Building it right with Joomla 3 !

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Quick checklist of things to take care of when you are building with Joomla 3x. Things to do .. and things not to do..

Transcript of Building it right with Joomla 3 !

  • Joomla 3 Are you Building it right ? The build it right checklist & Common Mistakes to avoid Presented at Joomla User Group Pune, 2nd August 2014
  • Parth Lawate Strategic Marketing Manager,Joomla CEO, Techjoomla @parthlawate, @techjoomla Cook Bookworm Gardener JUG Pune Joomla Freak Trekking Entrepreneur Joomla Day India Open Source Software Architecht Marketing Content Strategy Hiking CEO, Techjoomla Director, Tekdi Technologies
  • Getting the best out of the Joomla core
  • Remember Joomla 3 has a lot to offer ! Tags Content versioning Kick ass ACL Install from Web Automatic Updates Quick & Easy Multilungual sites
  • Plan it Right Categories * Remember there's Tags as well now ! Menus Content Extensions There is no excuse for bad planning. It can
  • Dont over do extensions The JED with its 8k+ can be like a toy store for a kid Its ok to try lots of extensions but choose & keep the bare minimum you really need
  • Content Use Typography to make your content better looking Use optimised images. Dont drag them small Article Alias creates the URL No Word code please Dont use non responsive tables in content Use Alt & Title tags make your site accessible
  • The ItemID the ultimate Joomla villain This guy can make a ton of things go seriously wrong.. So be especially careful !
  • The Menus & the Menu items No 2 Menus pointing to the same item Use the 'levels' configuration to show partial menus Clean out menus you dont need from your trash as well Doing your menus right can avoid item Id issues
  • Modules Use modules intelligently Avoid redundant copies No Number's advanced module manager can save you a lot of pain Again item ids can play havoc with module assignments
  • Before you Go live
  • Change the Defaults Global Config Site Title & Meta Data Make sure your email config works Delete all mock data menus, categories, content & empty your trash
  • Optimise Optimise Optimise Caching Combine Compress Gzip Client Side Caching Optimise your images
  • Is it Seccure ? Seccure your Host Seccure your application Setup Automated Backups Run a MyJoomla security scan Admin tools Pro & Akeeba Backup can make your job easier
  • Akeeba Backup Pro Admin Tools Pro Email Beautifier Cache Cleaner Advanced Module Manager Simple Image gallery & All Videos plugins Must have Extensions
  • Maintenance Update the core as well as any extensions you use regularly ! Backup before you update Test updates on a staging site Run regular speed audits Run regular security audits Educate clients if you are not maintaining for them
  • Questions ?
  • Thank You ! Stay #jpositiv !! Twitter @parthlawate