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  • 1. SMARCOS: Artemis project 100017 INTERUSABLE DEVICES first cycle of concept development theWHAT Nemein: Contextual Collaboration usage of context-based awareness cues in Space: Building a system that gathers informal information sharing was investi-Smarcos propose new seamless and project data from all the relevant infor- gated. In the next cycle of iteration, thenatural ways to interact between the mation systems in an organization, focus are techniques with which users canemployed technology and its users, with merges them into an overall picture of build services out of connected context-the main objective of enhancing and en- what is happening aware devices.riching their lives: It explores the usability University of Twente: Smart Photoof communicating embedded devices Sharing: It aims to develop a smartthrough a combination of user centric photo-sharing application for smartphone BENEFITSresearch and technology developments devices that provides a holistic experi- The trials demonstrate new ways to fos-that are validated in several medium- and ence to its participants by providing ter and enrich human-human interaction capture, share and consumption and human-computer-device interactionsmall-scale trials: support. Ixonos WutuBand: A tangible UI that employing ubiquitous computing and em- VTT Context-Aware User Interface bedded systems. can be used to track ones health, sim- Migration: The ContextMigrationDae- plify tasks, track the users location, mon mobile application in conjunction provide reminders and safety signals and . with the Migration Platform is a proof-of other uses. -concept prototype on migrating the user Indras NFC-based bicycle rental: interface based on contextual triggers. Indra is currently working in a mid-scale TP Visions Smart Phone interaction prototype with a bicycle-rental scenario with embedded systems: explores the in which the user accesses to the prod- control of embedded systems by enabling uct by using an NFC smart phone. the mobile phone to exchange informa- Offcodes Domestic Energy-User In- tion based on ontology structures terface: The UI can be distributed to mobile terminals, but it will also be build visible at home in the i.e in the kitchen. ISTI-CNRs Mashup Editor: It allows HOW Smart Composite The work is carried out iteratively in the creation of a communication system among components originally belonging to different applications, composing web rapid cycles of concept creation, design, implementation and testing. All major HUMAN COMPUTER INTERFACES components with a direct selection and developments are incrementally validated ContextCapture -application demonstrated at manipulation of existing web applications. in medium- and small-scale trials. In the UbiComp 2011 in Beijing, China SMARCOS COMPLEX SYSTEMS CONTROL Therefore, four different pilots are being HOW INTRODUCTION plague many commercial and symbols, exchange context developed to cover separate areas of offerings. New challenges have information, user actions, and technology, learning while building and To do so, each of the four main pilots is also come up for user semantic data. It allows proving through achievements. The core being supervised by one of the main Smarcos project aims to help of Smarcos Complex system control is: partners of the WP, with the other users of interconnected interaction: multiple platforms, applications to follow the users partners providing support when embedded systems by ensuring multi-user applications, actions, predict needs and Aviation pilot: New technology needed. The partners also collaborate adapted to the Electronic Flight Bag, their interusability. Nowadays, internet synchronization, and react appropriately to with each other, studying potential joint application and service unexpected actions. offering an interface for an airplane pilot pursuits both technologically and other- users deal with many products to be used during flight from the wise, and perform collaborative manage- connected with web services adaptation to the changing cockpit, interacting with the airplanes ment on an international range thanks to (media players, refrigerators, situational contexts. Existing Smarcos use cases go around systems to share data with it. the advantages of the ARTEMIS e-books, even cars). This efforts towards interoperability three complementary domains: Monitoring system pilot: Several environment. distributed computing is have largely focused on attentive personal systems, monitors will collect, visualize and architectures. Smarcos extends interusable devices and com- Complex Control Systems Domains distribute information to present it in a BENEFITS becoming the norm in large area display, so that several users embedded systems. these efforts on to the user plex systems control. OurWHAT can interact with the same display wall. Research is fruitful not only by itself. In level. results will be applicable to all This will be used in traffic and security this case, it also provides progress beyond embedded systems thatSmarcos centers in the research and the state of the art, as Smarcos is building However, connection problems, for emergency control situations. Therefore, Smarcos allows interact with their users, whichdevelopment of new interface designs, devices that did not exist until now. firmware incompatibilities,increasing the usability of the Disabled people pilot: Advanced incomprehensible dialogue devices and services to is a substantial fraction ofever-growing technology that users find technology with less-than-usual Besides, the result products are expected boxes and just plain bugs communicate in UI level terms todays market.on a quotidian basis; but human-machine interfaces will ease the interaction of to be marketable for several purposes.communication is increasingly difficult as visually-impaired people with their The main customers currently in mind arethe