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2. . . I- l T . L._l._ ll ~. ~4 _ .1.x. V 3. HEALTHY HOMEPRO-REP ASSOCIATION Oath of Office 4. I hereby pledge that as a member of the Healthy Home Pro-Rep Board that I will perform the duties expected of me to the best of my ability. 43 I will make my decisions based on what is fair to the overall Pro-Rep business owner organization and not based only on what might be best for me. 5. I understand that I represent the interests of all Healthy Home Pro-Reps regardless of whether or not they are part of my personal business. 43 I will consider my position on any issue based on a complete evaluation of all information made available to me. 6. I understand that the purpose of the Healthy Home Pro-Rep Association is to promote the growth of the Healthy Home Business and to also provide a protection and defense for all of the Independent Pro-Reps. rT I will adhere to the Confidentiality requirements for information shared with me as a member of the HH Pro-Rep Board. 7. I will not take advantage of Confidential Information given me to advance my own business ahead of other Pro-Reps. rT I understand that I am volunteering to serve the HH Pro-Rep Association as a member of its Board of Directors and if at any time I feel that I can no longer continue to serve,I will immediately submit my resignation. 8. 43I recognize that as a member of this Board that I am in a position of leadership that reflects on both the Healthy Home Company and the HH Pro-Rep Association.I pledge to operate my business honestly and ethically and adhere to all of the rules of conduct of the Healthy Home Association.