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Buckeye Badges: A pilot project at Ohio State University Tim Rhodus, Professor Horticulture & Crop Science Ohio State University [email protected]

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Buckeye Badges: A pilot project at Ohio

State University

Tim Rhodus, ProfessorHorticulture & Crop Science

Ohio State [email protected]

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Badging Experiences

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Started with credly.com

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Proposal for Buckeye Badges

Current Assessment Information

Active Badging System

Goals, Outcomes, Criteria and Measures across the curriculum

❖ Curricular badges❖ Co-curricular badges❖ Job readiness badges



EvidenceDate IssuedIssued By

Award/Earn Badges

AudienceBadge Content

University Assessment and

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July 2015 to April 2016 (10 months)

• Received funding from Dean of Undergraduate Education

• Designed a badging system, backpack and public website

• Engaged with 10 instructors,13 class assignments & the Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

• Awarded 1,573 badges

• Created custom plugin for U.OSU.EDU

Presentations with the ELT Community on campus, Innovate 2015 Academy of Teaching 2016 Annual Conference and the 2016 AAEEBL Midwest Regional Conference

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Badges Issued Course Assignments + Denman

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Autumn and Spring Course Assignments

Autumn Spring

876 Badges Issued

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Denman Undergraduate Research Forum

2016 Presenter 2016 Awardee 2016 First Place Award

697 Badges Issued

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Issuing & Receiving

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Badge Award Email

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Latest Badges

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Pending Issues

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Pressing Issues

Integrating Badging &

Greater Acceptance

What’s Coming Next?

Badging Priorities