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NOTES: Since Android 4.4, the Webview was chromium based. So, some of content in this presentation is either invalid or out of date.

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  • browser on android - webkit, chromium, webview, contentView..
  • webkit Rendering engine used by Safari , Chrome and Android Browser Not too much document...
  • chromium a open source browser project using webkit as the rendering engine from which the chrome draw its source code
  • chrome googles name and different logo integrated ash player built-in pdf viewer built-in print system auto update statistics and crash report sender aac mp3 h.264* more html5 video/audio support
  • Android stock browser stock browser webview webkit(android)
  • Chrome for Android base on same source code unied UE NO ash support tab/navigation ue sign in sync chrome dev tools html5 indexDB websocket webworker vs chrome desktop vs stock android browser GPU acce. for canvas css transformation & transition geolocation html media capture
  • Android browser VS chrome android Vs Content Shell based Browser android browser 280 (290 using webview) android chrome(v18) 369 android 4.0.4r1 Qunata POC box form+33 le +10 communication + 22 works + 10 although none video codec is marked as supported, but android browser DO be able to play some html5 video. Not sure of the video codec type content shell (chrome v19) 391
  • chrome 21 video/audio support video codec mp4v.20.8
  • content module Content contains only the core code to render a page. Chrome use Content API to implement features.
  • Architecture diagram
  • contentView vs webView At this stage, webview provide more functionality than contentView webview is much more stable than contentView (contenView based browser is very fragile)
  • Options to build a customize browser webkit (android) webview android browser (option1) customize browser webkit content chrome Android (option2) customize browser pros cons option1 1.stable & mature API browsers code is open sourced and could be leveraged 3.learning curve is low 1. less html5 support 2. wekkit is out of date and its update cycle is limited by Android release cycle option2 1. better html5 support 2. multiprocess 3. stay updated (chrome V18) 1. non-stable & mature android is not open source 3. learning curve is high
  • To get both benet, WE wish... Webview could built upon chrome engine Are you still working on the Android browser, or are you dropping support in favor of Chrome? Android Browser and Chrome for Android are both derived from Chromium and already share a lot of code. We will continue to evaluate where it makes sense to harmonize our efforts; for instance, Google now has just one port of WebKit to maintain. But good news is .....
  • Q: With Chrome on Android what happens to the original Android browser and WebView? A: ICS->JB upgrade will not pre-install Chrome. WebView will be converted to Chromium based code. Android and Chrome engineers are working together. Q: Will WebView get updated? A: WebView and Chrome browser will be the same when the OS is upgraded. Every 6 weeks Chrome will be updated but WebView will not. Just to be careful not to break anything. Pretty Good! What does it mean??? Webview will be chromium based
  • webkit (chrome) webview android chrome (option1) customize browser That is ..... But, it is still under cooking.. not yet on 4.1
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