on Friends Create a the Recruits Link New Lending Team on Sienna Public Relations
  • 11. 7 Why it Works .0 Low upfront Draws volunteers Cost Social media effective Studying Disposable Creates Low abroad income communities long-term Timely Draws lenders Gross income Implementation Incentivizes students Student Builds ambassadors trust Real-world experience Creates a English bridge Russian Sienna Public Relations
  • 12. 8.0 Measuring Success Future State Awareness & Action Increased Russian Kiva Activity Identify Baseline Numbers for Kiva Russian Awareness & Adoption Forecast Using 2 Degrees Strategy Implement Sienna PR Strategy Measure Forecast Against Baseline Measure Results Against Goals to Identify Current State Awareness & Action Sienna Public Relations
  • 13. Questions Sienna Public Relations