Breakup With Your Job Boards Infographic

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  • #1 reason employers were dissatised with their current job board: low applicant quality 68% are dissatised with the job boards they are currently using 32% dont know their cost-per-hire from current job boards #1 reason employers dont switch job boards when they are dissatised: unaware of a good replacement say they are considering seeing other people* Call Me! think their current job boards do a poor job of lling hard-to-ll positions 12% say they would like to grow old with their current job boards only 555-Hire Ask yourselfDoes your current mix of job boards help you attract rockstar candidates and lead to great hires for your company? Or, are they just busting your recruiting budget and pulling in piles of unqualied resumes? If you answered yes to the second question, then it may be time to walk away and align yourself with other recruitment channels like Glassdoor that enable you to hire top talent. Visit to learn more. Source: Glassdoor Job Boards Satisfaction Survey, June 2014 52% *Moving budget from current job boards in favor of other recruitment channels. Dear Current Job Boards, Im thinking about seeing other people. Im writing you this letter so you can fully understand why Im questioning our relationship. Look, we had a good run back in the day. Remember those times? But now, Im not sure that youre the best option. 81% Is your relationship with your current job boards changing? Could it be time for you to see what else is out there? In our Job Boards Satisfaction Survey, nearly 500 employers revealed what they think about their current job boards. Are You Questioning Your Relationship with Current Job Boards?