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Updated broadband presentation for July 2010

Transcript of Broadband civic-engagement-and-sustainability

  • 1. Broadband- Connecting for health, education and civic engagement.
    July 20,2010 Municipal Clerks Institute
    Paul Treadwell
    Cornell Cooperative Extension
    Distance Learning Consultant

2. What is Broadband?
High speed data transmission.
Always on connection.
Encompassing a variety of technologies.
3. Why Broadband Matters
Now, broadband is essential to opportunity and citizenship.
Connecting America: The National Broadband Plan
4. Why Now?
National Broadband Plan released March 2010.
Stimulus funding and re-invigoration of Federal Programs supporting broadband.
Increased understanding of competitive advantages brought by access.
5. The National Broadband Plan
FCC March 2010:
Presents an ambitious agenda for expanding access.
Emphasis on technology as enabling.
Robust vision of connectivity.
6. Broadband Adoption
Exhibit 3-1 from Connecting America | FCC March 2010
7. The Digital Divide
Is the gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology and those with very limited or no access at all.
Is a kind of capability deprivation.
As the world moves online, those who arent are excluded.
8. Growing Expectations
Citizens are, increasingly, expecting services to become available online:
Paying Bills
Interacting with elected officials
9. The Internet
10. The Civic Net
11. More than Bandwidth or Access
The fuss about broadband, then, extends beyond access to information to active participation in the online commons.
Broadband: Whats All the Fuss About? Pew Internet and American Life Project
12. Marketplace and/or Commons
2 ways of viewing the internet:
Access to goods
Buying and selling
Access to ideas
Interaction and exchange
13. How do You See Broadband?
What role can it play?
14. Broadband Enabled Services
Providing access to government information
Providing space for engagement
Access to the global marketplace
Technology training / digital literacy/ civic literacy
15. Case study Ontario county
Ontario County e-government
Access to governmental information
Online survey for community input
16. Case study Threadless
E-Commerce and the crowd:
17. Case Study Engaged Youth
Civic learning:
Engaged Youth
18. Case Study Squeaky Wheel
Digital/Media Literacy:
Squeaky Wheel
19. Barriers to Adoption
20. Sustainable communities
Broadband should be a component of any platform for sustainability.
Connecting (rural) communities to the world.
Sustaining locality.
21. Civic participation
Bringing itback home:
Tools for online engagement:
National Coalition for Dialog and Deliberation
National project connecting local participants
22. Education
Broadband opens up a channel to media rich educational opportunities:
MIT OpenCourseware:
23. Opportunities
Resurgence offunding opportunities creates a space for innovative programming.
Current Extension programming
National e-Commerce Extension Initiative.
Connecting rural communities.
24. Innovating
Digital literacy:
For community.
For educators.
Skills for an online world
Community brainstorming:
Games to spark planning around technology.
Useful Games
25. Appropriate Technology ?
Change is coming, continually
Understanding the transformative power of connectivity is necessary.
Change is not, necessarily, good.
Wise decisions will need to be made about when, where and how to use the power of this connectivity.
26. The value of open networks
Strangely enough, digital technologies are forcing us to recognize the power of the collective and social - David Bollier
The Commons as a New Sector of Value-Creation
Open standards-Open source-Open networks
27. Resources
Documents, sites and case studies referenced in this presentation are available online at:
28. Contact
Paul Treadwell
Distance Learning Consultant
Cornell Cooperative Extension
356 Roberts Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853