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  • 8/3/2019 BRUNEI DARUSSALAM[1]


    Brunei is a country with a small, wealthyeconomy that is a mixture of foreign and

    domestic entrepreneurship, governmentregulation and welfare measures, andvillage tradition. It is almost totallysupported by exports of crude oil and

    natural gas, with revenues from thepetroleum sector accounting for overhalf of GDP.

    Notice the shell logo, which is a gas company

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    The economy of Brazil is the world's sevenlargest by nominal GDP and eight largest

    by purchasing power parity. Its economyis based on its rich sugar crop, and alsothe Amazonia .

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    Brunei has abundant resource of Oil andNatural Gas, for a long time, Brunei

    Darussalams energy policy is centeredon its oil and gas industry. the BruneiNatural Gas Policy (Production andUtilisation) was introduced in 200. The

    policy aimed to maintain gas productionat 2000 rates in order to adequatelysatisfy export obligations

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    What kinds of energy is Brazil developing?

    The government is, of course, drilling for oil off the Atlanticcoast, without fretting much about the BP oil spill. It is buildingbig hydroelectric projects. It's developing a nuclear powerplant. And Brazil is the world's leading producer of low-carbon sugar-cane ethanol, the most efficiently producedbiofuel in the world.

    The sugar industry produces food, fuel and environmentalbenefits.

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    The capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, is dominated by thepicturesque Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque. The Istana Nurul Imanis the most impressive site in Brunei and the world's largestresidential palace. The sculpture nearby celebrate ASEAN unity.The Kampong Ayer or water village has been describe as the

    "Venice of the East". It is home to 30,000 people and featuresstilthouses over the water. Native longhouses are also a touristattraction but are hard to reach, and trips up the Brunei andTutong rivers are interesting but not yet well organized. Everyvisitor must have a valid passport; visas are normally required,but there are exemptions based on nationality and purpose andlength of visit.

    There were 984,093 visitor arrivals to Brunei in 2000. That yearthere were 2,412 hotel rooms with an occupancy rate of 63%.

    In 2002, the US Department of State estimated that the cost ofstaying in Brunei was between US $123 and $235 per day.

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    The MalayTechnology Museum

    National Day on 23rd

    February, the Sultan'sbirthday on 15th July,Chinese New Yearand many Muslimreligious festivals like

    Hari Raya whereopen house iscommon.

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    Tourism in Brazil is a growing sector and keyto the economy of several regions of thecountry. The country had 5.1 million visitors

    in 2010, ranking in terms of the internationaltourist arrivals as the second maindestination in South America, and third inLatin America afterMexico and Argentina.

    Revenues from international touristsreached US$5.9 billion in 2010, not onlyrecovering from the 2008-2009 economiccrisis, but reaching its historical highest.
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    Rio de Janeiro, themost visiteddestination in Brazil

    by foreign tourists forleisure trips, andsecond place forbusiness travel

    Carnival in brazil
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    Agriculturalworkers > Female:19%

    Compensationofemployees > % ofexpense:13.11%

    Economic activity > Both sexesaged10-14: 14.43

    Economicactivity > Menaged65plus:30.06

    Femaleeconomicactivitygrowth:-2% force with tertiary education > % of total :6.9 %

    force, total :91,313,050

    Labor force > By occupationagriculture 20%, industry 14%, services 66%

    Regulation > Employment Conditions :89

    Unemployment, female > % of female labor force :12.3 %

    Unemployment, male > % of male labor force :7.8 %

    Unemployment, total > % of total labor force :9.7 %

    Workers' remittances, receipts > BoP, current US$ :2,479,867,000 BoP$
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