Bridging the Great Divide: Research, Marketing & Selling in the Meetings Market


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TTRA Marketing Outlook Forum Presentation


  • 1.Victoria Isley Chief Operating Officer @meetDMAIAndrew Wilson Sr. VP & General Manager Atlanta CVBDoug McClain VP Marketing Visit Tampa Bay

2. 600 16 $ 2 billion DMO member organizationsCountries and 14 US Statesin annual budgetsProtect and advance the success of official destination marketing worldwide 3. Advance the DMO professional Advocate for the DMO industryADVANCE THE DMO PROFESSIONALaADVOCATE FOR THE DMO INDUSTRYa 4. inGroup hotel room nights in the U.S. influenced by DMOsmillion group hotel room nights influenced by U.S. DMOs in 2012 Source: 2013 DMAI DMO Group Sales Channel Impact Study, Tourism Economics, STR 5. #HelpingTrumpsSelling Help not hype 6. Sales is just Sales 6%Marketing is the New Sales 38% Service is the New Sales 56%Source: 2013 DMAI Whats New, Whats Next Survey, n = 104 7. Your Customer Finds You 50%Source: 2013 DMAI Whats New, Whats Next Survey, n = 104You Find Your Customer 50% 8. Source:CorporateExecutiveBoard 9. Original Content Face2Face Education Driving Engage Raving Fans Connections DMO Sales Training Multiple ChannelsContent Syndication Inserting DMO Sales Pros in other channels: Cvent, HelmsBriscoe, etcWebinars Video Email mktg Inserts Blog posts SEO/SEM 10. BRIDGING THE GREAT DIVIDE Atlanta Sales & Marketing I AM ATL Campaign Case Study 2012 -2013 11. THE ISSUES EXTERNAL Destination Appeal perception problem Competition aggressive in pricing and building share of voice Future bookings weakeningINTERNAL New Chief Executive setting aggressive sales goals Siloed Organization Lack of consistent messaging and brand standards Marketing historically focused on leisure tourism 12. 2005 LEISURE TRAVELER SURVEY 13. 2011 MEETING PLANNER SURVEY Q9. How do you think the ultimate decision maker would rate Atlanta on these areas? 14. 2011 MEETING PLANNER SURVEY Q9. What would Atlanta need to do to convincingly offer the best location for this meeting? What would Atlanta need to do to be more seriously considered? What would Atlanta need to do? (% of respondents) DestinationAppeal24%Cost21%Infrastructure18%doabetterjoboftoutingrestaurants,nightlife activitiesthatdon'trequiregoingtoBuckhead Ourattendeeshaveindicatedtheydonotwanttogo backtoAtlantaduetolackofthingstodothereand safetyconcerns.Other16%Lowertheroomrates&CongressCenterspacerental.None16%Conventioncenterrentalistoohigh.Safety10%Service6%Easytogetto3%Availability3%buildahotelontheCconcoursesideoftheconvention center .Itisnotsafeforourattendeestowalktoandfrom theirhotelsespeciallyatnight.Thehotelblockwehad wasnotcloseproximitytotheConventionCenter... 15. FIXING DESTINATION APPEAL A MULTIFACETED CHALLENGE DESTINATION MARKETING TO LEISURE AUDIENCE FOCUSED ON SUMMER FAMILY FUN Limited budget created dependency on co-op programs within the SE drive marketsLimited reach, frequency, and no national impactDESTINATION MARKETING TO MEETING PLANNERS UNFOCUSED 100% co-op funding necessitating merchandising co-op partner messages Lack of alignment on brand messaging architectureMULTIPLE TOUCH POINTS WITH CUSTOMER (SALES PROCESS, ADVERTISING, SERVICE) Inconsistent messaging and brand identityLack of governance over RFP responses, ongoing communicationsResource constraints led to reactive instead of proactive sales/service support 16. FIXING DESTINATION APPEAL A MULTIFACETED CHALLENGE Siloed organization Sales and Marketing did not share common goals Sales had experienced limited value of marketing Marketing was a NO department or at best a support function 17. HOW DID WE FIX THE PROBLEM? ORGANIZATIONAL CEO committed to removing all obstacles to reaching the sales goalsStrategic alignment at the executive level common goalsReorganization of Marketing with a dedicated sales/service Brand ManagerIncreased funding for Marketing (additional +1% tax)Buy-in from key constituencies (Hoteliers, Board) 18. HOW DID WE FIX THE PROBLEM? RESEARCH Customer and consumer insights Sales and service workshops to identify needs and generate buy-in FUNDING Commitment of $1m to a media plan, $0.5m to production elements Commitment of $2m to host ASAE CREATIVE New I AM ATL Meeting Planner campaign MASSIVE ORGANIZATION AND INDUSTRY-WIDE ACTIVATION FOR ASAE 19. RESEARCH PROVIDED INSIGHTS FOR MESSAGING STRATEGY MESSAGES WE MUST CONVEY TO MEETING PLANNERSKey Messaging Pillars Atlanta is a Walkable City Atlanta is a Collaborative City Atlanta is a Great City for Dining Atlanta is an Accessible City Atlanta has Great Nightlife Atlanta has many things to see and do 20. MEETING PLANNER CAMPAIGN OUR 50,000 FOOT OBJECTIVECreate an emotional, anthemic campaign that has the capacity to build momentum.A Rally Cry for the City. 21. CAMPAIGN VOICE / COPY TONEOur people wear Atlanta like a badge of honor.The campaign mark is bold and simple allowing the unique characteristics of Atlantas people and places to shine through.I AM ATL Won the Award for Best Travel Integrated Campaign in 2013The headlines and copy feature clever plays on words and double entendre that make the reader think. The copy sells Atlantas assets through the unique stories of its people, and a sense of pride in who they are and what theyve accomplished. The stories we can tell are as vibrant and diverse as the people who live here. 22. I AM ATLTwo-page Spread 23. I AM ATLFull Page Ads 24. I AM ATLFull Page Ads 25. I AM ATLFull Page Ads 26. I AM ATLCampaign Site Home Page 27. I AM ATLCampaign Site Interior Pages 28. I AM ATLCampaign Elements 29. I AM ATL2012 ASAE Booth 30. 2013 MEETING PLANNER SURVEY Q: Below are eight samples from recent advertising campaigns. Please select the samples that reflect campaigns you recall seeing. 60% 51%Aided awareness48%50% 38%40% 30%30%33%32% 22%20% 7%10% 0% AtlantaChicagoDenverHoustonMiamiNashvilleLas VegasPhiladelphia 31. 2013 MEETING PLANNER SURVEY Q: How would you say this campaign impacts your likelihood to select Atlanta as a host city for this meeting? Past Selection & ConsiderationFuture Selection100%Much more likely6%90%23 respondents80%Somewhat more likely70%17%60% 50%Neither more nor less likely72%40% 30% 20%Somewhat less likely0%10% 0% Total (21)Much less likely4%0%20%40%60%Percent of Respondents80%Aware (20)Definitely would not meet in Did not consider Probably would not meet in Considered, but did not meet in Might or Might Not Meet in Probably would meet in Met in Definitely would meet in 32. BUSINESS RESULTS P12mo (September 2012 to August 2013), ACVB has seen noticeable growth in lead volume compared to the last 12-month period (Sept '11-Aug '12)+18%year-over-year in the total number of leads generated+20%year-over-year in the number of room nights associated+24%year-over-year in leads generated for city-wide(approx. 2,330 vs. 1,970)with leads generated (approx. 8.6M vs. 7.1M)conventions & meetings 33. QUALITATIVE RESULTS Marketing now a true valued partner of Sales Consistent messaging and brand identity across all touch points Significantly improved governance over collateral Energized Sales force armed with tools they can use 34. THANK YOU Andrew Wilson @andicati 35. OnetoOneMarketing UtilizingDatatoCrackthe MeetingsMarket 36. ConventionSalesMarketsMeetingsAdvertising Geotargeted: Northeast,MidAtlantic&Southeast TargetAudiences: Corporate,Association,Religious,Sports,Government&SMEF 37. 2012 2013MeetingsMedia Plan 38. 201314Incremental RoomNightActionPlan 39. TargetedIncentives CitywideSale DiscoverTampaBaywitha FREEConventionCenter and specialsfrom ourConventionPortfolioHotels.BonusforBookings Newhotelnightsbookedreceive$1perroomnight,upto$1,000.DiscoverTampaBay Enjoya complimentaryonlyinTampaBayexperience atThe Florida Aquarium,BuschGardens,theHistoricLatinQuarterofYborCity, Yacht Starship,thelegendaryBern'sSteakhouse,onasunsetsailorat aTampaBay Lightninggame. 40. CitywideIncentive 41. BonusforBookingsIncentive 42. DiscoverTampaIncentive 43. MeetingsAdvertising 44. OnetoOneMarketingProgram 45. OnetoOneMarketingProgram 46. MarketingIncentives FillingNeedPeriods SinceMarch2013: Generated30NewEvents(MeetingsBookings) $1.6Million+EconomicImpact