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Larry cai <[email protected]>

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Learn how to build web service using docker, it is intermediate knowledge of docker. CodingWithMe style for 90 minutes

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Page 1: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Larry cai <[email protected]>

Page 2: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Precondition You need finish/understand the basic docker

knowledge in What is docker Command : pull/run/images/ps .. Interactive and daemon mode Build with Dockerfile

Build Service with Docker in 90 minutes2 04/07/23

Page 3: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Agenda Docker Revisit Exercise 1: Manage data in

container (-v) Exercise 2: Manage data in

container from another Exercise 3: Link containers (--

name/--link) Exercise 4: Remote API Exercise 5: Docker in Docker Exercise 6: Build service together

(haproxy+2 tomcat)Build Service with Docker in 90

minutes3 04/07/23

Docker Host

HAProxy (Load Balancer)




Web Service




Page 4: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Environment Preparation Boot2docker Installer (27M)

Contains latest docker already, fast Container persistence via disk automount on /var/lib/docker Add proxy /var/lib/boot2docker/profile if needed

$ sudo vi /var/lib/boot2docker/profile export http_proxy=<your proxy> $ sudo /etc/init.d/docker restart

$ docker -v User/Passwd: docker/tcuser

Build Service with Docker in 90 minutes4 04/07/23

Page 5: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Docker Revisit Docker is an open-source engine that automates the

deployment of any application as a lightweight, portable, self-sufficient container that will run virtually anywhere.

Build Service with Docker in 90 minutes5 04/07/23

Based on LXC (Linux Container), easy to use.

Similar to VM as end-user with different features

Page 6: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Manage Data in Container Container as a Service and Data needs

persistency Load balancer, App, Database, Data storage

Share data from host by mount a Host Directory as a Data Volume VOLUME [ “/var/data” ] # in Dockerfile -v host:guest # in docker run

Share data from another Data-only container --volumes-from data-container

Backup/Restore Data-only container

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Page 7: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Exercise 1: Manage data in tomcat run larrycai/tomcat without volume

$ docker run –P –d larrycai/tomcat$ docker logs <id>

Share the local directory into it$ docker run –v /tmp/webapps:/var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/ –P –d larrycai/tomcat

Download sample.warhttp://

Build Service with Docker in 90 minutes7 04/07/23


Page 8: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Exercise 2: Data container for tomcat 1. Create data container (Tips: use –e

https_proxy:<proxy>)$ docker run –v /tmp/webapps:/var/lib/tomcat7/webapps –-name webfarm jamtur01/fetcher

2. Share data from another container$ docker run –-volumes-from webfarm –P –d larrycai/tomcat

3. Try to download new one Calendar.war to put into /tmp/wepapps

Build Service with Docker in 90 minutes8 04/07/23

Code Calendar.war

Page 9: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Link the containers in docker Docker container has the same private

network Name the container and Link them to provide

the service outside and hide internal port/network !

Name the containerdocker run --name postgresql92 postgresql

Link container to the another container--link name:aliasdocker --link postgresql92:db app

Build Service with Docker in 90 minutes9 04/07/23 Img source from

Page 10: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Exercise 3: Link tomcat with haproxy Start tomcat with name web

$ docker run –-name tomcat –d larrycai/tomcat

Start another node with link alias$ docker run -it --link tomcat:web busybox

Check environment and access it# env # check environment# cat /etc/hosts # check host # wget web:8080

Create another tomcat and Add HAProxy container$ docker run –-name tomcat –d larrycai/tomcat$ docker run –-name tomcat2 –d larrycai/tomcat$ docker run –-link tomcat:back1 –-link tomcat2:back2 –it –P larrycai/haproxy bash# export CONFIG=/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg# echo " server back1 ${BACK1_PORT_8080_TCP_ADDR}:8080 maxconn 32" >> $CONFIG # echo " server back2 ${BACK2_PORT_8080_TCP_ADDR}:8080 maxconn 32" >> $CONFIG# haproxy -f /etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg# ^P^Q

Access 80/8080 port

Build Service with Docker in 90 minutes10 04/07/23

Page 11: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Docker API Docker client/server is communicated via

Remote API Official docker port is 2375 (since 1.0)

API tends to be REST

Build Service with Docker in 90 minutes11 04/07/23

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Page 12: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Exercise 4: Remote API Top of the container

API: GET /containers/(id)/top Docker command: $ docker <container id> top

List all images API: GET /images/json Docker command: $ docker images

Try to find your favorite language for the docker remote API to play with.

remote_api_client_libraries/ Build Service with Docker in 90

minutes12 04/07/23

Page 13: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Docker in Docker Docker is client/Daemon via REMOTE API Docker in Docker can make environment

much clean Docker Host only environment All applications are in docker container Easy to deployment

Docker in Docker means install Docker Client into Container

Build Service with Docker in 90 minutes13 04/07/23

Page 14: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Exercise 5: Docker in Docker Install docker client in docker container

Run docker command inside !!$ docker run –it -v /var/run/docker.sock:/docker.sock larrycai/docker bash# docker images

Point to Docker Host & Pass data inside # docker –H unix:///docker.sock images

or# export DOCKER_HOST=unix:///docker.sock# docker images

Build Service with Docker in 90 minutes14 04/07/23

Page 15: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Exercise 6: Build Service Together Do it all

Show the help Run the 2 tomcat container & Run the one haproxy

container over it. Show the generated port

$ docker run larrycai/craft

Build Service with Docker in 90 minutes15 04/07/23

Docker Host

HAProxy (Load Balancer)




Web Service




Craft(controll) /

Page 16: Build service with_docker_in_90mins

Recommend reading The Docker Book Docker Docs

Build Service with Docker in 90 minutes16 04/07/23