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  • WHO ARE WE Established in 1994 as a Medical Technology Developer and Patent Holding Company (Formerly Known as LaMina Inc.)

    Inventor of the First Test in the Cup (Genie Cup) for Drugs of Abuse tesJng, First Monolayer Liquid PreparaJon (MonoPrep) Cytology to replace PAP-Smear for Cervical Cancer Screening And First Saliva Based Colloidal Gold (Nanotechnology) Point of Care and PaJent ID Test.

  • BTP(Background)

    BTPs Technology Platform BioTechPharma, LLC ("BTP") has developed and patented a

    front-end collectionand testing platform. e product platform is a One-Stepcollection and rapid On-Site testing nanotechnology-based micro#uidicdevice. e device has a built-in feature to capture test subject's $ngerprintswhile collecting his/her DNA for sample identi$cation.

    Essentially, BioTechPharma's platform can be used to test virtually anymetabolite, protein, or biomarker found in a human as well as most otherenvironmental or biological samples.

    BTP's business model is to manufacture, sell, and license its products to the"Point of Care", test screening, environmental and biometric markets. BTP'splatform has many applications including but not limited to drug of abuse,infectious diseases, cancer detection, environmental, and bio-defense.

    e business strategy of the company is to establish strategic partnershipswith companies and organizations to exploit the platform for pro$tableapplications.

  • Our Vision To Make Healthcare Aordable To All NaJons Around the Globe And To Enable People To be more proacJve about their health to Do More for Less.

    This Can Be Achieved Through InnovaJve Oerings And Unique Value ProposiJons Across the Full Spectrum of Healthcare including Manufacturing of Consumer Health Products and PaJent Monitoring Devices.

  • Our Mission To Provide an Aordable InnovaJve SoluJons via AlternaJve Oerings to the Healthcare Community to enhance the Quality of Services For Caregivers while enhancing Consumer Values.

    To Introduce New Trends in Healthcare Consumer Privacy & InformaJon Security while CreaJng New OpportuniJes for Employments in the rapidly growing Healthcare Economy

  • Core Values Commitment To Excellence via InnovaJon, Integrity, and Social Responsibility.

    Job creaJon to Enable Each In-Country Partnership to parJcipate in the New Global Healthcare economy

  • KSA (Introduction) In-Country HealthCare Partnership

    Healthcare Spending as a (%) of GDP for

    Healthcare environment 12B+ healthcare spending in capital equipment and related supplies and services, Average annual growth between 5% - 10% Major Cause of Death: Cardiovascular, Cancer, and Diabetes

    MOH Total Budget of SR 22B in 2007 SR 2000M FMS addressable Market

    383 hospitals / > 55K beds 324 MOH hosp. / 35,000 beds 27 military / 4,755 beds 5 National Guard / 1,530 beds 5 Teaching Hospitals / 1,770 beds ARAMCO / 560 beds 2 Royal Commission / 949 beds 15 > 200 beds ( Private) / 9,735 beds 3 Security Forces Hosp. / 570 beds 1 KFSH / 500 beds





    4.3 3.8




    USA Ger Fra Italy KSA Kuwait UAE Qatar Bahrain

  • Estimated KSA Market Size Capital Equipment & Related Consumables and


    MOH MODA NGHA KFSH Teach Private Others HIT Services Non-Medical Consumables

    Total Market Size SR 39,860,200

    Capital Equipment


  • Future Market Drivers Worldwide: Most hospitals, clinics, trauma centers, physicians, and patients

    will be connected to one large network enabling access to critical medical information.

    The medical industry will face an ethical and social issues over the disclosure of patient information that causes patient Information privacy and security to become an integral part of the healthcare systems.

    Advanced nanotechnology and genetic will eliminate many diseases, accelerate healing, and increase longevity.

    Personalized Medicine will lead to new generation of smart phone applications, drugs, implants, and medical devices that will enhance our health and performance.

    Virtual-reality medical simulations will become the dominant mode of medical training.

    Cyber-health care that is customized for usdesigned to monitor, diagnose, educate, and intervene regardless of location or timewill be common.


    Demand for Integrations of clinical IT solutions and wireless healthcare communication devices will drive the need for information security and patient privacy.

    Growing pressures for direct presence of suppliers and made-in the KSA will continue to increase to create new jobs in the Kingdom.

    Move to innovation to design and build outreach satellite healthcare centers to provide quality healthcare to remote site populations in the KSA.

    Increased acceptance for Over The Counter (OTC) and yellow products in Saudi Public and Private Hospitals and out-patient clinics

    Quality level of post-sales-support is increasingly more important to customers than brand names will drive the need for Healthcare Call-Centers and Web-Based Information Sites.

    Saudi Food & Drugs Agency (S-FDA) newly established regulatory body Change of competitive landscape..

    Insurance coverage for early detection and pro-health screening.

  • BTP Target Users and Market Segments

    BTP Integrated Sample Collection and Testing Devices are significantly different from other OverThe-Counter (OTC) products. They have a built in tamper proof lock plus a split sample vial for additional laboratory testing.

    Integrated Sample Collection & Testing Devices

  • BTP Current Product Oerings


    Saliva Based Kits for Drugs of Abuse Testing for use at VISA & Immigration oces (Point-of-Entry/OTC) and Roadside Testing of 12 Drugs including Alcohol (available Oct. 2013)

    Saliva Based Kits for Hormonal & Endocrine Measurements of Diabetes and Nutritional Diseases (Available June 2014)

    Saliva Based Kits for DNA Analysis for use with Personalized Medicine and Chromosomal Analysis of Genetic Diseases.

    Cervical & Endometrial Swabs for Detection of Cervical Cancer using HPV Chromosomal Markers and Cervical Cytology. (available Oct. 2014)

    Saliva Based erapeutic Drug Monitoring Kits

    Urine & Other Body Fluids

    Urine Based (OTC) Drugs of Abuse Kits for 23 dierent Drugs and Alcohol (available Oct. 2013)

    Urinary Cardiac Markers for Early Detection of Coronary Heart Diseases and Angina Pectoris. (available June 2014)

    Urinary Tumor Markers for Bladder Cancers & Kidney Cancers. (Available June 2014)

    Hormonal & Endocrine Nutritional Urinary Markers for Diabetes and Nutritional Diseases (Available June 2014)

    Occult Blood in the Stool Detection Kits for Early Detection of Colon Cancers.

  • Patient Centric HealthCare Service Platform

    OTC Markets

    AT-Home Test Kits

  • BTP (Subsidiaries & Partners) Manufacturing Capabilities

    Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing

  • Process Engineering Our Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

  • BTP (Subsidiaries) Our Customer Lists (Partial)

    Abbott Laboratories. Cole Parmer. Fisher Scienti$c. Baxter. Hofman LaRoche. Johnson & Johnson. Medtronic. Becton Dickinson. School Health. InterAccoustics Sanibel Supply DentSply WHPM LumiQuick

  • FDA & Regulatory Certi$cations

  • BTP US Government Certi$cations

  • BTP (Subsidiaries & Partners)

    Is e Right Partner For Your Hospitals Group

    To meet your Supply Chain & HealthCare Needs in the New Era of Internet Economy.