Bring your Friends to the Party: Incorporating Guest Speakers into your Online Course!

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Bring your Friends to the Party: Incorporating Guest Speakers into your Online Course!. Christopher Neidig & Daniel Shpak Quinnipiac University. Christopher Neidig. Senor Instructional Designer & Project Manager Adjunct faculty in the School of Communications - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Bring your Friends to the Party: Incorporating Guest Speakers into your Online Course!

Web Tech

Bring your Friends to the Party: Incorporating Guest Speakers into your Online Course!Christopher Neidig & Daniel ShpakQuinnipiac University

Christopher Neidig

Daniel ShpakSenor Instructional Designer & Project ManagerAdjunct faculty in the School of CommunicationsOver 8 years experience with online education in the areas of instructional design and instructional technology

Junior Instructional DesignerM.S. Interactive CommunicationsMultimedia Specialist for QU Online

Discuss how to integrate guest speakers into your online courseTalk about what software and hardware you needView some videos we created and discuss the processTest record your own videoWhat are we doing today?

PollHow many online courses do you teach?

Why use guest speakers?Getting away from traditional online lecture style with screen recordings and podcastsShows instructor presence in an online courseVideo engages studentsIts a nice way to hear real world experience from professionals in the field

Approached by faculty member who was not a supporter of online learningSaid we couldnt recreate an on ground class online. How could we do guest speakers?Challenge acceptedHere is an example of our first try. Your basic talking head videoWorked Well

How we got started

Faculty have high standards of online learningWe needed better production (sound, video, background ect)

Not off to a bad start

Tried bringing the person to campus so we could control the elementsBackground, camera angles, microphone ectWe had the instructor introduce the guest speaker and then let the speaker talkBetter produced video

Lets try planning a shoot

We were on the right track with planning a shoot Lets have more than a talking headHow about interaction between the instructor and the guest speakerThis video came out very well

Interview Style

Now that we have the production side down lets try giving a different format a shotWebinars are very popular because they offer a live audience and audience interactionNeed web space, we use Adobe ConnectWebinar videoWebinar

The interview style and Webinar videos worked wellWe received great feedback from students as well as the instructor and guest speaker

Now we are getting there

Location, Location, LocationYou want a quiet placeA nice clean background (nothing with distracting items or people in the background)A place that has a decent amount of lighting (turn on all lights in the room)

How did we do it? - Setup

1 Sony HD Camera (best if you can use 2 cameras, it helps with editing )Kodak zi12 Under $200.00 and has microphone input (some lesser priced cameras do not have microphone input)Lavaliere microphone (hide wires in persons clothing if possible)Tripod will help you capture those nice steady shotsHow did we do it? - HardwareFinal Cut Pro (Adobe Premiere) - EditingRecommend Camtasia Studio screen capturing software but also a nice beginner video editing software (has advanced options)Publish to Relay Server (Google Drive or any multimedia server) You could also use iMovie or Windows Movie MakerHow did we do it? - Software

Lets try recording video and audio without the proper toolsTake out your phone and try recording Dan and I for a few seconds

Fun Time

Are your shots steady?Do you hear background noise?How is the light?How does your arm feel? What Did You See?Using the proper equipment makes a big difference when filming and editing videoThis is a process can be done by 1-2 peopleWorth the work since you can re-use the videoMaybe share across disciplines Wrapping upLets discussQuestions?Christopher NeidigChristopher.Neidig@Quinnipiac.eduDaniel