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March Bruner Club Who’s Who Jelfi na Alouw Carolin a Carmarg o Dori Osantows ki Greg Britta in Irfan Ullah Fatima Mustafa Silva na Morae s Zixi ao Zhao Ken Miwa

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March Bruner Club Who’s Who

Jelfina Alouw

Carolina Carmargo

Dori Osantowski

Greg Brittain

Irfan Ullah

Fatima Mustafa

Silvana Moraes

Zixiao Zhao

Ken Miwa

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Jelfina C. Alouw

I live in Lincoln with my husband, daughter : Elsa Gloria & son : Kevin who are now at Lincoln High School and Culler Middle School

BS : Sam Ratulangi University (UNSRAT), Indonesia MS: Depart of Entomology, University of the Philippines at

Los Banos (UPLB)I work for Indonesian Coconut & other Palmae Research

Institute (ICOPRI) (1992-now)Some activities as a researcher:

Project coordinator for Exploration & Identification of coconut pests & their natural enemies in some provinces of Indonesia,

FAO, DFD, CFC projects on IPM for Rhinoceros beetle (2007-2009)

Jircas project on genetic variation of Brontispa longissima (2010)

Hobbies: tennis table & badminton

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Indonesian Coconut & other Palmae Research Institute

Jelfina C. Alouw

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• Currently studying to be a Doctor of Plant Health.

• From Covina, California in Los Angeles county

• Studied Zoology at Cal Poly Pomona and did work with native fish of the Southwest in Southern California and Arizona.

• Worked for a plant ecologist in New Mexico studying the physiological effects of drought on Piñon (Pinus edulis) and Juniper trees.

• Went on a mission trip with Campus Crusade to Shymkent Kazakhstan for three months.

Gregory D. Brittain Jr.

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Gregory D. Brittain Jr.

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Carolina Camargo

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Carolina Camargo

Fall 2011 UNL • Interest in Insect Toxicology and

Sustainable Agriculture• Dr. Blair Siegfried Soybean Aphid

Neonicotinoids• Doctor of Plant Health Program

Colombian Institute for Science and Technology -English Training OSU-

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Ken Miwa

• I am from Shizuoka, Japan, which is near Mt. Fuji in central Japan. My wife and I have a son and a daughter.

• I received my B.S. in Integrative Biology from Brigham Young University and my M.S. in Entomology from UNL under the supervision of Dr. Gary Brewer.

• I am currently persuing my Ph.D. in Entomology and working with Dr. Lance Meinke on natural history and pest potential of Colaspis species in Nebraska.

• My biggest hobbies are collecting and rearing insects, especially scarab and stag beetles. I have a great interest in nature. I also enjoy gardening. I have tropical fish and box turtles as pets. I like playing and watching sports. Photography is another hobby of mine.

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Ken Miwa

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Silvana Moraes

I am from Brasilia, Brazil. I am married to Antonio Moraes, a graduate student in Agri-

economics. We have one 12 year old daughter, Mariana. I am an agronomy engineer. I have a Masters in entomology. I

received these degrees from University of Vicosa. In my professional life, I was:

a professor of applied entomology a private consultant in entomology worked in plant protection analysis for the Brazilian National Agency

I am currently a researcher at Embrapa: Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation. They are supporting my Ph.D. in Entomology.

I am working with Dr. Tom Hunt and Dr. Bob Wright on western bean cutworm

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Silvana Moraes

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Silvana Moraes

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Fatima Mustafa

from Pakistan Received a Master degree with

research on mites Now doing a PhD with Dr

Hoback and Dr. Foster working with insect plant

interaction. She will be joining her university

back in her country after completing her degree, but she would definitely love a chance to stay longer here in US. 

She loves to watch TV laying on the couch. This is more fun if she is eating a finger food.

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Fatima Mustafa From Pakistan

EDUCATION B.S (Entomology) in 2007 M.S (Entomology) in 2009 PhD (Entomology) started since


LIKE TO PLAY Badminton bowling

HOBBIES Watching TV Reading Novels

CAREER Teaching and Research

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Dori Osantowski

• From Albion, NE

• BS in Insect Science, MS in Entomology - UNL

• Now Doctor of Plant Health student

• Recently married in September 2011

• On the competitive UNL Weed Science Team• Enjoys spending time with my husband and

family, collecting insects, fishing, running (especially with my dogs), baking, hunting, shooting handguns (well any gun), four-wheeling, riding motorcycles, learning to drive huge farm equipment, and dancing.

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Dori Osantowski

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• Undergrad with Major in Entomology 2001• MS Entomology 2003• 2003-2008 worked both in Public and Private organizations.• 2008 joined University of Sargodha as Lecturer • Fall 2009 started PhD at UNL• Working with Dr Hoback and Dr Foster

– Ecoregion level distribution & correlations of Nebraska grasshoppers– Feeding behavior and preference– Molecular studies of rangeland grasshoppers

• Pictured in the next slide are my wife (Sadia) and my daughter (Eshaal) and me.

• There also is a map of Pakistan with the city (Sargodha), where I live.

Muhammad ‘Irfan’ Ullah

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Irfan Ullah

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Zixiao Zhao

• Originally from S.E. China, Graduate from Zhejiang University in 2009

• My interesting: Photography Military Ski Hobbies Pets Railroad History

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Zixiao Zhao